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Managing the UK’s largest installed base of dedicated diagnostic imaging routing hardware is no small task, so when Visbion asked Devico to help manage its device fleet, we jumped at the opportunity

About the Project

Founded as a spin-out of Imperial College by one of the contributors to the DICOM standard, Visbion Image Cube is an intelligent DICOM 3.0 routing, translation, compression, and encryption device that is currently being used by the NHS Breast Screening Services and Diagnostic Imaging Services to provide image transfer, connectivity, and location tracking for their fleets of mobile scanning trailers.

Investment funding provided the opportunity for growth, but how would Visbion scale the complex service required to manage hundreds of devices on behalf of their customers’ critical healthcare service? Devico’s expert DevOps team knew exactly what to do.


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Our Engagement

Devico's approach was methodical, rooted in our understanding of both the technological and operational challenges Visbion faced and the high standard placed on the business by its healthcare customers. Our initial step involved a detailed audit of the existing infrastructure to pinpoint bottlenecks and inefficiencies that could impede scalability. This audit revealed several critical areas where improvements could significantly impact performance and reliability.


To address these challenges, Devico proposed a multipronged strategy:

1. Infrastructure Automation

We proposed advanced automation tools to streamline the deployment and management of Visbion's device fleet. This approach not only reduced manual overhead but also minimised the potential for human error, enhancing overall service reliability.

2. Performance Optimisation

By optimising the software running on the Image Cube devices, we were able to significantly improve data processing and transfer speeds. This optimisation included refining the DICOM image compression and encryption processes to ensure efficient and secure data handling.

3. Scalable Architecture Redesign

Recognising the need for future growth, Devico proposed a material redesign of Visbion's system architecture to be inherently scalable. This new design leverages cloud technologies and modular hardware components, allowing for easy expansion as demand increases.

Client Success

The outcome of this partnership was transformative for Visbion. Not only did we achieve a reduction in operational costs through improved efficiency and automation, but the enhancements also led to a marked increase in the performance and reliability of the entire imaging service. This has positioned Visbion to better serve the NHS and other clients, ensuring the highest standards of care and service continuity.

This case study exemplifies how Devico leverages deep technological expertise and innovative strategies to solve complex challenges in healthcare technology management. Our work with Visbion underscores the importance of agility, foresight, and precision in maintaining and enhancing critical healthcare infrastructure.

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