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To contribute to the building of a cloud-based platform that would streamline the process of solar power system deployment and cut down the expenses on the photovoltaic grid implementation.

Our Client

Quick Mount PV (QMPV) was a leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of solar mounting and racking hardware for the residential and commercial markets of the USA. One of its goals was to provide software that would systemize an entire residential solar system lifecycle including customer acquisition, financing, design and engineering, permitting, installation, and ongoing maintenance and support.


Electrical Engineering, Solar Power

Services Provided

Team Augmentation

Tech Stack

Node.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, MongoDB, React, RxJS, Express, JWT, MUI, Konva, EJS, Swagger

3rd-party integrations

Mailgun, Google Maps

2 devs, 2 QA




Since 2014


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About the project

Sunlayar is QMPV’s cloud-based software that helps solar developers plan and design rooftop solar projects. Empowered by modern technology and designed to be compatible with most industry PV module manufacturers and PV module sizes, this disruptive platform makes solar installations more efficient, reduces labor effort, shortens lead time, cuts down related costs, and ensures safety and reliability.

Our Engagement

The client applied to us to get proficient QA engineers and full-stack developers who would help with developing their project. Our specialists joined an in-house team working on the QMPV project. We maintained it and synchronously created new functionality, ensuring seamless work of the platform. However, as the project was getting more complicated, it was impossible to add new business functions quickly. Therefore, we had a discussion with the client and decided not to proceed with maintaining the QMPV project that was based on obsolete technologies but to rewrite it from scratch using modern technologies

This way using our technical experience and industry knowledge gained during the work on the QMPV project, we started developing Sunlayer - a new project. It solved architectural problems that QMPV had, improved website performance, and speeded up the implementation of new business functions.

Also, our developers implement the core features of the Sunlayer platform including the following ones:

User registration and verification

We introduced a flow according to which, firstly, users should provide their email addresses and other important information. After that, they receive an email requesting to follow the link in order to verify the email and activate a user account.

Project management

To make work on multiple projects more convenient and efficient we also enabled users to create folders and subfolders for project storage, move projects to the bin or put them back, and share projects via email.

Report on the needed quantity of materials and their cost

Our developers also built the endpoints for generating reports in CSV and PDF formats representing an array design with all measurements, including the needed quantity of materials and their cost based on the roof type, chosen materials, and other parameters.

Projecting a solar array

We provided users with two options for projecting a solar array – they can do it on a worksheet or in the mapview mode. In the latter case, Google satellite imagery is used to find a needed house and then outline a roof where solar panels will be assembled. In both options users can specify the number of panel columns and rows, apply a landscape or portrait orientation of panels, choose a staggered order, adjust a panel location and spacing, change panel type, choose roof type, mark every panel with its area number, change project address, and create a few arrays. It is possible to switch from the mapview mode to the worksheet and vice versa at any time.

Admin panel

It was also needed to create a tool using which an administrator could quickly find users, delete them, resend them a verification email, or send a link for a password reset. The administrator can also generate a report on user activity, modify users’ projects, and check stats about the errors that users have encountered while using the platform.

We are proud of the results of our work. The platform that we have created works seamlessly, is compatible with the two most popular rooftop solar mounting systems, the rail-less RockIt System and the rail-based ClickFit System, and abides by the ASCE 7-10 и ASCE 7-16 standards.

Client Success

We have done our best to help QMPV to deliver a revolutionary software solution for the solar power industry. As a result, the company has been acquired by Esdec, a global rooftop solar mounting solutions provider, and the created platform is still maintained and widely used as an innovative Design Assistant Project Calculator of EcoFasten. Moreover, our specialists are still on the team and help to keep the platform updated.

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