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Dedicated Software Development Team

Software development is a challenging task. Still, things can get much easier if you opt for hiring a dedicated development team. It has proved to be extremely helpful irrespective of the project type and business domain. In comparison with an in-house development team, this hiring model is associated with fewer hassles, cost reduction, and time efficiency.
Hiring a dedicated team is a golden opportunity to almost immediately get a committed team of top-notch IT specialists having the most relevant background to implement your idea supremely well. The development process is launched without any fuss and as quickly as possible.
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The Concept of a Dedicated Team

We offer to dig a little into the details and give a definition of a dedicated team. So, a dedicated team is a commonly used modern hiring model that implies collaboration with an outsourcing company providing a remote full-staffed team. As a rule, a dedicated software development team is completely tailor-made, i.e. it is made up of cherry-picked IT specialists due to which it perfectly meets all requirements of a particular project.An outsourcing company takes on all hassles related to recruitment, equipping the workspaces, legal support, account support, etc. Client, in turn, does not bother themselves with administrative burdens and on their own orchestrate a dedicated team that works just like an ordinary in-house team but remotely.

Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Quick onboarding

Forget about a burdensome and time-incentive recruitment process with numerous rounds of job interviews with applicants. When you apply for a dedicated development team, you get a tight-knit team at your disposal just in a blink of an eye and enjoy lightning-fast product delivery.

Hand-picked specialists

Your software development team is assembled with regard to all your specific needs. Specialists with the most relevant expertise are selected. You can additionally review the CVs of all offered candidates and have video calls with them to have no doubts about their competence and professionalism.

No administrative burdens

Whereas a dedicated software development team is put under your orders, you may even not bother yourself with any issues related to tax payment, payroll, recruiting, training, procurement, licenses, legal support, etc.


A dedicated development team is more than budget-friendly compared to having an in-house development team. First and foremost, offshore outsourcing of IT specialists suggests lower rates. Secondly, by hiring a dedicated team, you have a chance to save a good deal of money because there is no need to pay for rent, hardware, software, office perks, etc.


This hiring model offers super flexibility in terms of team scalability. You can easily and quickly upscale or downscale your dedicated team as the workload changes.s

Overall control and direct communication

You have total control over your dedicated team and orchestrate all aspects of its work. You can hold team meetings as often as you want and can contact each member of your team at any time whenever there is a need.

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Types of Dedicated Development Teams

Standalone Dedicated Team

A standalone dedicated team is made up of all the IT specialists that you may need to develop your software product including developers, designers, BAs, PMs, QA experts, and others. The size and line-up of such a team are determined by the project requirements and preferences of a Client.

On-demand Dedicated Team

There is also an opportunity to hire a team of particular specialists like a QA team, a mobile development team, a DevOps team, etc. to fill certain gaps in your team and engage experts that you currently need.

Dedicated Team Extension

At a certain period of time, you may also have a need to expand your development capabilities and engage more IT specialists with particular skills and knowledge that your current team lacks. This task can be easily and quickly handled with a dedicated team extension. Just inform your service vendor about the required number of experts and their specializations. Provide as many details as possible to let your partner find experts that meet all your requirements.

Our Process of Dedicated Development Team Setup
Revealing the Client’s needs
In the first instance, we schedule a kickoff meeting to discuss all project details, needs, challenges, bottlenecks, appropriate team line-up and size, required skill sets, experience, and many more.
Searching for appropriate specialists
We check our talent pool and pick up specialists with regard to all your requirements and project needs.
Screening CVs and interviewing specialists
We submit to you the CVs of our IT specialists who are supposed to join your team. You are free to hold additional interviews with each candidate to make sure that they are indeed the best fit for you.
As soon as an NDA and other agreements are signed, an onboarding process kicks off. Team members get access to internal systems, receive instructions, study available project documentation, etc. Devico, in turn, supplies the team with everything it needs to work efficiently on your project.
Team management
You or your representative manage the team without any intermediator. You set goals, assign tasks, control work progress, schedule calls, evaluate deliverables, etc. Devico, in turn, stays in touch with you throughout the collaboration to make sure that everything is going well and that the team meets your requirements.
The Relevancy of Hiring a Dedicated Software Development Team

A dedicated software development team brings numerous benefits if its hiring is indeed relevant. So let’s review the main cases when this collaboration model is spot on.

