Radiology Information System


Our successfully completed mission of improving system performance while also reducing development costs for medneo

Our Client

Founded in 2012, medneo is an innovative ‘radiology as a service’ business, providing best-in-class MRI and CT scanning facilities to patients across Germany and the United Kingdom. The unique nature of the German business model and the technology systems that underpin it provided huge opportunities for medneo’s growth, but also exposed challenges in staying on top of the technology while maintaining the high-quality standards required in the healthcare setting.


Healthcare, Health Diagnostics

Services Provided

Code Optimisation, Legacy Modernisation, CI/CD Implementation

Tech Stack

Power BI, Azure, SQL, Azure Data factory







About the Project

Devico, a leading technology consultancy, partnered with medneo to address performance issues in their core Radiology Information System (RIS) caused by an increasing number of patients and the continuous addition of new features. By conducting a comprehensive analysis of the RIS, Devico identified key areas for improvement, designed a targeted plan, and assigned a skilled team of engineers to implement it.

Our Engagement

Devico’s experts were invited by medneo to propose solutions for improving the performance of the Radiology Information System, a bespoke platform at the heart of medneo’s patient process. The RIS demonstrated the first signs of performance issues due to the growing number of patients in the centers. Furthermore, as new features were added to the RIS, regression issues started to appear, with the potential to impact service performance for users in the centers.

Our experts performed an in-depth analysis of the system and underlying technologies and developed a plan for performance and quality improvement. It outlined three main aspects.

Code Optimisation

Refactoring inefficient code, removing unnecessary database calls, and optimising data access layers to improve response times.

Technology Stack Upgrade

Updating legacy frameworks and libraries to their more efficient, newer versions. Where necessary, shifting to more performant technologies that could better handle the scale and complexity of medneo's requirements.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) Pipeline Setup

Streamlining the development process with a CI/CD pipeline to ensure that new features and updates could be rolled out more quickly and reliably, reducing the risk of regressions affecting system performance.

Key Outcomes

Devico's team of specialists in performance optimisation, backend development, and QA engineering worked closely with medneo's in-house development team to implement the offered performance enhancement plan.

Reduced Load Times

By optimising the code and upgrading the technology stack, we significantly reduced the average load times for the RIS, improving the user experience for both medneo’s staff and patients.

Increased System Reliability

The introduction of a CI/CD pipeline and better regression testing practices led to fewer system outages and reduced the impact of new feature rollouts on system performance.


The optimised codebase, technology stack, and database design meant that the system could scale up without affecting performance or consuming hardware resources at peak times and as patient numbers would grow over the years.

Client Success

A strategic partnership between Devico and medneo helped the latter navigate the complexities of digital transformation and enhance operational efficiency and patient care quality. As medneo continues to expand its services, the scalable and robust technology infrastructure established with the help of Devico will be pivotal in supporting this growth, ensuring that medneo remains at the forefront of innovation in radiology services.

The success of this project not only serves as a blueprint for similar healthcare providers but also illustrates the critical role of adaptive technology strategies in the evolving healthcare landscape, where patient demands and technological advancements continuously shape service delivery models.

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