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Future-proofing mobile application development

There is an urgent need to optimize for both mobile and web devices. As an outcome, many developers are living by the slogan of “web is not enough” while developing enterprise applications. When developing web and mobile applications, you should think about designing apps specifically for each device, connecting and integrating backend data, and how to deploy and manage the apps.

Considerations when developing cross-platform apps

One way to avoid a dilemma between using different approaches for each device or if it is enough to employ a single platform is to choose a solution that allows you to build and deploy apps on any environment, using a single development approach. To deliver apps fast and save crucial development resources, you need to build device-specific apps without writing device-specific code

Benefits of using a single platform

While organizations are turning to Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to assemble, deploy, and manage applications, they must give careful thought to support for mobile apps. It is important to choose a PaaS that ensures a rich mobile experience without custom code and also offers support for both private and public cloud deployment. Without these opportunities, you won’t reach your goal of quickly building, deploying, and managing compelling apps

Driven by data

What good is an application without data? With a simple, fast connection to cloud and on-premise data, you can develop and deploy modern, high-performance business applications regardless of the source, whether you are using RDBMS, SaaS apps, big data stores, or any others. You need standards-based data connectivity built into your PaaS solution so that you can go from data to the application at lightning speed. Enabling you to create powerful data-driven mobile and web apps with minimal coding

The need for speed

The second factor compounding mobile-first in the enterprise is development speed. With most apps taking several months—or longer—to build, development teams face a backlog of projects, with requirements that have likely changed in the interim. A significant shift is required to get enterprise apps to end users—regardless of the device they’re holding—in a time closer to the pace of business today. Competitive companies simply cannot afford to invest in mobile development approaches that prevent quick turnaround and agility.

The user is mobile. The device is secondary

A critical mistake occurs when companies/businesses adopt a “mobile-first” approach presuming that the app users only need access to in-house apps on smartphones. While native smartphone or tablet access is indeed an absolute requirement, users also spend a significant amount of time on a laptop or desktop computer each day. Device use also varies on a per-user basis. Any mobile-first approach must take this into account, delivering seamless, in-the-moment productivity to employees in any scenario, on their device of choice at that time

Why Devico?

Devico is a one-stop mobile development company who can build mobile applications for any type of user or industry. We have been developing mobile applications in a professional capacity for more than 5 years and can create mobile applications of any size or complexity, including B2B applications and enterprise solutions.

Our team of professional developers have written codes that run on millions of handsets throughout the world. We have worked on a wide breadth of user-facing products, developing beautiful and intuitive interfaces for a number of users. Our expert developers can help you in improving your brand recognition through intuitive and appealing mobile applications for your product or businesses. We work in close collaboration with our clients, while considering the fact that no two customers are alike, and nor are their requirements. For this reason, we offer tailor-made solutions in accordance with the customers’ precise requirements.

Our mobile app development model

In order to create mobile applications with a familiar, but at the same time easily customizable, interface using popular JavaScript or Typescript we use a React Native framework. React Native allows you to develop native mobile applications as compared to merely adapting web applications to mobile phones or hybrid applications. It uses the native mobile UI blocks, which makes it equal to a mobile application built in Objective-C (IOS) or Java (Android). When a particularized API is required, React Native also allows the use of native components, making it possible to mix existing components with JS or TS code.

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