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The development of custom software is primarily a result of the well-organized work of experts, researchers, and developers. Our considerable experience and strong domain knowledge allow us to make your project succeed and develop software solutions that fully meet all your requirements


Custom vs. off-the-shelf software

The most obvious difference between custom and off-the-shelf software is that the first is made precisely for your requirements, while the other is designed based on general practices

Of course, you can buy and use off-the-shelf software that matches your business needs, but which is designed around generic best practices. On the other hand, if you want something that entirely meets your needs or if you have specific processes within your company and want those to be reflected in your software, then you need custom software that is suitable for your individual business

Off-the-shelf software is an appropriate choice when:

  • You are low on budget
  • You do not have much time for developing and creating a custom software program
  • You need a rapid solution and are not going to get it from a custom software option unless you are paying more

Why choose custom software development?

Here are some reasons why you need to choose custom software:

Perfect control

A customized software solution allows you to gather the exact information you need by putting together custom reports and making better decisions for your business’s precise performance. Out-of-the-box software, in most cases, has features and services you don’t really need in your business. They are simply unnecessary and can blow your entire program and drain your resources. Instead, opting for a custom software option ensures that you can receive exactly what you need

Foster growth

Custom software should contribute to growth and facilitate expansion. When the software program is written exactly for you and around your workflows, then there is a certain agility and flexibility that you never get with off-the-shelf solutions

Long-term returns

If you once bought an off-the-shelf software program, there is a risk that five years down the road, it does not fit your growing business model any more, and you have to invest in yet another solution. This problem can be prevented with a customized or bespoke application that grows with your business and follows your workflows

Exact Tailoring

A custom piece of software can be built to fit around your workflow rather than the other way around

Enhanced efficiency

Applications built around your workflow can streamline processes in the best possible way

Who uses custom software?

A wide range of industries and businesses are using tailor-made IT solutions for their products and services. For example, in financial services, custom apps are easily produced for customers to access their account data from wherever, leading to greater customer service

The manufacturing industry uses custom software regularly to help process automation, track their equipment, and perform safety audits. More and more often, the healthcare industry is using custom software automating data entry and processing and tracking healthcare trends in every industry

Agile methods of Software Development

Its now about 19 years since the initial drafting of the Agile Manifesto. And with that has come many iterations of how to best improve the Software Development Lifecycle. These 19 years have seen the growth and evolution of technology that has surpassed all our expectations. So, now, all these years later, how have agile practices impacted the lives of software developers?

According to the results of one survey, experience with Agile has been extremely positive. However, those who are relative newcomers to agile practices are somewhat less positive than those with more than 9 years of experience with it. Is this because of new practices? A honing of practices that have been around for years? Or, perhaps, an overall change of culture?

Clearly, agile practices can help more than they harm the SDLC, but, in the end, which processes work best depends on the team and its willingness to embrace them. There may be various methodologies around the practice of Agile, but, at the end of the day, it is a process centered around clear communication, process efficiency, and ensuring a successful end result. The Software Development Life-cycle is about connecting people with the right tools and processes to enable a smooth and efficient release.

At Devico, we have designed and developed custom software and applications as an outsourcing software development company since 2010.

We can help make your dream of perfect custom software or a perfect application for your business become a reality. We strive to offer easy solutions for businesses that are looking to outsource custom software developments without compromising on standards. We provide software development services through our skilled software development teams.

Custom Software Development Services:

Custom/Bespoke software development services

We develop quality, fast, scalable and secure software to meet your needs according to your requirements

Web application development services

We develop web applications, from small portals to SAAS solutions based on our extensive expertise in the required deadlines

Mobile app development services

Mobile app development services for iOS and Android devices from application design to support & maintenance. We work with both B2C and B2B companies in different industries

Quality Assurance and software testing services

We can perform the full cycle testing of your software without the help of other companies, while our quality assurance and testing staff consist of over 150 people working in-house.

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Live Event Management Software for Modern Event Organizers

Having had bad experiences in the past, I was most impressed by the communication of the engineers and the Devico management. They were great partners and worked well to help us achieve our project goals. They provided flexibility when needed and helped us keep our project on schedule.

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I was completely satisfied. They were very flexible and adaptive to our changing needs. I find them responsible and quick to deliver. I can't identify any areas of improvement.

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Trusted by clients from 39 countries. Our global presence enables us to deliver software services 24/7/365 and swiftly adapt to any zone and customer’s requirements

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