Quality Assurance

Just one bug during release can cost you a lot of money and be a risk to your reputation. We are here to offer you comprehensive quality-assurance (QA) and software testing services. We are a motivated, results-oriented team of testers and QA experts


Quality Assurance

In today's fast-evolving digital transformation universe, QA and testing are rapidly gaining considerable importance for both business and IT operation. QA and testing are the critical factors to ensure achievement of goals and are important for any organization. Nowadays, your business demands the following features from an application:

And then new competition is entering your market, which is to say – you have to be agile with new IT technologies while maneuvering through quality challenges across different platforms. Naturally the risk for errors increases and this can have a huge impact on your corporate image and business performance.

Achieving a balance between risk and the right level of quality control without delaying your speed to market and your ability to innovate determines your success.

A research survey and analysis published in “World Quality Report” (2015 to 2016) indicates that most organizations have doubled their testing budget. While their cost of testing activities has increased, they have cut their innovation budget, thus slowing down the actual speed of innovation. On the other hand, adoption of agile and DevOps is increasing – but how to achieve quality in these faster development cycles is the big question.


  • Quick service and response
  • Ease-of-use
  • Accessibility
  • Usability and performance
  • Validation for customer journeys
  • User experience
  • Cloud migration
  • Cross-browser functionality
  • Performance-responsive design
  • Security

Scale-up your business through Quality Assurance

In a broad sense, the purpose of the QA and testing is to ensure that the products you are putting out onto the market are meeting the requirements with respect to user experience, design, and functionality.

A skilled QA team puts the final touches on features and identifies defects, while making sure that those small minor bugs are taken care of and then carrying out the simulation-based testing in order to mimic real-world situations so that they could encounter the issues that customers would later face with the software or application.

Importance of Quality Assurance

There are many benefits that a business can achieve by implementing strong QA and testing practices in the development process. Some of which are:

Enhanced security measures

A timely QA process can prevent approximately 90% of security risks and vulnerabilities

Better user experience

Through a real-life simulation approach, QA and testers can find out what works best in terms of overall customer experience

Brand reputation

Bugs and defects can be found and fixed before the product reaches to the user; therefore, customers are able to enjoy higher-quality products

Reduction in cost – timely intervention

Detection of error and bugs prevents the huge cost involved in detecting and fixing bugs after the products are launched

Brand reputation

Better quality products undoubtedly improve user experience and enhance brand awareness & recognition

Quality Assurance for Mobile Applications

As the mobile economy grows, so does the pressure to provide excellent products. Mobile users demand high-quality apps, ruthlessly abandoning or deleting those with annoying bugs. The highly competitive market also demands that mobile teams release apps faster and more often. Add to that the challenge of supporting different types of device across a fragmented market, and mobile teams are left with a daunting amount of work to ensure quality, consistency, and velocity.

Automated mobile testing performed by our experts can help development teams identify errors quickly and early on in the development cycle to ensure their apps work as expected on the devices and platforms their customers are using. It also reduces the need for time-consuming manual testing by traditional QA teams, leaving time for QA professionals to run more valuable exploratory testing activities. Taking advantage of the ability to run automated tests in parallel is key to reducing build time and shortening development cycles.

Why Devico?

Devico is a leading global provider of Quality Assurance and Software Testing services.

We provide a highly efficient and risk-controlled QA and testing solution that is agile, flexible, cost-efficient and operating with higher levels of automation for organizations. We offer end-to-end testing and QA services within and across all key digital transformation domains. We have dozens of certified QA experts working to enhance your business performance and offer the right value to your customer.

We provide highly efficient delivery models including paper use models which can be integrated with agile and DevOps. You can expect best-in-class testing solutions to help your organization achieve your business goals efficiently, seamlessly and on-time. Our professional team of experts will assist you in developing robust testing processes, better quality software/applications and augmented software development mechanism. Our focus is on customized solutions, agile practices and effective QA approaches to help our prestigious clients to fulfill their business objectives.

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