Software Development Outsourcing

End to end solutions with predictable budgets, a time to market advantage with budget savings of up to 50%.


According to Deloitte Outsourcing Survey


Of the executives do not feel their organizations have the right mechanisms to retain employees


Of executives identify talent acquisition as a top internal challenge in meeting their organizations strategic priorities

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When does it fit

You need an MVP or to prove a business model

You have a time-to-market challenge

You have a fixed project budget

Your project requires rapid development

You want to optimize your IT budget

You want to modernize your existing app

You have a lack of in-house team expertise

You need end-to-end solutions

Your Challenges - Our Solutions

Operational and HR overheads causes you lots of friction
Devico unblocks your administration burden accelerating your business goals
Most internal teams spend 70% on operations
Devico unlocks resource to work on growth projects
You're being asked to do more for less
Devico can offer savings of up to 40% on local resources
You have competitive attrition and can't stretch your budget any further
Devico invests in motivating, training and compensating teams to keep them engaged and retained
You work in a challenging industry or have high turnover
Devico fosters a robust organizational culture and a modern ESG stance which values employees, their development, and rewards accomplishments
Experienced professionals are hard to find
Devico retain a global talent pool of experienced software engineers with a wide range of vertical experience.
Your current provider is letting you down
Devico offers flexible trials of our services and have expertise transitioning serivces, building your trust
You're uncertain about outsourcing
Devico's modern culture, values and timezone alignment builds employees that are motivated for your mission
Business or economic challenges are forcing tough decicions
Devico can support your continue business growth at a lower cost base
You've received investment but can't allocate it quickly enough
Devico's flexible model and fast time to market accelerates your goals


No onboarding or any other hidden fees


Predictable costs


Low attrition, happy staff


Simple, flexible contracts


Rapid team deployment and integration


High reliability and commitment


Timezone aligned resources


Differences between cooperation models

Employer of record (EOR) services

Problem to solve

Simplifying and streamlining the hiring and employment of international or remote team members

Info from you

Job role specifications, desired qualifications, compliance requirements, payroll details, and legal considerations

Communication model

Regular updates on employment regulations, payroll processing, and compliance matters; accessible HR support for employees

Our value proposition

Handling legal and administrative tasks, ensuring compliance with local labor laws, managing payroll processing, and administering benefits, while allowing you to focus on core business activities

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Software development outsourcing

Problem to solve

Solve your business and product goals with our turnkey technology solutions

Info from you

Vision, budget, delivery expectations/priorities, requirements

Communication model

Project reviews, daily and weekly ceremonies, commercial performance reviews with a single point of contact throughout

Our value proposition

End to end solutions with predictable budgets, a time to market advantage with budget savings of up to 50%

IT staff augmentation

Problem to solve

Quikly scale up your existing technology team with hard to find resources at competitive rates

Info from you

Skills and seniority, culture fit, budget

Communication model

The developers are fully intergrated into your own ceremonies and communication standards

Our value proposition

Devico's motivated and focused experts can be yours for up to 40% less than locals, delivered in days, not months.

What our customers say

Live Event Management Software for Modern Event Organizers

Having had bad experiences in the past, I was most impressed by the communication of the engineers and the Devico management. They were great partners and worked well to help us achieve our project goals. They provided flexibility when needed and helped us keep our project on schedule.

Threat hunting is no longer an art. It's a SCIENCE.

I was completely satisfied. They were very flexible and adaptive to our changing needs. I find them responsible and quick to deliver. I can't identify any areas of improvement.

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A new-breed digital finance app that allows users to buy, earn and grow crypto

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

DEFI Wallet

Cryptocurrency wallet

Engineering Departments

Custom Software Development

  • Web and Mobile
  • Data science
  • IoT


  • IaaC
  • CI/CD
  • SRE
  • Incident Management

AI development

  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Robotic Process Automation

Technical Consulting & Audit

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Game development

  • End-to-end game development
  • GDD
  • Technical direction
  • Art outsourcing

Quality Assurance

  • QA as a Service
  • Test automation
  • QA Audit

UI/UX Design

  • Design and Consulting
  • Prototyping
  • Corporate Identity & Graphics

Project managers, Scrum masters

Business analysts

Custom Software Development

Web and Mobile

Data science






Incident Management

AI development

Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing

Computer Vision

Robotic Process Automation

Technical Consulting & Audit

Game development

End-to-end game development


Technical direction

Art outsourcing

Quality Assurance

QA as a Service

Test automation

QA Audit

UI/UX Design

Design and Consulting


Corporate Identity & Graphics

Project managers, Scrum masters

Business analysts

Tools We Use

Work with our highly experienced desktop, web and mobile developers.Our developers use the latest technology, frameworks and components to create solutions that combine a strong technical server with an easy-to-use modern design.

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  • Backend

  • Frontend

  • Databases

  • DevOps

  • Clouds

  • Android

  • iOS

  • Cross-platform















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Cooperation process on software development outsourcing:

To ensure high-quality software development outsourcing services, we adhere to a rigorous and structured process that prioritizes clear communication and seamless collaboration.

