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Self-education and upskilling are essential parts of success. Technologies have significantly reshaped the educational process, and modern educational software solutions have opened vast opportunities for people. Education has never been as accessible, efficient, and engaging as today. There are the most diverse e-learning applications and the e-learning market is still rapidly growing. Students, educators, schools, universities, and businesses all over the world are looking for more and more efficient learning and training solutions. If none of the off-the-shelf applications can satisfy you, it is high time to create your own one. Educational software development services provided by Devico can help you bring your idea to life. We have a rich expertise, vast resources, and enthusiasm to assist educational institutions, businesses, and EdTech startups with e-learning software development.

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Educational Software Solutions We Design

Corporate Training Software

A corporate training platform is an important part of the business growth strategy of companies that wish to move to the big league. Such solutions serve as a base for training programs that enable teams to keep up to date with industry trends. They also ease the load of HR departments by helping to manage and track the professional development of employees through their career path.

Learning Management Systems

LMS lets educational institutions efficiently and easily administrate and manage an educational process. They also ease tracking, testing, reporting, and data management for students and educators. We develop LMS that automate and tune educational processes and help to save time and effort.

Virtual Classrooms

This software provides an opportunity to arrange remote real-time lessons. Rather often it is integrated with an LMS. Using virtual classrooms an educator and students can interact with each other and learning materials. In essence, this is a kind of video conference tool fitted with an additional set of features essential for a learning environment.

Online Course Platforms

We create platforms that enable online learning and teaching. They provide all the needed educational content and resources and enable trainers and course participants to meet, chat with each other, and track progress.

Assessment software

Educational apps of this kind optimize the assessment process. Teachers can easily create, distribute, and grade exams as well as monitor performance. Students, in turn, use such apps to do tests and quickly get assessments.

Reasons to Hire Devico Educational Software Developers

There are many benefits that a business can achieve by implementing strong QA and testing practices in the development process. Some of which are:

Top-notch software engineers

The company has set the high bar and introduced a scrupulous recruitment process due to which its team consists of real experts in education software development. Besides, being interested in the continuous professional growth of every software engineer, Devico provides everyone with multiple opportunities for self-education, gaining new experience, and honing their skills.

Rich domain expertise

Our educational developers have dealt with a fair number of projects related to e-learning software development. Thus, they know the main industry trends and needs. By making use of advanced technologies and harnessing their domain knowledge, our developers can create an unmatched educational app that perfectly meets your requirements.

Custom software development

The Devico team is always ready and able to develop the most complex educational software and implement the most specific features to help educational institutions to keep up with digitalization, streamline processes, and cover all existing needs.

Advanced technologies

We clearly understand that catching up with modern technologies and tendencies is a must in the IT industry. That is why our team makes use of cutting-edge technologies like big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud, etc. which lets it deliver interactive, efficient, engaging, and robust e-learning solutions.

Competitive rates without hidden charges

The company has a transparent price policy without any hidden costs. Besides, the average hourly rate of our software engineers is significantly lower compared to the one in Northern America or Western Europe.

On-time delivery

Devico has extensive expertise and a well-tuned workflow to provide the needed functionality within the stated time frame.

Diverse engagement models

The company offers several engagement models, and you are free to choose the most suitable one based on your needs and budget.

100% customer satisfaction

The company has the aim to provide full customer satisfaction and meet all business needs. Therefore, every developer pays attention to every detail and strives to gain perfection in everything they do.
Our Educational Software Development Workflow

At Devico, we build educational software by adhering to a particular workflow that suggests the following steps:


First of all, we get acquainted with available project requirements and define a target audience, markets, and possible risks.


At this stage, the team defines the work scope, estimates the required time and resources, arrives at the decision on the most suitable technologies, chooses APIs to be integrated, etc.


Devico’s UX designers create user flows being guided by the principles of intuitiveness and simplicity. UI design experts, in turn, work on the creation of interface elements to achieve an impressive yet plain and stylish visual design.


Our team of professional front-end and back-end developers gets down to coding to turn all the written requirements, wireframes, and mockups into a beautiful user interface and realize program logic.


Educational software undergoes rigorous testing that implies the whole scope of tests including security tests, performance tests, functional tests, compatibility tests, usability tests, etc. Due to this, you can be sure of an exceptional user experience and the high quality of your application.


A thoroughly tested, approved, production-ready version of an education software solution is delivered to end-users.


The team monitors and optimizes the performance of software, catches post-release bugs, eliminates them, and provides ongoing software evolution.

Our Tech Stack


Frameworks and SDKs




Advantages of E-learning Software Development

Well-tuned educational process

Advanced educational software can optimize numerous processes within an educational institution, take the load from teachers, and make students more engaged and well-informed.

Education accessibility

Online courses can be completed regardless of where course participants are located and which device they use. Compulsory presence in a classroom is in the past.

Numerous learning opportunities

eLearning software can give opportunities for new models of collaboration and multiple efficient learning strategies, making an educational environment more favorable for efficient learning and teaching.

Better engagement

A convenient online educational ecosystem along with gamification and other interactive learning activities immensely stir engagement of students.

Personalized approach to learning

Customized learning strategies can be tailored to the individual abilities, needs, and interests of learners.

Do you provide custom educational software development services?
Surely. We have the resources and expertise to create custom software of diverse types for the education industry.
What features can you implement in education software?
In these terms, our team has no restrictions. Quizzes, grading, data management, analytics, scheduling, in-built chats, etc. Say what your software should have, and we realize everything in the best possible way.
Are your developers familiar with Agile methodology?
Yes, we are big fans of the Agile methodology, and our team makes active use of Scrum, Kanban, etc.
Can you guarantee the protection of intellectual property?
Of course. Before getting to work on your project, Devico signs an NDA to ensure that your idea is protected. According to the terms of our contracts, you are the only owner of all the written code.