A web application for the management of sports events and competitions.


To help our client become a leading IT service provider in the sports industry with a user-friendly platform simplifying sports event management and participant registration

Our client

Founded in 1983, Datasport have been a pioneer in the delivery of technology for sports events across the world.

Datasport provide a fully integrated service, delivering data management, competitor management, collection, time recording, results services, speaker and information systems and the sharing of information to all interested parties. Its team strives to respond to customers' requirements in a timely manner and shape the future of sports together. Based in Switzerland, the company reflects the world-renowned Swiss qualities of delivering quality, efficiency, punctuality, reliability.



Services provided

Dedicated team

Tech stack

React, Next, Redux, RxJS, Redux-Saga, MaterialUI, Next.js, TypeScript, styled-components, Formik, React Final Forms, websockets, Jest, Java, Spring, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Docker, Vite, DevExpress (charts)


Dev & QA Team



Since 2021


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About the project

Datasport is a digital platform that helps to organize and manage sports events, marathons, and competitions. A fully integrated product, all aspects of the management of the event can be easily handled in one place. To cover the needs of both event organizers and event participants Datasport offers a client application and an admin panel. Four languages are supported to make it even more user-friendly.

Our engagement

Our developers joined the Datasport team to help it build several microservices on the backend and create UIs for both the client app and admin panel. They participated in the creation of the key functionalities, including the following:

Admin panel:
  • Sports event creation and setup (adding a main event logo, setting the max number of participants, establishing a timeline for an event, etc.)
  • Collection of statistics about held events
  • Visualization of statistical data
  • Generation of reports that users can download
  • Creation and management of an online shop for each sports event
  • Integration of payment systems for each event (an event organizer can add a card to which money is transferred from different payment services)
  • Automated email notifications and reminders according to the set schedule
  • Edit the address and other details of a dental practice
  • Schedule order delivery for a convenient time
  • View detailed statistics of dental clinic’s orders, production delays, average production time, etc.
Client app:
  • Registration of individual athletes, groups of athletes, or sports teams
  • Localization for 4 languages
  • Ability to buy insurance or products from an in-built online shop


The key challenge was to ensure high performance. The platform had a lot of charts and tables. Some tables were indeed huge, and our developers implemented virtualization with the help of XY Grid because project requirements did not suggest pagination. Additionally, they dealt with cashing of GET requests and continuously worked on the minimization of server requests and performance improvement through component memorization, cashing, and the use of Context instead of Redux where it was relevant.

Client success

Thanks to the development of the modern and convenient sports event management platform, Datasport has become one of the most important IT service providers for popular and mass sports in Switzerland and abroad.

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