Our commitment to excellence, communication, and collaboration ensures that our software development outsourcing process delivers the best possible results for your project

Step 1

Project Analysis

Understanding Your Software Development Needs

We begin by analyzing your project requirements, scope, and objectives to gain a comprehensive understanding of your software development needs and expectations

Step 2

Proposal and Estimation

Crafting a Customized Solution

Based on the project analysis, we create a tailored proposal outlining our recommended approach, estimated timeline, and cost breakdown. This ensures transparency and sets the foundation for our collaboration

Step 3

Kickoff Meeting and Project Planning

Aligning Goals, Expectations, and Defining Milestones

We conduct a kickoff meeting with all stakeholders to align goals, set expectations, and establish communication channels. During this meeting, our project managers work with you to create a detailed project plan, outlining milestones, deliverables, and deadlines. This fosters a shared understanding of the project and provides a roadmap for success

Step 4

Development Process

Agile Methodology for Iterative Progress

We follow a streamlined development process, with a focus on meeting your requirements based on the initial estimations. Our dedicated QA team performs thorough testing throughout the development process to ensure that the software meets high standards of quality and reliability. Upon completion of the development and testing phases, we deploy and integrate the software solution into your existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption

Step 5

Post-Deployment Support

Continuous Improvement and Maintenance

We offer post-deployment support, including software maintenance, feature enhancements, and refinements to ensure that your software solution remains up-to-date and aligned with your evolving needs

Step 6

Project Review and Feedback

Reflecting on Collaboration and Performance

At the conclusion of the project, we conduct a review to reflect on our collaboration, identify areas for improvement, and gather feedback to continually refine our processes and ensure successful future partnerships

Frequently Asked Questions

Software development outsourcing has both benefits and drawbacks that one should consider before opting for it. So let's start with its pros:

  • Cost efficiency

    The key benefit of outsourcing is its budget-friendliness. Thus, in-house software development requires expenses on workplace maintenance, payroll taxes, recruitment, training, perks, etc. Alternatively, by outsourcing software development, businesses pay just for the services that have been provided. Besides, cooperation with offshore outsourcing software development companies in India, Latin America, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, etc. can considerably cut down expenses on software development as salary rates there are much lower.

  • Scalability

    Outsourcing enables you swiftly reinforce a development team with additional developers, or, on the contrary, you can easily ramp the team down in case certain team members have no more tasks to work on.

  • Fast time to market

    Outsourcing companies can quickly assemble a full-fledged development team. Set up and fine-tuned workflows also let it immediately jump to work. Additionally, as mentioned above, you can quickly scale up your team at any time to accelerate the development. So all these make it easier for you to launch a software product as soon as possible.

  • Access to an extensive talent pool

    Project requirements may be changed on the go. There may be an urgent need to apply new technologies and, therefore, engage new team members. Outsourcing software development companies employ IT specialists with the most various expertise and talents which enables them to quickly provide you with needed labor resources. With in-house software development, the recruitment process can take ages which can affect deadlines.

Now let's turn to the key cons of software development outsourcing:

  • Security threats

    Software development outsourcing suggests exposing your confidential designs and private data to specialists being actually employed by a third-party company. To avoid data breaches and any other security risks it is highly recommended to deal only with trustworthy outsourcing companies and always insist on signing a NDA that protects your copyright and ensures confidentiality.

  • Lack of control

    It is obvious that when software development is outsourced, you have less control over the overall process. Of course, regular check-ins let you stay in the loop, but it is a far cry from the control you hold in case of having your internal development team.

  • Inefficient communication

    Having a remote development team, you should make additional communication efforts. Besides, you can encounter certain problems related to a language barrier, cultural differences, or a time lag.

  • Unsupported code

    If you outsource the development of a strategically important solution, it is recommended to ensure your capability to maintain the written code without having your outsourced team at hand. Otherwise, you can become heavily dependent on your contractor.

To wrap it up, we’d like to highlight that by hiring a trustworthy and experienced outsourcing partner, it is possible to avoid all these cons.

A thorough study should be executed to help you reveal decent outsourcing software development companies. A potential partner should be assessed against multiple criteria including the following ones:

  • Experience

    Always check whether an outsourcing software development firm has enough experience and can tackle projects of various kinds and complexity levels. Its portfolio can shed light on this by representing solutions that the company has already delivered. This is indeed a good way to get at least a general understanding of whether a potential partner has a decent proficiency level.

  • Domain expertise

    Domain knowledge helps a development team to clearly understand your unique business challenges and the needs of end users, therefore never neglect it. Ask a company in advance whether it has specialists with expertise in your business field. Again, a review of a company's portfolio can be of great help here as it can show whether the company has already developed solutions like yours.

  • Infrastructure

    Check whether an outsourcing software development firm can supply your team with appropriate working conditions, equipment, and software. All of these have a great impact on staff productivity, final outcomes, and lead time.