Projects with unclear requirements

It makes sense to outsource dedicated software development teams when you have a vague vision of what a final software product should be like. If you need some time to finalize project requirements, and there is a rather high likelihood of a substantial change in the project concept, the flexibility that a dedicated team offers is just what you need. Not only does it efficiently handles changes in requirements and is easily reorganized, but also spares you the resources that you currently need. Consequently, hardly you will end up draining the whole budget.

Ambitious and complex projects

Dedicated software development teams strive to establish long-lasting collaboration and relationships with their clients. Therefore, hiring a dedicated team is a way to go if you have made up your mind to launch a large-scale sophisticated project that may even evolve further. In this case, it is indeed important to have a professional development team in place that is always ready to go the extra mile to develop and maintain your project or even side projects that may derive from the core one.

Projects with super-strict deadlines

If it is of utter importance to beat your competitors to the punch and hit the market within the shortest possible time, hiring a dedicated team is a sure-fire way to pull together a fully-staffed development team in no time. You may forget about the time-consuming and exhausting recruitment and hiring process and all the related hassles. In general, building your dream team from scratch is just a matter of a fortnight.
Technologies We Use

Web development

DevOps tools

Mobile app development

Quality assurance tools

Cloud technologies


UI/UX design tools

Reasons to Partner with Devico

Access to the extensive talent pool

At Devico we have a rich talent pool. There are seasoned and highly professional front-end developers, back-end developers, full-stack developers, UI/UX designers, software architects, automation and manual QA engineers, etc. on the team. Irrespective of domain, complexity, and requirements, we can provide you with specialists that perfectly fit your project.

Brilliant IT experts

Our staff is our most valuable asset. Therefore, we have introduced a scrupulous hiring procedure enabling us to employ the creme de la creme. Our recruiters leave no stone unturned to find and onboard the most talented and experienced IT specialists with even the rarest skill set.

Quick and easy start

We know the value of time. That is why we get into gear from the very beginning to provide you with a dream team as quickly as possible.

Quick team ramp-up

We try to be as flexible as possible. All in all, flexibility is one of the key merits of a dedicated software development team. If you wish to upscale your dedicated team, this is not a big thing. In a while, the required specialists will engage your project.

Full commitment

A dedicated team is put at your disposal and works on your project only. Its needs and challenges are what team members live and breathe during the whole period of collaboration.

Effective communication

Efficient communication lies at the core of every successful project. To supervise and control the working process you may request meetings as often as you need. Additionally, you can always talk to each team member directly to keep tabs on the work progress or discuss urgent matters.

The high client satisfaction rate

We are proud of having a high client satisfaction rate. That is what we actually work for. Our main concern is to make our Clients happy and help them achieve their goals.

Cultural adaptivity

Being based in Eastern Europe, Devico has similar work culture and business ethics as companies around North America and Europe. Besides, we easily adapt to any time zone which contributes to successful collaboration as well.

High employee loyalty

We do our best to engage the best IT specialists on the market, and we make every effort to keep them engaged. Convenient working conditions, diverse perks, great opportunities for professional growth, and others let us retain our talents due to which you can be sure that the key specialists will not leave the team halfway through your project development.

What is the concept of a dedicated development team?
This is a hiring model that gives organizations an opportunity to get quickly all the specialists they need to build a software product. It is suitable for large projects with non-defined requirements and a lack of in-house talent. A client usually manages and supervises the provided dedicated team on their own, while a service provider takes on all administrative issues.
What IT specialists usually join a dedicated software development team?
A team line-up always depends upon the specific needs of each particular client. If needed, all the related specialists including developers, DevOps specialists, automation and manual QA experts, designers, BAs, and PMs join the team.
What is a usual size of a dedicated development team?
It is defined by the current needs of a particular client. It can range from one expert to several dozen of IT professionals.