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To provide better diagnostics and opportunities to lead healthier lives by connecting people, technology, and data.

Our Client

OpenRad is a company that specializes in the development of revolutionary healthcare software solutions. It was established in November 2022 by bringing together Biotronics3D and Visbion – two pioneering companies. OpenRad’s goal is to enable the seamless connection and close collaboration of healthcare specialists, radiologists, referrers, and their patients in order to speed up a diagnostic process, simplify access to medical reports, and enhance clinical decision-making.


Healthcare, Radiology

Services Provided

System Administration, BI Development, Staff Augmentation

Techstack for system administration

Proxmox Virtual Environment, Proxmox Backup Server, RedHat Ansible, Prometheus, Grafana, Trilium Notes

Techstack for BI development

Power BI, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SQL Servers


1 system administrator and 1 BI developer



Since 2023


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About the Project

One of the OpenRad projects is a collaborative, smooth, and fully managed cloud-based radiology reporting platform that enhances efficiency, improves patient experience, and cuts down expenses by enabling seamless utilization of in-house and external reporting resources whilst leveraging economies of scale, fast deployment, and solid data protection.

Its client includes modern visualization applications with workflow and reporting as well as a teleradiology module supporting sub-specialty reporting, resource load balancing, and an enterprise worklist. As long as it is a thin-client, only pixels are steamed and no data is transferred. This makes the platform completely secure and immensely fast

Our Engagement

We started our collaboration with Openrad at the beginning of 2023 as they applied to us for help the first time. In the pursuit to streamline their work, they wanted to optimize their IT infrastructure.

Challenge 1

To bring the IT infrastructure to the enterprise standard with minimum downtime and availability of all critical systems in case of a disaster event.

Within the shortest possible time, we provided OpenRad with a system administrator who became a valuable addition to its team and has seamlessly operated in a fully remote capacity.

A complete absence of documentation was a great hindrance, still close cooperation with a team got our expert up to speed, and the active phase of work started very quickly.

It was decided to use time-tested, open-source solutions, which enabled the company to reduce expenses on the software provided by popular vendors and invest this money into other important aspects of business development.

The stack that our system administrator implemented includes the following solutions:

  • Proxmox Virtual Environment - an open-source infrastructure virtualization platform with rich out-of-the-box capabilities
  • Proxmox Backup Server - an open-source enterprise backup solution that gives an opportunity to check backup consistency
  • RedHat Ansible - a platform that automates day-to-day administrative tasks
  • Prometheus/Grafana - a tech stack for metric collection and visualization and a proactive response to any abnormalities in the IT infrastructure;
  • Trilium Notes - a self-hosted document generation platform.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the OpenRad team and our system administrator, today the company has a stable, enterprise-level IT infrastructure with comprehensive documentation and a well-tested critical service recovery plan that enables the team to quickly respond to any incidents.

Challenge 2

To create a business intelligence system based on the data from different databases.

OpenRad deals with huge amounts of data. One of their goals was to make this data available and helpful for their clients. Therefore, they asked us to provide them with a BI developer who would help them create a BI system helping their clients analyze the data and make informed strategic decisions.

Our BI developer was quickly onboarded and got into gear. The fact that the project realization required collecting values from different databases raised certain challenges. Still, our expert addressed them and provided access to the needed data.

Then, using Power BI he created a standardized template for interactive dashboards that clients would be able to customize with regard to their own specific needs. This was a key ingredient to the project success, empowering OpenRad's clients toindependently manipulate and leverage the data for their decision-making processes.

Additionally, our BI developer also instructed OpenRads clients - it was not enough just to provide them with the data, it was also needed to teach them how to use and analyze it properly.

    Client Success

    Our collaboration with OpenRad helped it to implement cutting-edge technologies, drive innovation, strengthen relationships with clients, and take its product to the next level. The company has refined its IT infrastructure and developed the BI system that has the potential to bring it extra income.

    This case study is a great example of our ability to work with advanced technologies, establish efficient relationships with an in-house team, and handle challenges within the healthcare domain.

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