Dedicated research and development facility

Devico builds and manages your engineering team, providing you with a strategic market advantage and commercial flexibility.


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When does it fit

Your cost optimization strategy isn't feasible in the current market landscape

You want to have teams across different time zones to drive 24/7 operations and customer support

Your business requirements demand operational diversification

Technology is essential, but it's not your primary focus, so you require an experienced partner to handle your IT operations fully

What we cover

Devico builds and manages your engineering team, providing you with a strategic market advantage and commercial flexibility.

Location strategy
We choose the best team location based on our experience and your specific requirements, if you have any. For example, some customers prefer their teams to be close to international airports to enable effortless travel to and from HQ locations. We usually operate in university towns and cities across Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, and other Central European countries.
Office environment
We secure an ideal office space for your team that aligns with your corporate standards and budget. Additionally, we ensure high-speed internet, implement digital security access controls, and set up security measures like CCTV. If required, the office can be tailored to reflect your brand. Your remote team will feel fully integrated, working in a cozy, welcoming, and comfortable environment.
Our seasoned, professional recruitment team specializes in hiring engineering talent across all levels and tech stacks. With a track record of over 500 successful hires for over 100 customers and access to engineering communities in thousands of locations, we can easily find a perfect match for you within the shortest possible time.
Legal support
Legislation varies significantly from country to country. We advise on the key nuances and relevant employment laws. Our experienced legal team handles all matters professionally, courteously, and effectively.
IT support
We provide complete technical support, integrate IT infrastructure, and offer enterprise-level security for your new office. Our team guarantees high-speed, stable, and reliable network access along with other infrastructure services, enabling flexible operations with minimal downtime.
Other benefits
Beyond ensuring smooth day-to-day operations, we prioritize the professional and social growth of all team members. To support professional development, we offer access to online courses, encourage participation in various training programs, and regularly host tech meetups featuring experts in cutting-edge technologies. Understanding that unforeseen events can happen, we also provide insurance options with different coverage levels to suit various risk profiles.

Advantages of our cooperation

Embrace the transformative power of the R&D model and embark on a journey of innovation, discovery, and growth that will shape the future of your business.

Grow your business worldwide

Building a dedicated research and development facility in another country helps you find diverse talent. Expand your business globally by creating local opportunities and strengthening brand recognition.

Foster innovations

An international setting attracts talented individuals with diverse backgrounds, fostering a mix of fresh perspectives. This diversity sparks innovation, adding long-term value to your business and uncovering non-obvious business opportunities.

Speed up projects

Working with international technology experts can help you develop digital products faster, boosting revenue while reducing provision costs.

Build lasting relationships

Keep your IP and expertise safe while working closely with experts and creating dependable, long-lasting business relationships.

Optimize capital allocation

By establishing an R&D office abroad, you can access a new talent pool without the costs associated with relocating employees. This cost-effective approach enables you to grow your team and deliver value without straining your resources.

Differences between cooperation models


Problem to solve

Establishing a dedicated offshore development center while mitigating risks and maintaining operational control

Info from you

Business objectives, operational requirements, technology stack preferences, and staffing needs

Communication model

Regular progress updates, milestone reviews, shared project management tools, and a dedicated liaison for seamless coordination

Our value proposition

Facilitating the setup and management of an offshore development center and ensuring operational efficiency and a smooth transition of ownership with budget savings of up to 50%

You are here

Remote R&D center

Problem to solve

Establishing a dedicated research and development hub in a remote location to leverage talent and cost advantages

Info from you

R&D goals, technology stack preferences, staffing requirements, and budget constraints

Communication model

Regular progress updates, collaborative project management tools, virtual meetings, and dedicated project managers

Our value proposition

Setting up and managing a remote R&D center, providing access to expert talent, cost savings, and a scalable and flexible operational model

Employer of record (EOR) services

Problem to solve

Simplifying and streamlining the hiring and employment of international or remote team members

Info from you

Job role specifications, desired qualifications, compliance requirements, payroll details, and legal considerations

Communication model

Regular updates on employment regulations, payroll processing, and compliance matters; accessible HR support for employees

Our value proposition

Handling legal and administrative tasks, ensuring compliance with local labor laws, managing payroll processing, and administering benefits, while allowing you to focus on core business activities

What our customers say

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Having had bad experiences in the past, I was most impressed by the communication of the engineers and the Devico management. They were great partners and worked well to help us achieve our project goals. They provided flexibility when needed and helped us keep our project on schedule.

Threat hunting is no longer an art. It's a SCIENCE.

I was completely satisfied. They were very flexible and adaptive to our changing needs. I find them responsible and quick to deliver. I can't identify any areas of improvement.

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Our cooperation process on the remote R&D center model

Step 1

Requirement identification & recruitment

Devico evaluates your policies, reviews your corporate culture, and defines your needs, including a tech stack, team structure, and geography. Based on this assessment, we initiate global R&D recruitment.

Step 2

Hiring specialists

We find IT specialists who meet all your criteria. Upon approval, we assemble a fully staffed remote R&D center within 3–5 weeks.

Step 3

Back-office operations

We manage office setup, HR, finance, legal services, and IT infrastructure, allowing you to focus on business growth.

Step 4

Team integration & retention

Devico ensures seamless onboarding, effective communication, and HR integration for your R&D center to fuel team cohesion and retention.

Step 5

Resource assessment & planning

Post-recruitment, we strategize for your business expansion, ensuring optimal professional support for product/service development.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two main differences between these two models. Firstly, there is a distinction in the number of employees recruited for a client. Secondly, an R&D center will occupy a distinct office space, specially tailored and equipped for your team. In contrast, a dedicated team operates in a separate office, yet shares communal areas such as the kitchen, meeting rooms, and recreation spaces with other project teams.

Both options have their own merits. While smaller and not always self-sufficient, a dedicated team is easier to support financially. This allows you to cover areas of expertise your employees are not proficient in. On the other hand, a global software R&D center better suits large-scale projects that require many specialists working on the same issue from multiple angles.

On a global scale, an average R&D center typically consists of around 20 individuals, with larger hubs housing up to 100 employees. In essence, you can employ the necessary number of people, and we are here to assist you accordingly.

Initiating a global software R&D center enables your company to diversify its product portfolio, gain a competitive edge, and explore new markets. Such a center drives continuous innovation, flexibility, and agility, ensuring resilience in a dynamic business landscape and facilitating swift adaptation to changes.

The management structure of a global software development team varies based on the company’s needs, size, and industry. As a rule, a center is led by a director who reports directly to business decision-makers. Apart from the director, the roles of a development team lead and project managers may be introduced to encourage cross-functional collaboration.

The timeframe for hiring developers for software R&D services depends on such factors as project scope, talent availability, recruitment strategy, and the depth of screening and selection. While the process may take some time, Devico is committed to connecting clients with well-matched candidates within 3-5 weeks.

Czech Republic

With a pan European talent pool, Devico brings together the continents best talent and makes them available for you

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