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Advertising Technology, abbreviated AdTech is a suite of advanced software and tools that assist with advertising campaign planning, implementation, management, and tracking. Such solutions are widely used to optimize all digital advertising processes, save time, and provide technology-driven accelerated opportunities to launch more efficient advertisement campaigns that boost sales.

Devico is a trusted AdTech software development company that for over a decade has collaborated with advertisers, media agencies, publishers, intermediaries, and service providers and crafted for them sophisticated solutions that reinforce their AdTech ecosystem. If you are searching for a reliable AdTech development partner, we are at your disposal. Our proven track record lets us clearly understand industry standards and provide unique AdTech solutions development services.

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DeviQA’s customers come from a global community of startups, scale-ups, publicly listed giants - and everything in between! In 2024, our customers span the United States, the European Union, the UK, Canada, the Middle East, and Australia.


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Benefits of Modern AdTech Solutions for Business

These days it is impossible to get desired results in advertising without leveraging modern technologies. AdTech solutions really change the game by providing the following benefits:


Robust Data Analysis

Data is a competitive advantage. AdTech platforms deliver real-time analytics on huge volumes of data from different sources, generate timely, comprehensive reports that support decision-making, and build accurate customer models. All of these are of vital importance as gained insights let specialists design efficient advertising strategies and campaigns.

Audience segmentation and targeting

It’s a well-known fact that the “one-ad-fits-all” approach is not efficient at all. Powered by data analytics, modern AdTech software enables advertisers to easily segment an audience according to its preferences and behavior patterns and target each segment with the most appropriate ad which increases the chance of purchasing an advertised product..

Efficient Workflow

The key benefit of using AdTech software is that it automates multiple tasks and helps save time and effort. Instead of performing repetitive and time-consuming tasks, ad experts can concentrate on more critical or creative activities which drive awareness. Consequently, a business can receive impressive results within a short period of time.

Better Budget Use

AdTech solutions are a must for enabling more efficient use of ad budgets. With such software in place, advertisers publish the right content at the right time to the right audience. With this approach, the ad budget is spent wisely and for the right reasons.

Cross-platform Uniformity

Modern AdTech solutions connect all advertising channels and manage them effectively and in an orchestrated manner. As a result, clunky, irritating, and discordant ads are a thing of the past. Instead, cross-platform uniformity and harmonization give an opportunity to reach out to an audience consistently and logically.

Ad Campaign Monitoring and Success Measurement

With advertising technology, it is easy to monitor the course of ad campaigns and their final results. The software can provide data on the number of users who have seen an ad, clicks on that ad, and purchases made.

Higher ROI

Last but not least, AdTech solutions help to deliver a high ROI, allowing ad teams to create more efficient ad campaigns that bring tangible results. Moreover, accurate campaign success measurement gives an opportunity to identify all flaws, gaps, and strengths and design future ad campaigns with better strategies in mind based on that feedback.

AdTech Solutions We Deliver

Devico has a proven track record of developing AdTech solutions of diverse types and sophistication. Our qualified team can implement any functionality to solve your AdTech challenges. Thus, here are the main types of AdTech software that we deliver:

  • Creative Management Platforms

  • Customer Data Platform

  • Data Management Platform

  • Self-Service AdTech Solutions

  • Demand-Side Platforms

  • Supply-Side Platform

  • Ad Exchange Platforms

  • Ad Servers

Creative Management Platforms-image

These powerful AI-based platforms help when it comes to creating and testing ad creatives and social media post creatives. Using them, advertisers can complete these tasks quickly and with minimum fuss. With their help, it is also possible to create and efficiently manage a whole digital ad campaign.

How We Build Our AdTech Solutions

Step 1


At this stage, our specialists get acquainted with your idea, needs, and available project documentation. This knowledge helps them to craft a comprehensive vision of a product, make a rough estimation in terms of the required time and resources, and make up a web app development roadmap

Step 2


The team identifies the most appropriate tech stack, defines software architecture, and uncovers possible risks along with the ways of their mitigation

Step 3


To create designs that your audience will adore we take into account multiple factors like simplicity, intuitiveness, aesthetics, mobile responsiveness, and many more. Your business needs are also within our focus, therefore created designs are SEO-friendly, represent your brand identity, and translate your messages to a target audience

Step 4


As a rule, we apply the Scrum development methodology suggesting iterative product development. This approach helps to establish a resource-effective and time-efficient workflow

Step 5

Quality Assurance

A comprehensive set of manual and automated tests is performed to check your tailor-made web app inside out and make sure that every single component works as intended

Step 6


Your web application is launched and all the required infrastructure is set up

Step 7


Our web development consultants are available to you for any further modernization, maintenance, updates, or consultation

Technology stack

We are proudly technology agnostic and use the most appropriate technology for the task at hand

  • All

  • Backend

  • Frontend

  • Databases

  • DevOps

  • Clouds

  • Android

  • iOS

  • Cross-platform















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Frequently Asked Questions

AdTech software development is a process of building software solutions that revolutionize the advertising domain by automating and streamlining ad campaign planning, creation, management, tracking, and optimization.

Depending on the AdTech software type, the complexity of algorithms, the number of integrations, team size, and other factors, AdTech software development can take from several months to a year.

There are also myriads of factors that affect the cost of AdTech solution development. It can range from dozens of thousands to millions of US dollars.

AdTech solutions use modern technologies like AI, big data, and BI to analyze customer data and create highly efficient targeted ad campaigns. Moreover, these solutions also provide assistance with ad creative creation, ad space purchase, and ad campaign planning, management, and tracking.

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