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React.js is an open-source Javascript library developed by the Facebook team to create interactive user interfaces. Implementing ideas of functional, declarative, and reactive programming, React.js has positively changed the concept of front-end development. Today all professional front-end developers include React.js into their tech stack

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    Reasons to Hire a React.js Developer

    Users interact with apps or websites through UI. A user interface is the first thing they see, and it deserves special attention. By hiring a React.js developer, you get a highly professional front-end specialist who can help your development team create a high-performance app with an impressive, interactive UI within a short time. React.js considerably simplifies and accelerates the front-end development process.

    Top Companies Using React.js in Their Projects

    Many well-known, reputable companies worldwide have appreciated the numerous benefits of React.js and chosen it for their app development. Among them are:

    And others...

    Advantages of using React.js

    Since its launch in 2013, React.js has won the hearts of numerous users worldwide, and it's not surprising as this JavaScript library offers many advantages:

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    Reusable UI components

    React.js allows developers to create user interface components that can be used in the future as part of any other user interface. As a result, developers can save time and avoid potential errors in code

    Fast Rendering

    With the help of virtual DOM, React.js enables updating not the entire DOM but only the corresponding changes. Consequently, rendering takes minimal time, leading to better app performance and improved user experience

    Effective Code Maintenance

    React.js provides fast debugging and smooth operation due to one-way data binding. Moreover, React.js supports numerous tools for testing, debugging, development, etc., contributing to easy code maintenance

    High Productivity

    React.js has proven itself as a convenient and effective technology that significantly improves productivity, resulting in rapid development, reduced costs, and shorter time-to-market

    Backward Compatibility

    This feature allows legacy software to be upgraded to the latest React.js version without any codebase change or just with a few minor tweaks

    Community Support

    The React.js community includes numerous experts and is backed by the Facebook development team. Users can submit their questions via Stack Overflow, Reactiflux Chat, forums, and social media platforms. Help is always readily available

    Expertise of Our React.js Developers

    • Web and Mobile App Development
    • UI/UX development
    • API integration
    • Customized React.js development
    • React.js template designing
    • React.js plug-ins development
    • React.js migration services
    • React.js consulting
    • Maintenance and Support services

    Why Should You Hire a React.js Developer from Devico?

    • A wealth of experience
    • Access to a vast pool of competent React.js developers
    • High-quality development at a reasonable price
    • Smooth and easy onboarding
    • Excellent development infrastructure
    • Effective communication and good command of English
    • Consistent reporting
    • Data and IP security
    • Supplementary management team
    • Opportunity to scale a React.js development team, etc

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    How Much Time Does it Take to Develop a React.js Project?

    There are no specific time limits for React.js project development. Everything depends on the scope and requirements of each particular project

    Skill Set of a Professional React.js Developer:

    • Profound knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and ES6
    • Good command of React.js
    • Proficient user of React.js frameworks like Flux and Redux
    • Knowledge of Node.js, Babel, NPM, WebPack
    • Experience in building Restful APIs
    • Familiarity with code versioning tools like Git and Mercurial
    • Good command of English

    Duties and Responsibilities of a React.js Developer

    React.js developers are front-end developers who create UI components for websites and applications using React.js. They are responsible for ensuring a seamless user experience, as the UI is one of the main aspects that affect the way users interact with an app or website. Buttons, online forms, search bars, menus, icons, and gesture-based interfaces are just a few things that a React.js developer works on

    The primary responsibilities and duties of React.js developers include:

    • Development of highly responsive and interactive UIs using React.js
    • Creation of reusable UI components for future use
    • Optimization of UI components
    • Implementation of ECMAScript guidelines and specifications
    • Building Restful APIs for communication
    • Code debugging, etc.
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