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The creation of a state-of-the-art platform that can serve as a central hub for all B2B payments.

Our Client

MoneyGate is a provider of a digital payment solution authorized and regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus. Its mission is to help e-commerce merchants and SMEs streamline their payment operations and improve their business performance by enabling them to accept and process online payments in an efficient, cost-effective and friction-free manner.


2 Front-end React Native Developers, QA Engineers, Project Manager


FinTech, Banking

Services Provided

Mobile Development Services

Tech Stack

React Native, Expo, React Native Reanimated, React Navigation, React Query, React Hook Form, React i18n



Since 2020


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About the project

MoneyGate is a full-suite, user-friendly payment solution. Using Moneygate, one can quickly gain access to all account information and data, make payments and international transfers, download documents, and exchange currency on the go. Among its key features are payment processing, multi-currency support, fraud prevention, reporting and analytics.

MoneyGate offers both a web banking platform and a mobile app to cover all users’ needs.

Our Engagement

Devico were tasked by MoneyGate to build a secure, robust, and user-friendly mobile application that would replicate all the functionality of the MoneyGate web platform.


In the process of app development, our experts had to address a number of challenges:

  • The build an app designed around high performance
  • To design a friendly and welcoming user interfaceTo implement an intuitive user experience
  • To implement robust security
  • To enable secure downloading from the app to the Android file system
  • To create a component with a PDF file preview and follow-on actions such as sending


To address each of the challenges, our team’s approaches included:

  • To deliver superior app performance, we chose to handle state management issues with React Query. This was a perfect match as there were no cases requiring a global state. The library is based on the server-state pattern, it’s fast and flexible and its capabilities mean we could easily manipulate data and requests.
  • To meet all requirements of the design, our developers chose React Native Reanimated, providing a rich set of animation tools. Nontrivial components like a sticky header with a parallax effect were built with the help of the react-native-sticky-parallax-header library providing greater flexibility for customization.
  • To avoid UI crowding and provide clear and simple UX, the team realized modal windows by avoiding the tired, traditional box appearing in the middle of the screen and elected for a contemporary, full-screen container appearing from beneath. To replicate the form and format of the mobile device, scrolling and gesturing were to be used instead of the usual buttons to interact with these containers. To implement this, developers leveraged a modal block itself and such libraries as bottom-sheet and react-native-gesture-handler.
  • To provide robust, performant and secure user authorization the team used an API of the operating system enabling interaction with biometric sensors. The expo-local-authentication library was heavily utilized and let the team build a secure and convenient authorization flow similar to those in all popular mobile banking apps.
  • The expo-sharing library that allowed capability on iOS was not appropriate for Android, therefore we decided to use the expo-file-system library, specifically StorageAccessFramework, allowing the application interaction with the Android file system.
  • A component with a PDF file preview cannot be created with Expo and the leading React Native library for PDF file reading is not supported by Expo. As a result, we decided to complete this nontrivial task by means of the rn-pdf-reader-js library that uses the native capabilities of the web page render to display documents.

Using modern technologies and nonconventional approaches to design and mobile development, our specialists have built an advanced mobile application that offers an excellent user experience, complies with regulations, and meets all business requirements.

Client Success

MoneyGate has broken into the market with a modern online payment platform that has revolutionized B2B payments. Today, numerous businesses use it to take advantage of easy, secure, and cost-efficient SWIFT payments, SEPA payments, open banking, currency exchange, and many more.

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