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Taking the pain away from customers when returning products through an easy to use digital platform experience.

Our Client

Founded in 2020 by two friends who got absolutely frustrated with the hassles related to online returns, Returnmates is a US-based provider of shipping services enabling easy returns of online purchases without a need to leave home. The company's objective is to fully digitize online returns and make the overall process as smooth and as convenient as the online shopping experience.


Consumer Logistics

Services Provided

Software Development Outsourcing

Tech Stack

React, Redux + Redux-Saga, TypeScript, MaterialUI, NextJS, AWS

3rd-party services

Stripe, AWS Cognito, Google Maps API, OnFleet, SendGrid, Zendesk, One Signal,



Since 2020




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About the project

Returnmates is a user-friendly platform that is changing the way businesses and consumers handle returns. It radically streamlines the return process for online shoppers and improves their overall buying experience by enabling them to return purchases without leaving the comfort of their homes. Customers can schedule return pickups without worrying about the associated hassles such as label printing or packaging.

Our Engagement

    UI/UX Design

  • Our expert design team focused on creating intuitive and visually appealing interfaces for each component of the platform. Comprehensive research was conducted to find the best design solutions that would meet all needs of customers, partners, and the Returnmates team.
  • Software Development

  • Our developers utilized modern technologies and frameworks to build a robust and high-performance client app, partner page, and admin panel. Emphasis was placed on maintainability, scalability, security, and performance.

We designed and developed the 3 core elements of the Returnmates platform:

Partner page

A customizable interface for online marketplaces and retailers partnering with Returnmates. Partners can tailor the design and functionality of the page to meet their own unique needs and enable their customers to schedule return pickups right through the online shop, often free of charge.

Admin panel

A separate application for managing various aspects of Returnmates' operations including delivery process management, partner page setup, user management, and creation of returns based on partners' reports.

Client App

A user-centric client app allows customers to sign up, schedule return pickups, make payments, and track pickup statuses. It also offers a subscription plan that would be beneficial for those who frequently return purchases.

Main Challenges:

  • Handling multiple returns to the same address
  • Label printing with Zebra printer
  • Automated package data collection
  • Optimization of order creation
  • Enabling partners to receive data on their returns
  • Customization of the partner page
  • Tracking return statuses

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Our collaboration with Returnmates demonstrates our ability to deliver innovative and user-centric solutions that address complex industry challenges. Refined UI/UX design proven software development practices have yielded excellent results. We created a successful platform by implementing:

  • Consolidations for convenient handling of multiple returns to the same address.
  • Integration with Zebra printer API for label printing directly from the admin panel.
  • Barcode scanning right from the admin panel for the automated collection of data about packages and consolidations.
  • An automated order creation to reduce time expenditure and minimize errors.
  • Secure data transmission via the SFTP server so that partners can receive files with all their returns for their further tracking and management.
  • Complete customization of the partner page in accordance with the unique needs of each retailer or marketplace.
  • Integration with Onfleet for advanced delivery tracking that ensures safe and timely delivery of returns to a final destination.

Client Success

Returnmates is a rapidly growing startup. The company has collaborated with more than 250 brands including large retailers such as Rent The Runway and online marketplaces like Mercar and Amazon.

As of 2023, it has returned more than 10 million dollars worth of returns to retailers and gained a 99% customer satisfaction score by pleasing thousands of customers along the way with the Returnmates platform.

In 2021 it raised $5 million in a funding round led by LightShed Ventures, and the company continues to ramp up its operations. Returnmates has grown outside of its home city of Los Angeles to 8 other cities across the USA.

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