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The process of a front-end developer hiring takes time. To accelerate this process, we recommend you first of all to submit your project requirements. After a thorough study and analysis of your requirements, we define team size and draw up a list of deliverables and a project roadmap. On the ground of this information, our HR and technical specialists sort out the most appropriate candidates for your project, send their CVs and portfolios, and organize video interviews. As soon as all candidates are approved, we get to a smooth integration of our developers with your in-house workflows, tool sets, and team, ensuring effective working relationships and compliance with your corporate culture.

Front-end web development

UI/UX design and prototyping

UI modernization

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How much time does front-end development take?

There are no specific time limits for front-end development. In fact, everything depends on the scope and requirements of each particular project. Submit us your project requirements, and our experts will provide you with preliminary estimates.

Reasons to hire front-end developers from Devico

Devico has proven itself as a reliable service provider, and there are indeed many reasons to hire front-end developers from us:

Only professional and experienced front-end developers;

The most varied domain expertise;

Excellent development infrastructure;

Maintained coding standards;

High-quality development services at a reasonable price;

Smooth and easy onboarding;

Fast development;

Effective communication and good command of spoken and written English;

Consistent reporting;

Scalability and flexibility;

100% confidentiality and strict adherence to the terms of NDA;

End-to-end project support;

Flexible hiring models, etc.

Reasons to hire a front-end developer

A good first impression can work wonders. A user interface is what makes the first impression on the users. For this reason, it is essential to entrust this issue to the most competent and experienced front-end developers. Hiring a professional front-end developer, you can get numerous benefits:

Design implementation

Front-end developers can turn your stunning design ideas into a functioning app or website, ensuring its proper performance.

Customer satisfaction and engagement

Professional front-end developers do their best to create user-friendly UI. Fantastic UI/UX, in its turn, keeps users hooked and satisfied, providing a high return on investment.

Brand reputation

Pleasant and interactive UI/UX can help gain an excellent reputation for a brand in the market, which is especially important for startups.

High search engine ranking

A great UI/UX in and of itself provides good traffic engaging users, still experienced front-end developers also work on code-related SEO, improving your website performance, crawling, and indexation.


Nowadays, it is vital to provide easy use and a good look of a website on all available devices. Front-end developers are those specialists who can adjust mobile and tablet versions of any web product.

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Devico is an excellent Software development team. As a startup in Silicon Valley with minimal budget, I needed a Software team that meets our high expectations with a reasonable cost. I was first a little hesitant to utilize a remote team because of how quickly we need to make changes. But I was quickly impressed by the talent and project management Devico provided. Devico development team were fast, organized, and provided quality code. They were doing such a great job that I decided to use them as my primary software development team.




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A skill set of a professional front-end developer

A competent front-end developer should have a comprehensive set of skills and experience with the most varied technologies. To handle all corresponding tasks without a hassle and deliver great web products efficiently, a front-end developer should be well-versed in:

Languages: JavaScript, HTML5, CCS3, TypeScript

JavaScript libraries: React.js, Redux, jQuery

Javascript frameworks: Vue.js, Angular.js, Next.js

Testing frameworks: Jasmine, Mocha

Building and automation tools: Grunt and Gulp

CSS preprocessors: Sass, LESS, or Stylus

Version control tools, preferably Git

RESTful Services/APIs

Duties and responsibilities of a front-end developer

In general, front-end developers deal with user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Among their typical responsibilities are:

UI/UX design in cooperation with web designers;

Translation of design layouts into functioning graphic user interface;

Adjustment of the desktop, mobile, and tablet versions;

Optimization of website/web app performance in cooperation with back-end developers;

Website maintenance, by means of front-end framework update or migration;

Development of mockups and prototypes;

Improvement of design-related SEO;

Creation of reusable code, internal libraries, and modules/components;

Unit testing;

UI bug fixing.

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Which language is the most suitable for Front End?
JavaScript is the most suitable and popular language for the front end.
Which Front End languages do your developers use?
Our developers make use of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and TypeScript.
Are Front End developers in demand in 2021?
Yes, front end developers are much sought-after in 2021 due to the increasing number of startups and the wide use of smart devices.

Our engagement models

Devico offers flexible hiring models to provide you with an opportunity to choose the most appropriate one that complies with your business needs and project requirements.

Time & material

This engagement model provides maximum flexibility and is appropriate for long-term dynamic projects with an evolving set of requirements.

Dedicated teams

A dedicated development team is the best choice for companies that want to entrust software development to a single solid team consisting of the most experienced tech and management specialists (developers, architects, designers, PMs, BAs, etc.).

In-house team extension

This engagement model can be considered as a perfect match if there is a need to fill the gaps in your in-house development team with high-skilled specialists or domain-specific expertise.