A comprehensive software solution designed to streamline and optimize the strategic planning, execution, and analysis of advertising campaigns


To contribute to the delivery of a cutting-edge AI-based ARM system empowering advertisers to make the right decisions.

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MINT. is an Italian Adech company that offers advertisers a powerful tool to manage their media investments across multiple AdTech and media platforms all in one place.



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Dedicated QA Team, Dedicated Development Team, Staff Augmentation


Engineers: Developers, QA, BA



Since 2019


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About the project

MINT has developed a sophisticated advertising automation platform that allows advertisers to consolidate all resources, processes, workflows, and information into a single place to efficiently plan, execute and track their advertising campaigns. The platform is powered by artificial intelligence and automation that capitalize on big data and optimizes the entire process of managing a media campaign in real time. Their machine learning algorithms help to ensure efficiency, increase advertising ROI, and reduce overall operating expenses.

With a goal to to support businesses of every size, MINT provides a suite of solutions their 1st platform caters to multinational corporations and enterprises, the 2nd platform is focused on small businesses, and the 3rd platform works best for micro-businesses. This makes MINT the only platform that automates across all advertising distribution channels for all market segments. As of 2023, the MINT platform supports 16 channels and has over 350 integrations across a range of vendors and associated ecosystems.

Our Engagement

MINT approached us for quality assurance services when they were looking to improve and scale their development process whilst following best practice for Quality Assurance. The company needed a highly professional QA team that could work according to the principles of the Agile methodology: Devico turned out to be the perfect partner!

We started with an assessment of the current processes and identified several shortcomings, including improvements that were needed to the systematization of the project management discipline. We worked closely with a development team to set up and fine-tune the right workflow so that everyone could understand the status of all the tasks and the overall progress. We also provided the necessary project documentation to streamline all the internal processes, which helped the company significantly improve efficiency.

Agile Teams for Efficient Releases

As the project grew rapidly, we offered to split the development team into several separate teams with their own sandboxes in order to divide areas of responsibility for better management control. This approach enabled the company to release new features much faster and more efficiently because the teams were independent of each other. We also improved the communication between the separated teams by introducing daily rallies, new feature demos, and retrospectives. This ensured that all team communications and activities were synchronized and moved towards the same common goal.

Overcoming Challenges: User Acceptance Testing

A key challenge we overcame was getting the green light for releasing a feature for production since there were a lot of changes from the business during the release process. Therefore, we suggested creating a separate environment for User Acceptance Testing. This approach has allowed us to release qualitative and completely business-aligned features.

Collaborative QA: Bug-Free Releases

Quality assurance has played a crucial role in the project as MINT brought their product to market The whole process of testing is realized through several stages to mitigate as many risks as possible. Given that each team works on a different feature, there can be several releases per day. The close collaboration of our team with the development team ensures that all the features are thoroughly tested and free from bugs before every release.

Rapid Development: 14 Teams, Positive Feedback

Currently, 14 development teams work on the project, and each of them has at least one quality assurance professional. This ensures the efficiency of the development process, and new features and integrations are released quickly with minimal issues. As a result, the feedback on the performance of the platform has been overwhelmingly positive.

Client Success

MINT's innovative technology that centralizes and orchestrates the entire advertising process has gained substantial recognition. Business Insider listed MINT among Europe's most interesting digital companies and thecompany was awarded the prize for Best Digital Platform at the NCDigitalAwards in Italy, further highlighting its success and impact on the industry.

The company has also managed to broaden its presence in the world by opening offices in Paris, London, Berlin, and Sao Paolo. With the investments of Tikehau Capital, which acquired a 25% stake in MInt in 2021, the company is going to strengthen its position in the market and achieve its most ambitious goals.

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