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Radio stations, media houses, publication houses, news channels, advertising agencies, and many other representatives of the media and entertainment industry strive to develop next-gen digital solutions built with advanced technologies in order to significantly speed up content production, ease its management, innovate user experience, and fuel content monetization. At Devico, we create state-of-the-art software solutions transforming the media and entertainment landscape. Our team combines emerging digital technologies and rich industry expertise to craft outstanding audio and video streaming software, modern media platforms, engaging AR/VR applications, impressive personalization algorithms, full-fledged online portals, and extremely fast content delivery networks. Are you thinking about launching a startup in the media space? Devico has domain expertise and resources to assist you with this!

Media and Entertainment Software Solutions We Develop

Online media platforms

Digital media apps

Content aggregation and processing software

Audio and video streaming solutions

Custom VR solutions

VoD solutions

Ad management solutions

Digital asset management software

Social networking platforms

Content management and distribution platforms

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Why Devico Media and Entertainment Software Developers?

Top-notch professionals

Devico has set the high bar and introduced a scrupulous recruitment process due to which its team consists of real experts in media and entertainment software development. Besides, being interested in the continuous professional growth of every software engineer, the company provides everyone with multiple opportunities for self-education, gaining new experience, and honing their skills.

Vast industry expertise

Over the years our team has worked on a fair number of projects related to media and entertainment. Consequently, it knows all the main industry trends, needs, and challenges. This knowledge along with advanced technologies lets us create media and entertainment software that makes a difference.

Personal approach

For Devico every project is special. Our team is always ready and able to develop the most complex functionality and implement the most specific features to help media and entertainment businesses to keep up with modern technologies, engage the most demanding audience, and cover all existing needs.

Advanced technologies

To hold a leading position in any niche it is essential to catch up with modern technologies and tendencies. That is why our entertainment app development company makes use of cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc. due to this we deliver interactive, efficient, engaging, and high-performance media and entertainment solutions.

Competitive rates

Devico has a transparent price policy without any hidden costs. Besides, the average hourly rate of our software engineers is significantly lower compared to the one in the countries of Northern America or Western Europe.

Quick start

Devico can provide you with a dedicated development team within a few weeks. Assigned specialists at once get to work on a project.

Scalable development teams

A development team can be quickly and easily ramped up or ramp down to meet your current project requirements.

On-time delivery

Time is money. Procrastination is not about Devico. Our extensive expertise and a well-tuned workflow let us always meet deadlines.

100% customer satisfaction

The company has the aim to provide full customer satisfaction and meet all business needs. Therefore, developers pay attention to every detail and strive to gain perfection in everything they do.

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How Does Our Media and Entertainment Software Development Process Look Like?

At Devico, media and entertainment software development is realized through the following steps:


First of all, our team thoroughly analyzes available project requirements, conducts a feasibility study, and defines possible risks.


At this stage, the team defines the work scope, estimates the required time and resources, decides on a technology stack, chooses APIs to be integrated, etc.


Devico’s UX designers create user flows using the principles of intuitiveness and simplicity. UI design experts, in turn, work on the creation of interface elements to provide an impressive yet plain and stylish visual design.


Our team of professional front-end and back-end developers gets down to coding to realize program logic and turn all wireframes, and mockups into a jaw-dropping user interface.


Media and entertainment solutions undergo rigorous testing that implies the whole scope of tests including security tests, performance tests, functional tests, compatibility tests, usability tests, etc. Due to this, you can be sure of an exceptional user experience and the high quality of your software.


A thoroughly tested, approved, production-ready version of media and entertainment software is delivered to end-users.


The team monitors and optimizes the performance of software, catches post-release bugs, eliminates them, and provides ongoing software evolution.

Technologies We Work With


Frameworks and SDKs




Video platforms

Media players

Content Delivery networks


Benefits of Media and Entertainment Software Development

Digitization of your media business

Digitization helps to manage and deliver content in a better way. Media editing solutions, asset management tools, online publishing, and live streaming platforms can improve user experience and become a game-changer for your business.

Efficient ad campaigns

With ad management solutions you can track efficiency of your ad campaigns across diverse platforms and tweak them accordingly to increase conversions.

Monetization of entertainment solutions

By delivering jaw-dropping and engaging products, media and entertainment companies can satisfy the needs of an audience and get profit.

Better client acquisition and retention rate

By means of online video platforms, interactive web portals, and mobile apps you can reach out to new audiences and keep them as well as loyal customers engaged.

Staying relevant

Big Data and data science are actively used in media and entertainment. These technologies provide analytics helping you offer relevant content and unique experiences for each consumer.

What software solutions are used in the media and entertainment industry?
There is a wide range of software solutions including publishing tools, distribution platforms, content management systems, data analytics tools, streaming software, AR/VR applications, and many others.
Do you have experience in Agile development?
Of course. We are admirers of the Agile methodology. Our specialists make active use of Kanban and Scrum.
How do you tackle IPR issues?
All written code is a property of a client which is stated in the contracts that are signed before any work on a project is started.