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Vue.js is an open-source front-end JavaScript framework for building UIs and single-page applications (SPAs). When combined with the Electron framework, Vue.js can also be used for mobile and desktop app development. Vue.js extends HTML capabilities and adds functionality to HTML apps through built-in or user-defined HTML attributes, known as directives. Vue.js is particularly helpful for developing high-performance custom apps, scalable educational platforms, real-time dashboards, interactive social apps, video and music streaming websites, analytics tools, and more

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    Reasons to hire a Vue.js Developer

    Hiring a Vue.js developer is an excellent choice if you need to create powerful and interactive user interfaces, single-page apps, or update existing apps built on JavaScript

    Top companies that use Vue.js in their projects

    Vue.js provides incredible opportunities for creating fantastic UIs, which is why many successful and well-known companies have used it to develop their projects. Among them are:

    And others...

    Advantages of Using Vue.js

    Front-end developers worldwide use Vue.js in their tech stack due to its numerous advantages:

    Small size

    Vue.js has a small size compared to other bulky frameworks, making it convenient and quick for developers to download, install, and use.


    Vue.js is intuitive and simple, allowing even beginners with a strong understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to use it easily. Vue.js can also be used with common editors, and a browser plugin is available to help users get started faster.

    Simple integration

    Developers can easily integrate Vue.js into other frameworks to customize their projects according to specific requirements. Updating existing JavaScript-based apps is also simplified due to this feature.


    Vue.js offers excellent customization opportunities. Developers can adjust the framework according to their specific needs, with each segment having customizable functions and names. The Vue command-line interface (CLI) provides access to useful front-end tools that enable easy customization.

    Component-based architecture

    Vue.js has a component-based architecture, allowing independent components to be modified or removed without affecting other components. This architecture also enables code reuse and unit testing.

    Flexibility and scalability

    Vue.js can be used to create complex SPAs or small interactive components for integration with various technologies. This means Vue.js can be employed as a library for your project or as a framework to develop an entire product.

    Fast rendering

    Similar to React.js, Vue.js uses a virtual DOM, which is a copy of the original DOM, to update elements without rendering the entire DOM. This results in faster page rendering and improved app performance.

    Comprehensive guideline

    Vue.js provides users with an extensive guideline that outlines all available features, best practices, and an API overview. The documentation for Vue.js is continuously improved and updated to offer users the most accurate and helpful information.

    Community support

    Although Vue.js was introduced relatively recently, its community is constantly growing and developing. There is always someone ready to help and answer questions.

    Duties and responsibilities of a Vue.js developer

    Vue.js developers are front-end specialists who use Vue.js for SPA and interactive UI development. Their primary duties include:

    • Development of user-facing apps
    • Creation of reusable components
    • App performance improvement
    • Implementation of automated testing

    A skill set of a professional Vue.js developer:

    • High proficiency in HTML and CSS
    • Profound knowledge of JavaScript
    • In-depth knowledge of the Vue.js framework, its main concepts, and best practices
    • Familiarity with frameworks for automated testing
    • Familiarity with other JavaScript frameworks
    • Experience with MySQL and No-SQL databases
    • Experience with version control tools, preferably Git
    • Expertise in designing and building RESTful APIs

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    Expertise of our Vue.js developers:

    SPA development

    Real-time app development

    Frontend development

    Plugin development

    Vue.js migration

    Analytics tool development

    Vue.js support and maintenance

    Reasons to hire Vue.js developers from Devico

    Devico is a well-established company known for its pool of expert talent. Over the years, our experienced and skillful specialists have helped numerous businesses create remarkable applications. The main reasons to hire Vue.js developers from Devico are:

    • Only professional and competent Vue.js developers
    • Maintained coding standards
    • High-quality development services at a reasonable price
    • Smooth and easy onboarding
    • On-time delivery
    • Effective communication and good command of English
    • Comprehensive reporting
    • Commitment
    • Scalability and flexibility
    • 100% project privacy and strict adherence to the terms of a non-disclosure agreement
    • End-to-end project support
    • Flexible engagement models, etc.

    How much time does it take to develop a Vue.js Project?

    There are no specific time limits for Vue.js project development. In fact, the lead time depends on the scope, requirements, and type of the developed solution
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