Staff Augmentation

Motivated and focused experts for up to 60% less than locals, delivered in days, not months.


According to Deloitte Outsourcing Survey


Of the executives do not feel their organizations have the right mechanisms to retain employees


Of executives identify talent acquisition as a top internal challenge in meeting their organizations strategic priorities

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When does it fit

You require fully-flexible on-demand resources to support your existing teams

In-country experts are too expensive or hard to find

You're making layoffs and require temporary support

You need to quickly scale up/down your development capacity without operational or HR friction

You need rapid access to cutting-edge technologies that are not currently available in-house

You need to stay ahead of your competitors and their emerging products

You have a core team that needs acceleration with senior skills without the high cost

You running a defined project that requires defined resources

Your Challenges - Our Solutions

Operational and HR overheads causes you lots of friction
Devico unblocks your administration burden accelerating your business goals
Most internal teams spend 70% on operations
Devico unlocks resource to work on growth projects
You're being asked to do more for less
Devico can offer savings of up to 40% on local resources
You have competitive attrition and can't stretch your budget any further
Devico invests in motivating, training and compensating teams to keep them engaged and retained
You work in a challenging industry or have high turnover
Devico fosters a robust organizational culture and a modern ESG stance which values employees, their development, and rewards accomplishments
Experienced professionals are hard to find
Devico retain a global talent pool of experienced software engineers with a wide range of vertical experience
Your current provider is letting you down
Devico offers flexible trials of our services and have expertise transitioning serivces, building your trust
You're uncertain about outsourcing
Devico's modern culture, values and timezone alignment builds employees that are motivated for your mission
Business or economic challenges are forcing tough decicions
Devico can support your continue business growth at a lower cost base
You've received investment but can't allocate it quickly enough
Devico's flexible model and fast time to market accelerates your goals


No onboarding or any other hidden fees


Predictable costs


Low attrition, happy staff


Simple, flexible contracts


Rapid team deployment and integration


High reliability and commitment


Timezone aligned resources


Differences between cooperation models

Employer of record (EOR) services

Problem to solve

Simplifying and streamlining the hiring and employment of international or remote team members

Info from you

Job role specifications, desired qualifications, compliance requirements, payroll details, and legal considerations

Communication model

Regular updates on employment regulations, payroll processing, and compliance matters; accessible HR support for employees

Our value proposition

Handling legal and administrative tasks, ensuring compliance with local labor laws, managing payroll processing, and administering benefits, while allowing you to focus on core business activities

You are here

IT staff augmentation

Problem to solve

Quikly scale up your existing technology team with hard to find resources at competitive rates

Info from you

Skills and seniority, culture fit, budget

Communication model

The developers are fully intergrated into your own ceremonies and communication standards

Our value proposition

Devico's motivated and focused experts can be yours for up to 40% less than locals, delivered in days, not months.


Problem to solve

Establishing a dedicated offshore development center while mitigating risks and maintaining operational control

Info from you

Business objectives, operational requirements, technology stack preferences, and staffing needs

Communication model

Regular progress updates, milestone reviews, shared project management tools, and a dedicated liaison for seamless coordination

Our value proposition

Facilitating the setup and management of an offshore development center and ensuring operational efficiency and a smooth transition of ownership with budget savings of up to 50%

What our customers say

Live Event Management Software for Modern Event Organizers

Having had bad experiences in the past, I was most impressed by the communication of the engineers and the Devico management. They were great partners and worked well to help us achieve our project goals. They provided flexibility when needed and helped us keep our project on schedule.

Threat hunting is no longer an art. It's a SCIENCE.

I was completely satisfied. They were very flexible and adaptive to our changing needs. I find them responsible and quick to deliver. I can't identify any areas of improvement.

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Custom Software Development

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AI development

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Custom Software Development

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Incident Management

AI development

Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing

Computer Vision

Robotic Process Automation

Technical Consulting & Audit

Game development

End-to-end game development


Technical direction

Art outsourcing

Quality Assurance

QA as a Service

Test automation

QA Audit

UI/UX Design

Design and Consulting


Corporate Identity & Graphics

Project managers, Scrum masters

Business analysts

Tools We Use

Work with our highly experienced desktop, web and mobile developers.Our developers use the latest technology, frameworks and components to create solutions that combine a strong technical server with an easy-to-use modern design.

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Our cooperation process on staff augmentation

Our employees are our most valuable asset which is why we always take the time to hire only those who are the best fit

In order to have indeed brilliant specialists on the team, we are always super-scrupulous about hiring process for project success:

Step 1

Defining Requirements

Analyzing Your Staff Augmentation Needs

We carefully assess your staff augmentation request to ensure a thorough understanding of your requirements

Step 2

Resume Evaluation

Identifying the Best-Fitting Candidates

We review our resource pool and present you with the CVs of the most suitable candidates based on their skills and experience

Step 3

Interview Coordination

Connecting You with Potential Team Members

We arrange interviews with the candidates you approve, providing an opportunity to assess their suitability for your project

Step 4

Service Level Agreement

Formalizing the Scope of Services

Defining Requirements: Analyzing Your Staff Augmentation Needs

Step 5

Beginning Collaboration

Establishing Communication and Kicking Off the Project

We set up seamless two-way communication between you and the engineers on our team, ensuring efficient collaboration as we begin work on your project

Step 6

Onboarding Process

Ensuring a Smooth Transition for New Team Members

We facilitate a seamless onboarding experience for the augmented team members by providing them with access to necessary tools, resources, and project documentation. We also offer tailored training to help them quickly adapt to your project's specific requirements and working environment

