Carbon management solution


From an MPV to a self-sustaining complex platform: developing an advanced carbon management solution

About client

This is a tech company on a mission to propel the global economy toward sustainability by making decarbonization a core element of all business practices. Leveraging advanced AI technologies, it simplifies and automates carbon management, ensuring that its clients can substantially reduce their carbon emissions by optimizing their processes. With its emphasis on measuring and reducing emissions, the company fosters decarbonization worldwide and helps mitigate the impact of climate change on a global scale.


Technology, information and Internet, environment protection


Back-end development, front-end development, dedicated team

Tech Stack

TypeScript, React, Redux, Material UI, NestJS, Prisma, PostgreSQL, AWS Lambda, SNS, SQS, DynamoDB, Cognito, AWS TypeScript CDK, SAM


Full-stack developers



Since 2023


About the project

This next-gen, AI-driven carbon management solution is designed to simplify the calculation and analysis of CO2 emissions. It enables manufacturers to maintain compliance, measure and reduce carbon emissions at both the company and product levels, and ensure transparency across complex supply chain activities. To provide even more efficiency and value to users, the solution can seamlessly integrate with existing ESG, GRC, compliance, or supply chain management software.

Our engagement

Our full-stack developers joined the project at its outset. Our initial goal was to build an MVP as quickly as possible in order to attract investors, expand a team, and start developing a more sophisticated product.

Eventually, we transitioned from a basic app reliant on numerous third-party services to an independent solution with proprietary formulas and algorithms for calculations, analysis, and data management.


One significant challenge we faced concerned white-labeling: we needed to enable deployment on a separate host and the superfast creation of distinct infrastructure.

Solution 1

Using AWS CDK, we have made it possible to deploy infrastructure configurations on any appropriate cluster, depending on the client’s location. This way, we have immensely streamlined the client onboarding process.

Solution 2

Also, we ensured fast and efficient data collection and processing. Rather than entering data for each individual product separately, users can upload a single file containing any amount of data. Such a file undergoes validation and processing, allowing for quick calculations. This has been realized with the help of the serverless approach on AWS, where a certain service is responsible for a certain stage of the process. Data goes through all the stages, from a simple CSV file to ready-to-use calculations.

Client success

As of now, we are proud that our efforts have helped our client secure investments in their project’s early stages. This, in turn, has let the company extend the team and develop a competitive solution that attracts more and more users and keeps on evolving.

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