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Real Estate Auction Application

A customer came with a request to improve the existing application and implement new features for the real estate auctions application.

3D Architectural and Construction Viewer Application

The application for the construction industry that allows to render 3D and 2D building model data within a browser. The models can come from a wide range of sources such as AutoCAD, Fusion 360, Revit, and many others.

Application for the Solar Panel Designing

The client came with a request to improve the existing application and implement new features for the website with designing solar panels.

Application for Control of All your Bitcoin Needs.

Aim is to accelerate the world’s transition to a truly digital financial system

Video Consultation With the Patient

Development of web-portal for video consultations and upcoming consultation management

Charity Based Lottery

The Devico team created a game platform which combines entertainment and donations.

COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Platform

Create a solution helping companies mitigate risks related to operation during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Healthy Meal Planner

To create a helpful meal planner helping to build healthy eating habits

Participatory Spatial Platform

A map-based survey tool helping collect high-quality geospatial data from area residents and ensuring detailed map visualizations.

Marketing Operating System

A platform for marketing orchestration, data collection, omnichannel campaign activation, and optimization.

Retail Choreography Framework

Retail Choreography framework that allows retailers to create superior customer experiences that drive footfall to stores and maximize sales opportunities, customer loyalty and advocacy

Tour and Activity Booking Software

A modern platform that optimizes work of tour agents, resellers, and event managers and provides booking, lead generation, marketing automation, channel management, and online waivers.

Self Storage Facility Booking System

A solution that serves as a complete storage locator for clients and a comprehensive information resource for self-storage operators.

E-learning Solution

A lightweight and versatile e-learning platform

Crowd-funding Engagement Platform

A powerful engagement solution for brands, influencers, and charities to help them create long-term engagement with social media followers, stirring them into action.

Design System Manager

A design system that combines design, code, and documentation.

Interactive Software for a Touch Point

A solution for interactive self-serving shopping experience.


Case management system for dentists and labs.

PWA App for Reviewing Workshops

Castrol Progressive Web Application(PWA app) is designed for reviewing workshops based on the materials from Castrol.

Cloud Solution for Managing Documents

Memomeister helps you to organize document flow in your organization.

CAD Platform

Design, Procurement & Permitting of Rooftop Solar Arrays