  • Ability to scale

    Scalability is a critical characteristic of an outsourcing company. So it is worth making sure that your potential partner has abilities to provide you with additional specialists whenever there is such a need.

  • Reputation

    Decent companies care about their reputation for a reason. This is one of the main factors that their clients consider while deciding on whether to work with them. So check the ratings of an outsourcing company on respected platforms, read feedback from its employees and clients, review its awards, recognitions, and certificates, and consider its industry leadership.

  • Communication and accessibility

    Right from the very beginning find out whether a provider of outsourcing software development services is accessible, responsive, supportive, and can establish efficient communication with its clients. Efficient communication plays a significant role when you work with a remote team. In these terms, we advise you to pay particular attention to the specialists' English level, communication style, and time lag.

There are no restrictions in terms of the types of projects. Numerous outsourcing software development companies specialize in the development of mobile apps, websites and web applications, SaaS solutions, APIs, applications for wearable devices, etc. Outsourcing is not a way to go only if security, privacy, and total control are of utter importance to you. In this case, preference is always given to establishing an internal development team.

There are a few risks that are traditionally associated with software development. However, it is worth noting that all of them can be actually mitigated.

  • Lack of Control

    As you may guess, a lack of control is indeed one of the primary concerns. When you delegate software development to an external service provider, there is a possibility that it will mismanage it. It can result in procrastination, insufficient quality of a product, and additional high costs. To avoid this, cooperate with a trustworthy outsourcing software development firm to which you can confidently hand over control. Also, assign a contact person who can clearly convey all your requirements to a team and inform you about the current state of affairs. Besides, it is highly advised to have frequent video calls with the team to be sure that it is really on the right track.

  • Poor Quality of a Product

    With outsourcing, you entrust your project development to an external company that may not have the expertise and resources it declared at the negotiation stage. Consequently, there is a risk of eventually receiving a product of unsatisfactory quality. To mitigate it, hire a trustworthy and renowned service provider and make sure that it indeed has the required experience, resources, and specialists, as well as uses a holistic approach to QA.

  • Hidden Costs

    The opportunity to save a substantial amount of money is usually the key reason why businesses opt for outsourcing. Yet, poor management, inappropriately written contracts, and hiring an unethical outsourcing partner can lead to unanticipated expenses. To avoid this prepare a well-thought-out contract that clearly outlines payment terms, charges for the provided services, all the responsibilities of parties, and all other essential aspects. In the course of product development stay in touch, monitor work progress, and thoroughly track the time that your team spends on task execution.

  • Poor Communication

    If you resort to outsourcing, your development team is usually based in another corner of the world and has another mother tongue. Remote work, time lag, and a language barrier can lead to poor communication and numerous misunderstandings that directly affect project success. To avoid it, choose an outsourcing company located in a time zone where at least a few of your working hours overlap. Make sure that all members of your team have at least an intermediate level of English well. Also, schedule regular video calls, use advanced management tools to track work progress, and once in a while visit your partner onsite to establish more trusting relationships.

  • Security Threats

    When you outsource software development, you have to expose your private data to specialists who are actually employed by another company. Consequently, security risks increase. Again, to feel more confident, it is recommended to cooperate with a company that has a spotless reputation. Besides, signing an NDA is always a must. This way you can protect your intellectual property, prevent data breaches, and ensure that your outsourcing partner will not share or use in any way the confidential information without your permission.

There is a plethora of metrics used to assess the quality of outsourced services and team performance. Thus, one can collect and then analyze data on the lines of code, tech debt, code churn, lead time, cycle time, velocity, deployment frequency, test coverage, customer satisfaction score, net promoter score, number of security incidents, mean time to repair, and many others.

To deliver exceptional outsourcing software development services and guarantee efficient communication with our valuable clients, we take the following measures:

  • We provide all our employees with English courses so that they can polish up their writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills;

  • We strive to reveal all objectives, requirements, and needs of our clients from the outset;

  • As soon as a contract is signed we discuss with a client the preferred communication channels;

  • We assign a contact person to whom a client can reach out with any issues at any time;

  • We grant a client access to the used project management tool so that they can track work progress on their own;

  • We set up the work of a team taking into account the time lag to make communication with a client from any corner of the globe convenient and efficient;

  • Frequent video calls with a client are scheduled to discuss urgent issues, report on work, design strategies, and ensure that a team and stakeholders are on the same page.

There are three major pricing models used in software development outsourcing:

  • Fixed Price - A client pays a certain fixed amount of money one time for the received services. It is appropriate for short-term simple projects with stable and clear requirements due to which it is rather easy to accurately estimate both budget and time.

  • Time and Materials - The price is calculated with regard to the time spent and effort made to complete a particular project. It is widely used for complicated, agile, large-scale projects with frequently changed requirements.

  • Staffing Model - This pricing model is applied when clients hire developers on a staff augmentation basis. In this case, they pay a monthly fee with regard to the hourly rate of each hired specialist.

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