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We are a team of experienced web developers who deliver a wide range of web development services. We give you the opportunity to achieve any business objective quicker than any of your competitors.

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Web Development –
To make your business visible

It is a tech-savvy world and the internet revolution has taken the planet by storm. The internet has seen unprecedented penetration all across the world and people have already started to reap its growing benefits. Similarly, web applications have started to mushroom across all categories A to Z and are giving people a previously unheard-of opportunity to sit at home in their pyjamas and browse their desired products and services and order them – even in the dead of night. Offline business owners have already started to feel the significance of the online shopping wave and have begun to opt for an online presence in the form of an e-commerce website showcasing their products and fulfilling orders 24/7.

Today, it would be absolutely foolish for business owners not to have a website and thus disregard unexpected patronage, not to mention huge sales and revenue opportunities. Your business will not be taken seriously without a website; however, your website has to be right for your business. It needs to give the right impression and it needs to be individually tailored for your business.

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Frameworks used for Web Development:


Angular is a web development framework that enables developers to write less code to create high-quality user interface design. It works for all platforms and offers greater reliability and speed.


Node.js is an event-driven runtime for JavaScript that greatly enhances the features available in the most popular web scripting language, allowing for applications that were once beyond a developer’s reach.


React offers a set of predefined user interface components, allowing for rapid development of standards-compliant, yet pleasing, user interfaces that are truly representative of a modern web app.


Meteor, yet another JavaScript application development framework, allows the compression of the code required to make an application useful and to perform a function that would normally take more coding and testing.

Why Choose Us?

Your Job Done Right

We have revamped so much bad code—sent to us by others—in our lifetimes, it’s not even funny.

100% Success Rate

You get an experienced team with a 100% job success rate, 5-star feedback, and 100% client recommendation.

Army of Experts

You get an army of top-rated experts, from a company that’s clocked in 500,000+ hours.

Quality & Clean Code

You get high-quality, clean code; scalable and maintainable solutions.

Direct Communication

You will always be in touch with our development team. This helps you to assess developers’ performance and make changes early on.

On-time Delivery

Excellent time management allows all projects to be completed in due time. All deadlines are agreed upon in advance.

Daily Reports

We submit transparent and full reports on the work done, documents of all sorts, including all attachments.

Free Project Management

Together with the team of developers and testers, you also get a project manager who will supervise your project from start to finish.

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What can we offer?

Devico is a full-spectrum IT company, providing end-to-end services to businesses. At Devico, we strive hard to focus on operational excellence and translate it into practical actions. We have a team of web developers working with the latest technology. We also have a highly innovative digital marketing team and a large resource pool who provide virtual assistants in a diverse range of business areas. We use the best technology available in the marketplace but our true strength lies in the knowledge and insights of our people. We have dedicated project managers for each project and a separate quality team to make sure that deliverables are met with 100% client expectations. Our web-development process consists of 6 phases:

1. Analysis:

The first step concerns collecting relevant information and categorizing important aims like the main purpose and objective of the website; prospective visitors and target audience; and long-term business goals.

2. Planing:

The planning phase includes the description of the site map, definition of the structure and technologies that are required to be used.

3. Design

In the design phase, we not only focus on the visual appeal and layout of the website but also the usability of the site to give the best possible user experience.

4. Development:

Now comes the most important phase. Here we actually develop and write codes for the website using the best available technologies. For all of our web applications, we try to use a responsive design so that the site is accessible on mobile devices as well as desktops.

5. Testing:

The testing phase includes checking of all the technical features like code and scripts, compatibility with major browsers and asking the client to test the site. This is a good time to check if the website will now fulfil its purpose.

6. Going Live

After going live, we always monitor what happens from the start, enabling us to fix any possible bugs and make improvements as needed. We can also carry out regular evaluation of the performance of the site and take on board customer feedback, analytics data and conversion stats. We can work with you to further improve the site and help it evolve with your business.


Devico is an excellent Software development team. As a startup in Silicon Valley with minimal budget, I needed a Software team that meets our high expectations with a reasonable cost. I was first a little hesitant to utilize a remote team because of how quickly we need to make changes. But I was quickly impressed by the talent and project management Devico provided. Devico development team were fast, organized, and provided quality code. They were doing such a great job that I decided to use them as my primary software development team.




We have searched 18 months to find a quality team that actually delivers and is highly responsive to the project. We were very impressed with the quality of their employees. Devico demonstrated a deep understanding of our business processes and their innovative approach helped us a lot. Devico works hard to achieve the task in hand and in a timely manner. They are more than just a software development provider, they are our friends from now on.

Ken Woodstone


Zoooper President

Devico had implemented a new testing environment within 45 days that accounted for nearly 75 percent of their product line with minimal regressions. 7 excellent engineers were hired from their side. Devico brings exceptional project management skills to the table and a high degree of resource flexibility. They are extremely intelligent guys and can easily consume both technical and business requirements. Highly recommend Devico.

Brian Huddleston


VP of Development in Dachis

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Our Clients


“We don’t just build web applications; we build the products that can Sell!”

Our team includes the best domain experts and web developers in the industry, who keep on exploring their thought processes to come with up some unique ideas that are very important for your business development and growth.

Our commitment to operational excellence has helped countless clients to achieve their business objectives and goals. In terms of polishing our analytical and research skill, we always feel free to interact with each other so that we can deliver the best of our ideas to our clients.

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