Step 7

Ongoing Support

Continuous Assistance for Clients and Augmented Staff

Our team offers ongoing support to both clients and the augmented staff throughout the engagement. We conduct regular check-ins, provide progress updates, and address any challenges or concerns that may arise, ensuring smooth collaboration and project success

Step 8

Performance Monitoring and Feedback

Maintaining Alignment and Efficiency

We closely monitor the performance of the augmented team members and facilitate feedback exchange between the client and the team. This process ensures that everyone is aligned, working efficiently, and striving towards project goals

Step 9

Scaling the Team

Adapting to Changing Project Requirements

As project requirements change, we are ready to adjust the size or skill set of the team accordingly. This may include adding or replacing team members or modifying the team composition to better meet the evolving needs of your project

Frequently Asked Questions

Staff augmentation is a popular cooperation model when a company quickly ramps up its in-house team by temporarily hiring additional staff from an external vendor to help address the growing workload or to fill knowledge gaps. On the flip side, outsourcing suggests delegating the whole work on a project or its particular part to an external company.
The fundamental differentiator between outsourcing and staff augmentation is the responsibility for project management and outcomes. When it comes to outsourcing, an outsourcing company is in charge of project management and the delivered results. As to staff augmentation, an in-house team is one that is held accountable.

Staff augmentation is a great option for companies that have robust in-house IT teams, reliable and dependable management, and a need to have complete control over their projects but from time to time require some additional labor resources.

These days staff augmentation is gaining popularity due to its numerous advantages. Still, we believe that the most prominent of them are cost efficiency, flexibility, and time-saving.

  • Cost-efficiency

    By expanding your team through staff augmentation you can save a substantial amount of money just because it does not suggest expenses on training, equipment, insurance, leave allowance, and other perks for staff. Besides, by working with an offshore service provider you can also take advantage of much lower salary rates.

  • Flexibility

    Staff augmentation gives you the freedom to engage a specialist with a certain skill set for a particular time or to complete a particular task. It is the best way to easily and quickly change team size or lineup with regard to the current workload or project requirements.

  • Time-saving

    No need to say that recruitment may be an extremely cumbersome and time-intensive process. Staff augmentation can assist you to quickly engage labor resources with the required expertise as providers of staff augmentation services have a rich talent pool due to which they can easily provide you with specialists that meet your requirements.

Before hiring a staff augmentation company it is crucial to identify the required skill sets of specialists, presume a project longevity, define the budget, and protect the most highly-sensitive data.
Besides, before hiring a staff augmentation company it is vital to thoroughly study it paying particular attention to the following aspects:

  • Reputation

    In order not to get burned it is worth checking a reputation of a potential partner. You can review feedback from former or current clients, check its rating on trustworthy platforms, and visit special job search websites where employees rate their companies with regard to work atmosphere, facilities, perks, turnover, salaries, etc.

  • Achievements

    High professionalism never goes unnoticed. Therefore, check which awards and recognitions a company has already received.

  • Corporate culture and ethics

    Successful cooperation is based on teamwork, support, efficient communication, transparency, ability to avoid disagreements or resolve them in a timely manner. Your potential partner should be able to satisfy all your requirements and swiftly respond to any questions.

  • Flexibility

    It makes sense to ask a staff augmentation company in advance whether it is able to efficiently and quickly respond to challenging and nontypical issues.

  • Scalability opportunities

    Make sure that if needed your potential partner is indeed able to provide you with extra labor resources within the shortest possible time.

  • Communication

    For augmented staff, it is a usual practice to work in multinational teams. So professional staff augmentation companies ensure that their employees have a good command of written and spoken English.

  • Facilities

    Work efficiency is heavily reliant on working conditions. So make sure that a company can provide specialists who will work on your project with a proper workplace and necessary software and hardware.

At Devico/DeviQA, we have an extensive talent pool due to which we can quickly provide you with different IT specialists. Let us know your expectations and requirements for a candidate, and we will not make you wait for a long time.

Well, there's no rose without a thorn. Staff augmentation also has certain risks that you should consider in order to take corresponding measures in advance. We would like to highlight the following challenges:

  • Communication And Coordination Concerns

    Communication and coordination concerns are the main challenges associated with staff augmentation that may have an impact on project efficiency. This problem usually arises due to remote working, limited English proficiency, or inability to communicate effectively.

  • Poor Knowledge Transfer

    When staff augmentation services are used, there is a risk of facing difficulties in sharing knowledge between the external staff and an internal team, which can eventually affect the long-term benefits of a project.

  • Security threats

    Bringing in third-party resources significantly jeopardizes security concerns. To mitigate the risks of possible data breaches, collaborate with augmentation staff on the ground of the terms and conditions of the NDA.

  • Time Difference

    If your augmented staff is from all over the globe, it can be rather challenging to harmonize your schedules. Before engaging a specialist, make sure that you have at least a minimum overlap of working hours.

  • Cultural Mismatch

    A cultural mismatch between augmented staff and an internal team is also among the key risks that may have a great impact on the overall work environment and productivity.

In general, at Devico, we mostly focus on assisting with long-term staffing needs.

Staff augmentation can yield numerous benefits on the condition that you use the best practices including the following ones:

  • Clearly define your expectations right from the outset;

  • Identify the most convenient communication channels and etiquette;

  • Maintain efficient and transparent communication;

  • Leverage efficient project management tools;

  • Standardize performance measurement;

  • Transfer knowledge and document your project processes;

  • Insist on signing a non-disclosure agreement.

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