Employer of record (EOR) services

Easily recruit and manage employees in any country where you lack a legal presence, paying up to 40% less than you would for local talent.


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When does it fit

You need to quickly hire global IT talent, but setting up a legal entity abroad is costly, complex, and could impact your tax status

International employment laws are varied and intricate, and you prefer to delegate compliance

HR tasks are bogging you down, and you want to focus on strategy, not paperwork

You need to quickly scale your IT team up or down, maintaining workforce flexibility

You’re not able to expand into new markets fast enough, losing first-mover advantage

You want to minimize risks by using both independent contractors and full-time, dedicated employees

How it works

Let the numbers speak for themselves

3 days

to send you the first CVs

2-5 weeks

to close a position

5 CVs

to get 1 accepted offer


of our hires pass probation

3 months

of a warranty to substitute a candidate

3,2 years

our hires stay with clients on average


is our churn rate

Advantages of our cooperation

Let us handle the HR intricacies, while you focus on conquering new markets and igniting your growth. It's a partnership that will leave you breathless.

Expand globally with ease

Focus on what you do best while we handle all the nitty-gritty HR stuff.

Stay on the right side of the law

We'll keep you compliant with local labor laws, so you can focus on building your global presence without legal headaches.

Save time and money

Avoid the hassle and expenses associated with setting up legal entities in every country you expand to.

Effortless recruitment and management

Leave the global talent search and management to us and focus instead on driving your business growth.

Simplify your admin tasks

From hiring to taxes and payroll, we've got you covered, making your life easier and your business more efficient.

Differences between cooperation models


Problem to solve

Establishing a dedicated offshore development center while mitigating risks and maintaining operational control

Info from you

Business objectives, operational requirements, technology stack preferences, and staffing needs

Communication model

Regular progress updates, milestone reviews, shared project management tools, and a dedicated liaison for seamless coordination

Our value proposition

Facilitating the setup and management of an offshore development center and ensuring operational efficiency and a smooth transition of ownership with budget savings of up to 50%

You are here

Employer of record (EOR) services

Problem to solve

Simplifying and streamlining the hiring and employment of international or remote team members

Info from you

Job role specifications, desired qualifications, compliance requirements, payroll details, and legal considerations

Communication model

Regular updates on employment regulations, payroll processing, and compliance matters; accessible HR support for employees

Our value proposition

Handling legal and administrative tasks, ensuring compliance with local labor laws, managing payroll processing, and administering benefits, while allowing you to focus on core business activities

Remote R&D center

Problem to solve

Establishing a dedicated research and development hub in a remote location to leverage talent and cost advantages

Info from you

R&D goals, technology stack preferences, staffing requirements, and budget constraints

Communication model

Regular progress updates, collaborative project management tools, virtual meetings, and dedicated project managers

Our value proposition

Setting up and managing a remote R&D center, providing access to expert talent, cost savings, and a scalable and flexible operational model

What our customers say

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Having had bad experiences in the past, I was most impressed by the communication of the engineers and the Devico management. They were great partners and worked well to help us achieve our project goals. They provided flexibility when needed and helped us keep our project on schedule.

Threat hunting is no longer an art. It's a SCIENCE.

I was completely satisfied. They were very flexible and adaptive to our changing needs. I find them responsible and quick to deliver. I can't identify any areas of improvement.

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Our cooperation process on the employer of record model

Step 1

Consultation & planning

We begin with a detailed discussion of your specific needs and the desired locations for your IT talent. Our experts assess the legalities and compliance requirements and tailor an EOR solution that aligns with your budget and goals.

Step 2

Candidate search & selection

We handle the recruitment process, including interviews and background checks, while you maintain full control over candidate selection.

Step 3

Onboarding & employment

We act as a legal employer, managing all administrative responsibilities. While we ensure compliance with local labor laws and regulations, you maintain direct management control over the hired IT professionals.

Step 4

Payroll & tax management

We manage payroll processing, tax payments, and deductions, staying updated on local tax regulations to ensure timely filings. Meanwhile, you'll receive transparent invoices and clear reports.

Step 5

Ongoing support

We provide ongoing support for you and your employed IT team. Our team is available to address administrative or HR concerns, enabling you to focus on managing your projects and driving business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

EOR is a trusted third party that legally employs your international IT workforce. It handles all the complexities associated with payroll, taxes, benefits, and HR compliance, allowing you to focus on core business activities.

While both EOR and staff augmentation help acquire IT talent, EOR offers full control over your team and lets you focus on critical business tasks by handling legalities for a fixed fee. Staff augmentation provides faster hiring for specific needs or short-term projects.

Your international IT team will enjoy social security and peace of mind due to being legally employed, receiving timely and accurate payroll, and potentially accessing benefits packages.

Certainly. EOR offers significant advantages for startups and small businesses, enabling them to swiftly access a global talent pool without grappling with intricate foreign employment regulations or establishing foreign entities. Moreover, EOR can streamline expenses by managing HR functions more affordably compared to maintaining an in-house team.

Absolutely not. You maintain complete control over the day-to-day management of your IT staff. EOR handles solely administrative and legal tasks.

We are a reputable IT staffing company with a proven track record of providing secure and reliable EOR services. We prioritize data security and compliance with the highest industry standards.

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