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Welcome to the Devico Breakfast Bar! We invite C-suite titans from a wide array of industries to our virtual breakfast table. In candid conversations over coffee, we delve into their personal journeys, from their first forays into the business world to their current roles as CEOs, CTOs, and co-founders. Join us as we dig deeper into the minds and experiences of the individuals who have made it big in their respective industries. Expect enlightening anecdotes, inspiring stories, and practical advice that can help you carve your own path to success.,

Matt Fain


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How to make the right choice between in-house and outsourced dev teams?

Jun 14th, 2024

Thank you for being part of our journey! We've traveled together through a realm of incredible insights, joyous discoveries, and challenging questions. But this is just the beginning of our journey. There are many more tales to tell, stories to share, and voices to discover. So sit back, stay patient, because the next episodes of our podcast series are arriving very soon. Stay tuned for updates and prepare for new thrilling topics and captivating dialogues. See you soon

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