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Software Development Outsourcing

Outsourcing software development is a great option for well-established companies and startups. This hiring model entails entrusting the whole development process or a certain part of it to a third party.
Many companies all over the world have already taken advantage of outsourced development services and the numerous benefits that they bring. Would you also like to collaborate with a reliable outsourcing software development company? Devico is the one that you need. Over a decade we have assisted companies of all kinds and sizes to deliver advanced software solutions.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development Services

Reduced time-to-market

Compared to traditional recruitment, software development outsourcing services let you deliver a software product to the market much faster as long as you can quickly have a ready-to-go development team in place.

Hand-picked specialists

Outsourcing software development companies provide a specific team structure and IT experts with the exact skill set match. Just let them know your requirements, and they will quickly find the talent you need.


When you outsource software development, you pay just for the services you receive. There are no expenses related to recruitment, staff training, workspace arrangement, equipment, licenses, office perks, accounting and legal support, etc. But the main thing is that you can save a lot without compromising on the software quality thanks to a salary rate difference. Thus, in Eastern Europe per hour rates of developers are much lower than in the USA, Canada, or Western Europe.

Increased development capacity

Software development outsourcing is a great way to fill skill gaps by engaging the right experts.

Team scalability

Outsourcing software development companies can easily upscale or downscale your team in accordance with the current workload of a project

Our Software Development Outsourcing Services
We have specialists on the board who build the most complex and advanced custom software solutions. Rest assured that they will also help you realize your idea in the best possible way.
Our web development experts built high-performance, scalable, SEO-friendly, responsive web applications for businesses from different domains. Whatever needs you have, they can have you covered.
Whether you want to build an Android, iOS, or cross-platform mobile application, we can offer you a team of highly professional mobile app developers who have numerous successful projects under their belt.
We have specialists on the board who build the most complex and advanced custom software solutions. Rest assured that they will also help you realize your idea in the best possible way.
Many businesses prefer to start with developing a minimum viable product. If you are one of them, Device can provide you with the specialists you need for this purpose.
Apart from brilliant software developers, you can hire highly skilled QA engineers both manual and automation. You can be confident in the sky-high quality of your product if our QA experts are engaged. They can establish and fine-tune a QA process from scratch and execute the whole set of tests needed in order not to let any critical bug sneak out into production.

Outsourcing Models We Offer

As long as our clients have different needs, we offer a few outsourcing models. Here are they:

Staff augmentation

This model suggests that our IT professionals with the experience and skills that you need become members of your house team and are put under your orders. This is a great way to fill skill or resource gaps.

A dedicated team

Our dedicated team works on a particular part of a product, performs assigned tasks, takes part in your meetings, and regularly reports on the work progress. This model is especially suitable if you need to enhance your software development capabilities.

End-to-end software development

In this case, we handle the whole process of software development and all related risks. This model is a great alternative to an in-house team.

Our Development Process

Devico can take over all or a specific part of the development process. The latter option suggests that our specialists completely adapt to your workflow and work according to your guidelines. When it comes to the first option, we establish the development process from the ground up on our own. So, as we are admirers of the Agile software development methodology, software products are built through several iterations each of which consists of the same stages, which are iteration planning, iteration execution, iteration review, and iteration retrospective. In general, the software development life cycle is the usual one and includes planning, design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Technology Stack

Web development

DevOps tools

Mobile app development

Quality assurance tools

Cloud technologies


Why Us

The most seasoned IT specialists with a diverse background

Devico can boast of having the best-of-breed developers who know the most diverse programming languages and work with varied frameworks and tools.

Expertise across varied industries

We have a long history of developing software of the most diverse types. Therefore, we have rich expertise in many industries including healthcare, education, fintech, logistics, eCommerce and retail, travel and hospitality, real estate, entertainment, advertisement, and many more.

Rich facilities

We provide our IT specialists with all they need for efficient work, including a comfortable office, the most diverse devices and equipment, access to different systems, etc.

Quick onboarding

We can quickly provide you with the IT specialists that you need. You can be sure that within a few days your team will be upscaled.

Rock solid security

Security is of primary importance for us and our clients. Therefore, we take all the measured needed to prevent sensitive data leakage. Signing an NDA is also a part of our security policy.

Simple team scalability

We have enough resources to provide you with more IT specialists if there is such a need. If in a while there is a need to downscale a team, it is also not a problem.

Adaptation to any time zone

Most of our specialists use ETT. Still, wherever you are located you can be sure that at least a few working hours will be overlapped in order to provide efficient communication.

Good command of English

English is the language of business communication and our specialists pay particular attention to mastering it. Devico, in turn, encourages them as well as by providing English classes and participation in language clubs.

What are the key advantages of outsourcing software development services?
Well, we would say that the most prominent advantages are time-saving, budget-friendliness, scalability, and flexibility.
How to select the right outsourcing software development company?
In these terms, you should pay attention to numerous aspects like proficiency level, location, domain expertise, price policy, client feedback, ranking on trusted platforms, etc.
Is software development outsourcing relevant for any project?
Sure. Outsourcing is applicable to projects of all types. Whether to apply for outsourcing software development services mostly depends on your priorities and needs.