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Web Development

We have 10 years of experience in web development. We provide a full range of web application development services using the latest technologies. We have no template websites or solutions. Each project is developed entirely based on individual customer needs.

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Custom Software Development

For 10 years in the IT market, we have been developing custom software for companies around the world. Our team of professionals is well versed in software development using the latest and most effective development technologies. Thanks to our unique knowledge and experience, we provide our customers with reliable custom software.

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Mobile App Development

We develop applications which will occupy the top spots. Our professional software developers will transform your idea into excellent mobile applications that fully fit your brand. A full-cycle of mobile application development services in one place.

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Software Testing and Quality Assurance

We are implementing full-cycle software testing services at every stage of development of your app or product. Our purpose is to fix all the bugs, make your app perfect and meet all future users' requirements. We have everything you need to ensure the highest quality of your project. Release your product with us and be confident in its caliber.

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Team Extension

Collaborating with Devico, companies can take advantage of the team extension engagement model by getting access to the rich talent pool which means that the most varied IT specialists with vast experience and a high proficiency level are at their disposal.

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Architecture Design

Our architecture designers have years of experience under their belt and can offer the most efficient concept meeting all your needs. We have an advanced tech stack, use the best software architecture design practices, and closely cooperate with your domain experts to create a tailor-made software architecture

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Technical Support

Devico is a reputable IT company that provides businesses from different domains with top-notch technical support.

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UI/UX Design Services

We offer impressive design for Android, iOS, and Web apps fuelled by creativity, profound knowledge, and years of experience

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Why Choose Us?

Your Job Done Right

We have revamped so much bad code—sent to us by others—in our lifetimes, it’s not even funny.

100% Success Rate

You get an experienced team with a 100% job success rate, 5-star feedback, and 100% client recommendation.

Army of Experts

You get an army of top-rated experts, from a company that’s clocked in 500,000+ hours.

Quality & Clean Code

You get high-quality, clean code; scalable and maintainable solutions.

Direct Communication

You will always be in touch with our development team. This helps you to assess developers’ performance and make changes early on.

On-time Delivery

Excellent time management allows all projects to be completed in due time. All deadlines are agreed upon in advance.

Daily Reports

We submit transparent and full reports on the work done, documents of all sorts, including all attachments.

Free Project Management

Together with the team of developers and testers, you also get a project manager who will supervise your project from start to finish.