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Retail Choreography Framework

Retail Choreography framework that allows retailers to create superior customer experiences that drive footfall to stores and maximize sales opportunities, customer loyalty and advocacy.

Project Description

Our team had to design a solution for queue management in the stores, reservation management, and display of the real-time data as for operator loading on the big screen. The system should have provided an ability to create sales points, assign administrators, and create queues for various services. Besides, it consisted of an app for tablets, an app for kiosks, and an app for TV-sets.


Our team used the React Native framework, which helped us perform all tasks effectively and quickly. Google-charts enabled easy work on numerous charts, while forms were created without any library but with the help of the Redux state. Issues related to real-time data updates were settled with Socket.io, and Intercom came in handy for the implementation of user interaction monitoring. Redux + ReduxSaga provided data storage.
Our team created an interactive UI providing a great user experience and implemented the following features:
1Creation of sales points, administrator accounts, queues, and reservations;
2Administrator’s ability to manage queues/reservations at the assigned sales point;
3User’s ability to reserve a place in a queue through a kiosk;
4Queue data display on a screen;
5Real-time data update;
7Push notifications;
8Monitoring of user interactions;
Client and Business Goals:
  • To provide retailers with a suite of retail choreography solutions enabling them to create excellent customer experiences, effectively manage store operations, and collect valuable data.
Collaboration Overview:
  • Engagement Model: Dedicated Development Team
  • Team Size: 10 Developers
  • Project Management Methodology: SCRUM
Technologies Used:
    React Native
    Redux + ReduxSaga
Project Highlights: