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Assisting a fashion-tech company to create innovative touchscreen solutions that revolutionize retail and wholesale businesses.

About client

This is a Swedish fashion-tech company that is on a mission to connect brands, salespeople, and consumers through advanced technology. Using its solutions, retail stores and wholesalers can drive more profitable operations.


Fashion technology


Front-end development, software testing, staff augmentation

Tech stack

TypeScript, React, SWR, Google Cloud, dnd-kit, react-window, Firebase, Tailwind, Jest, Storybook, Node.js


Dev & QA Team



Since 2021


About project

This SaaS platform is designed particularly for retail stores and wholesalers. It is packed with a wide range of helpful and easy-to-use tools that help businesses make garment selling easy, bridge the gap between their physical and online commerce, and improve the whole shopping experience.

Our engagement

Our developers have teamed up with the in-house team to help it create captivating user interfaces for three dynamic tools.

Our key goal is to weave magic into the user experience, ensuring every tap and swipe feels intuitive and seamless, especially on touchscreens. In general, our responsibilities revolve around crafting and testing intricate UI features for the client’s tools, ensuring their utter user-friendliness.

Working hand in hand with designers and stakeholders, we transform design mockups into interactive UIs, ensure compatibility and high performance across different platforms, implement seamless integration with back-end services, write clean and modular code, conduct thorough code reviews, and diligently troubleshoot issues. Additionally, we actively participate in various proof-of-concept projects driven by AI.


This is a powerful tool that enables the preparation of personalized digital presentations showcasing new brand collections and offerings. This way, the need for physical samples can be eliminated, which significantly simplifies wholesale sales. With visual storytelling, advanced analytics, and data insights, brands can easily spot best-selling items and dead stock.

Challenges & solutions:

One of the key requirements for all tools available on the platform is maintaining high performance. This particular tool deals with a large amount of media content, such as images, videos, and 3D models, so a smart approach to preloading and caching data was required to use the network and resources wisely. In general, a high volume of media content required different performance optimizations.

Our team has implemented literally every feature with the requirement for high performance in mind. To develop a feature called Board, where a user can add some media and represent it to customers, we used virtualization, which let us reduce the amount of rendering content on the page.

To manage preloading and caching media, we created a proprietary media downloading manager, using a library for orchestration with numerous requests.

Also, for preloading media content within the app, we use a dedicated page where users can see preloading progress or skip this step at all by downloading and caching media during tool usage.

Instead of showing actual video, we have enabled showing a video preview on some pages.

There was a need to allow a salesperson to share a created board with preselected items with customers by providing a public link or creating a PDF version.

To generate a PDF version of a board, Node.js has been used for handling it on the back-end side. On the front-end side, it is just needed to provide a URL to a webpage that will be used by the Node.js service to create a corresponding PDF file.

The tool works as a constructor, providing salespeople with the freedom to create different views. So, there was a necessity to implement drag-and-drop functionality on both desktop and touchscreen devices.

To implement the drag-and-drop functionality, we used a special package that supported the drag-and-drop feature on both types of devices.

The right prioritization of the requests for getting media data should have been implemented.

To implement prioritization, a special library, Async, was used. With its help, we first download media already visible to users and then preload media for the content that can be seen only after certain interactions with a page (e.g., opening a full-screen view of media).

The layout should have been adaptive for zooming in a browser to keep the same view.

To address this challenge, we investigated different approaches and decided to use the one that would be most effective in terms of performance and reliability. We have achieved the desirable result with the help of CSS media queries that detect scale changes and manipulations with the default font size.


This solution empowers salespeople to create, publish, and distribute beautiful digital catalogs, making it easy to create favorites and drive traffic to their B2B shops. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and user-centric design principles, the tool streamlines the entire workflow, from initial catalog creation to final delivery, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

Challenges & solutions:

There was a need to render thousands of items on a page while maintaining high performance.

We implemented a buyer view, i.e., a garment catalog presented to customers, using virtual scrolling realized through react-window. This has allowed us to display thousands of items without the risk of page freezing.

We should have implemented a complicated drag-and-drop interface to ensure a seamless user experience.

Our developers have built a drag-and-drop catalog constructor with complicated logic and hotkey support, using the React dnd kit.

Again, project requirements suggested adding the ability to generate PDF files.

We implemented this feature by leveraging the power of Google Cloud Run. In this service, Puppeteer is used for PDF file generation, while Google Cloud Bucket stores generated files.

It was important to enable the quick creation of visually appealing catalogs with minimal manual configuration.

We utilized specialized algorithms to dynamically generate layouts based on such factors as item type, screen size, and quantity, ensuring optimal presentation across various devices and scenarios.


The tool aims to revolutionize the retail experience. From catalog presentation, barcode scanning, and customizable checkout options to multi-language and multi-currency support, customizable branding options, and robust analytics, every aspect is designed to enhance convenience and flexibility for both customers and staff. With the help of digital signage, branding remains dynamic and captivating, even when touchscreens are not in use. The tool prioritizes intuitiveness in every feature while offering a user-friendly interface.

Challenges & solutions:

The project requirements suggested building a configurable and flexible main application that could be managed through an admin panel, using which a user could customize colors, fonts, and background media, as well as add custom translations, user agreements, and particular checkout and payment options.

React in combination with TypeScript was used to build the features, enabling data reception, editing, and saving for the main application, with an abstract approach to page construction for consistent visual results regardless of settings.

As the tool should have been multi-language, we needed to enable support for more than 10 languages.

Our developers used the POEditor tool to enable the application to support a multitude of languages.

It was also paramount to implement smooth animations within the app.

Our team mostly used native CSS for animation creation, which was the best choice due to its performance, convenience, smaller code size, and better compatibility with modern technologies. However, for some specific cases, the react-spring library was also used.

We were tasked with implementing a full-screen media viewing mode that would offer users an engaging and interactive experience as well as facilitate seamless image browsing, switching, and zooming through intuitive gestures and smooth transitions.

Our team leveraged various third-party libraries like react-zoom-pan-pinch and use-gesture, which resulted in implementing a full-screen media view fully aligned with all essential requirements.

Client success

Our collaborative efforts resulted in implementing cutting-edge technologies, introducing innovations, and pushing client’s product offerings to new heights. By leveraging modern technological solutions and best coding practices, we've created intuitive, interactive, and highly performant user interfaces across different tools, ensuring an unmatched user experience.

With our contribution to front-end development, the platform has undergone significant technological advancements, resulting in enhanced product capabilities and a strengthened market position.

Today, the company has numerous clients across diverse European countries, and numerous fashion brands use its platform to make selling easy.

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