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The healthcare industry is undergoing sweeping changes. Advanced technologies like AI and ML, Big Data, blockchain, cloud, etc. are actively used in the development of healthcare solutions and have changed not only the way some illnesses are treated but also the way healthcare services are delivered. Healthcare applications of different purposes are designed for healthcare facilities, medical practices, laboratories, insurance companies, and pharmacies. Among their users are patients, doctors, administrative staff, scientists, researchers, and others. Devico offers end-to-end healthcare development services to diverse companies engaged in the healthcare sector. Our team builds cutting-edge, secure, robust, regulatory-compliant healthcare software solutions that facilitate businesses and customer experience as well as contribute to the creation of a powerful healthcare ecosystem.

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Healthcare Software Solutions We Provide

mHealth applications

State-of-the-art mHealth apps for appointment scheduling, e-prescription, medication tracking, patient education, chronic disease management, etc.

Telehealth applications

Convenient telemedicine apps enabling easy access to professional healthcare services through secure remote consultations and virtual medical appointments.

Medical wearables

Software for medical wearables that efficiently track patient states, indicate alarming patterns, and collect healthcare data.

Management solutions

Efficient healthcare software like hospital management systems, practice management software, electronic health record software, medical staff management systems, medical billing software, inventory management systems, and others that help to optimize and automate a medical workflow.

Custom healthcare software development

Bespoke healthcare applications designed for the particular needs of healthcare facilities, practitioners, and patients.

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Why Devico Healthcare Software Developers?

Top-notch software engineers

Devico has set the high bar and brought in high fliers. Besides, being interested in the professional growth of medical software developers the company provides them with multiple opportunities for self-education, gaining new experience, and honing their skills.

Rich domain expertise

Devico’s developers can boast of in-depth expertise in the healthcare domain. They have an impressive track record of developing advanced healthcare applications.

Tailor-made software

We create bespoke healthcare software and next-gen web and mobile applications that perfectly meet your and target audience’s needs.

Advanced technologies

We clearly understand that keeping up with the times is a must in the IT industry. That is why our team makes use of cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, big data, ML, AI, etc. in order to provide clients with superior healthcare software development services.

Multi-faceted skills

Our developers have varied backgrounds and use different languages, frameworks, and tools. Therefore, we can provide you with unmatched healthcare application development services totally suitable for your particular project.

Software compliance

All created healthcare solutions are completely compliant with state regulations and industry standards, including HIPAA, FDA 21, HL7, ISO 13485, and others.

Competitive rates without hidden charges

The company has a transparent price policy without any hidden costs. Besides, the average hourly rate of our healthcare software developers is significantly lower compared to the one in Northern America or Western Europe.

On-time delivery

Devico has extensive experience and a well-tuned workflow to deliver the needed functionality within the stated time frame.

What Does Our Healthcare Software Development Workflow Look Like?

At Devico, we develop diverse healthcare software by adhering to a particular workflow that suggests the following steps:


The team studies requirements of all types (functional, legal, etc.) to make up healthcare software specs, identify the work scope, and get ready with a high-level plan. Particular attention is also paid to revealing possible risks and drawing up an efficient plan of risk mitigation.


Devico’s UX designers create user flows being guided by the principles of intuitiveness and simplicity. UI design experts, in turn, create diverse UI elements to achieve an impressive yet plain and stylish visual design.


Our team prefers the Agile methodology and splits the process of healthcare software development into iterations of two-four weeks. Thus, we can be flexible, respond to changes in a timely manner, and deliver quick results.


The whole scope of tests including security tests, performance tests, functional tests, compatibility tests, usability tests, etc. is carried out to ensure excellent user experience and high quality.


A thoroughly tested and approved version of healthcare software is delivered to end-users.


The team keeps an eye on the performance of healthcare apps, optimizes it if needed, catches bugs, eliminates them, reviews security, and ensures ongoing software evolution.

Tools We Use







Advantages of Healthcare Custom Software Development

Workflow optimization

Advanced healthcare solutions enable healthcare providers to get work done better, quicker, and more accurately. Investment in digital transformation can have a far-reaching effect. A healthcare solution can accelerate all processes, decrease the risk of mistakes, lighten the burden of medical staff and let them concentrate on patient care.

Getting a solution tailored to your specific needs

Every healthcare facility is different. Consequently, off-the-shelf software may not provide everything that your organization needs. Building a bespoke healthcare application is a fire-sure way to supply all your needs and eliminate numerous problems.

Personalized care

Today, people are more concerned about their health, and patients expect personalized healthcare services and the ability to monitor health on their own. Therefore, we notice a growing demand for telemedicine apps, at-home testing kits, and apps of other kinds.

Better security

Custom healthcare solutions are built considering their compliance with the best global security standards that guarantee secure protection of confidential personal data.

Efficient data management and analytics

With state-of-the-art healthcare software, it is possible to collect, store, assess, and efficiently use the vast amount of data that can be analyzed to forecast the likelihood of particular illnesses, make an accurate diagnosis, prescribe more efficient treatment, and provide indeed personalized care.

Better patient loyalty

Having custom healthcare solutions optimizing multiple processes helps provide better healthcare services which lead to a higher rate of patient loyalty.

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What is healthcare software development?
It can be defined as a process of crafting applications, both web and mobile, for healthcare providers, labs, insurance companies, practitioners, as well as those who consume their services.
Do you develop m-health applications?
Yes, we craft full-fledged mobile healthcare applications for healthcare specialists and patients harnessing modern technologies.
Do you develop custom healthcare software?
Yes, Devico builds bespoke e-health and m-health solutions that meet all requirements of our clients.
How can you guarantee solid security and HIPAA compliance?
We craft healthcare software with high security standards and HIPAA requirements in mind. Moreover, the software is always tested for compliance with HIPAA. The whole bunch of security tests are carried out as well.
How can you reduce development costs?
At Devico, we integrate public but trusted APIs and introduce automated testing to cut down the expenses. Besides, our seasoned software engineers and QA specialists never procrastinate processes but work fast to deliver a product in time.