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Angular.js is an open-source, JavaScript-based, structural, front-end framework for web development. It allows developers to transform static HTML into dynamic HTML, extending HTML capabilities with built-in attributes and components. Angular.js enables developers to create custom attributes using simple JavaScript. Its main features help eliminate much of the code developers usually write. This framework is particularly helpful for developing dynamic apps, especially video streaming apps, social media apps, user-generated content portals, travel apps, user review apps, eCommerce apps, and more

  • Angular.js web app development
  • Angular.js mobile app development
  • Platform migration and reengineering services
  • Support and maintenance

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Reasons to hire an Angular.js developer

Hiring an Angular.js developer is an excellent choice if you want to create performance-oriented and customer-centric UIs for rich apps using cutting-edge front-end technologies. Angular.js developers can also upgrade your existing apps and make them more user-friendly

Top companies that use Angular.js in their projects

Numerous renowned global companies have utilized Angular.js to develop their successful projects. Some of these companies include:

Advantages of using Angular.js

Angular.js is a stable, robust, and useful framework preferred by many professional front-end developers. The main advantages of Angular.js include:

Code reusability

This powerful feature allows developers to reuse code in the same app or save it for future use in other apps. By hiring Angular.js developers, you can ensure faster app development at a relatively lower cost.


Angular.js provides a comprehensive toolset that enables developers to easily adjust the framework according to their development workflows and app needs.

Data binding

This valuable feature enables automatic view updates whenever the model changes and vice versa. Developers don't have to worry about DOM manipulation.

Form validation

With Angular.js, developers can set client-side form validation rules without writing JavaScript code, significantly optimizing the development process.

Effective testing

Angular.js developers can provide a comprehensively tested app. Using Angular.js, they can easily perform unit tests, fix bugs, and deploy updated code. Overall, the testing process is faster and more effective with Angular.js.

Dependency injection

This feature allows dependencies to be assigned to components instead of being coded within them. It makes components reusable, maintainable, and testable, while dependencies become configurable. Additionally, it allows injecting components into each other as dependencies.

MVC and Architecture

Angular.js helps to automatically string together the various MVC components of an application, reducing development time.

Ease of use

Angular.js is a simple framework that uses widely known languages—HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It enables front-end developers to build interactive, user-friendly, and lightweight applications in less time with fewer lines of code.

High productivity

The features and simplicity of this framework considerably optimize development processes, allowing developers to complete tasks more efficiently and quickly. Applications are developed in less time and at a lower cost.

Community support

The wide Angular.js community enables developers to find appropriate solutions and fix potential issues easily. Numerous Angular.js experts are always ready to provide valuable advice.

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Duties and responsibilities of an Angular.js developer

Angular.js developers are professional front-end developers specializing in building SPAs (Single Page Applications) with Angular.js. Their major responsibilities include:

  • UI design, development, optimization, and maintenance based on Angular.js best practices
  • Creating reusable and testable components and modules
  • Conducting unit tests in Angular.js, Java Technologies, and Rest Web Services
  • Bug-fixing
  • Integrating external web services, among others

A skill set of a professional Angular.js developer:

  • Deep knowledge of Angular.js practices
  • In-depth understanding of JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3
  • Understanding of SPA structure
  • Experience in RESTful API integration
  • Knowledge of one-way and two-way binding approaches to data flow
  • Competent use of route guards and access security
  • Knowledge of testing tools such as Jasmine, Karma, and Protractor
  • Knowledge of SEO best practices for SPAs
  • Expertise in using code versioning tools, especially Git
  • Excellent command of spoken and written English

How much time does it take to develop an Angular.js Project?

There are no specific time limits for Angular.js project development. The lead time depends on the scope and requirements of each particular project.

Reasons to hire Angular.js developers from Devico

Over the years, Devico has been known as a trustworthy service provider and partner, and our developers have completed numerous successful projects. The main reasons to hire Angular.js developers from Devico include:
  • Only professional and competent Angular.js developers
  • High-quality development at a reasonable price
  • Smooth and easy onboarding
  • Excellent development infrastructure
  • On-time delivery
  • Effective communication and good command of English
  • Transparency
  • Commitment
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Maintained Angular.js coding standards
  • Flexible hiring models, and more

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