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Dedicated Software Development Team

Jump-starting software development can be a cakewalk for you if you opt for hiring a dedicated development team. This model of collaboration is a great option for projects of all sizes across the most diverse business domains. If you have got interested in it, you can hire dedicated development teams from Devico. The top-notch IT specialists with the most relevant background will get down to work on your project while you will have an opportunity to concentrate on other important business issues.

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Advantages of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Quick onboarding

Forget about a burdensome and long hiring and recruitment process with numerous rounds of interviews with applicants. In the case of hiring a dedicated development team, you receive a tight-knit team at your disposal in a blink of an eye and enjoy lightning-fast product delivery.

Hand-picked specialists

Your development team is built with regard to all your particular needs. Only specialists with the most relevant background and proficiency level are selected. You can scan the CVs of the potential team members. In case of having any doubts, you can talk to them additionally to be confident that they meet your expectations.

No administrative burdens

While a dedicated software development team is put under your orders, you do not need to bother yourself with any issues related to tax payment, payroll, recruiting, training, procurement, licenses, etc.


The services of a dedicated development team cost much cheaper than having an in-house development team. First and foremost, you can take advantage of lower hourly rates when it comes to outsourcing IT specialists from abroad. Secondly, you can save a lot as there is no need to pay for rent, hardware, office perks, etc.


This hiring model suggests super flexibility in terms of team scalability. You can easily and quickly increase or decrease the number of IT specialists as the workload changes.

Overall control and direct communication

A dedicated team is under your total control. You can reach out to every team member and take part in all discussions of ongoing issues and plans.

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Our Engagement Models


This engagement model suggests that you obtain a dedicated development team in full force to supply all related needs like management, design, development, testing, etc. All corresponding IT professionals in the needed number will join your team.


This engagement model is appropriate when you have a need for a particular expert or a group of experts to complete particular tasks. For instance, if you would like to implement and maintain the best DevOps practices on your project, our highly-professional DevOps engineers can be hired to take on corresponding responsibilities.

Our Process of Dedicated Development Team Setup
Revealing your needs
In the first instance, we schedule a kickoff meeting to discuss all project details, needs, challenges, and bottlenecks and decide on the team structure, the required number of IT specialists, their skill sets, level of proficiency, and many more.
Building a team
We check our talent pool and pick up specialists on the ground of your needs and requirements.
Screening CVs and interviewing specialists
We submit to you the CVs of our IT specialists who are supposed to join your team. To be sure that they are indeed a perfect match for you, you are free to hold additional one-to-one interviews with each of them.
As soon as an NDA and other agreements are signed, an onboarding process kicks off. You give the team members access to internal systems, choose communication channels, and set up the team meeting schedule. Devico, in turn, supplies the team with everything it needs to work efficiently on your project.
Team management
You or your representative manage the team without any intermediator. We just monitor whether the team gets on well with the work and provide it with everything it needs to deliver the desired results.
Our Tech Stack

Web development

DevOps tools

Mobile app development

Quality assurance tools

Cloud technologies


UI/UX design tools

Why Hire a Dedicated Team from Devico

Access to the extensive talent pool

Hand-picked IT experts

Quick and easy start

Quick team ramp-up and ramp-down

Full commitment

Effective communication

The high client satisfaction rate

What is the concept of a dedicated development team?
It can be defined as a hiring model that gives organizations an opportunity to get quickly all the specialists they need to develop a software product. It is suitable for large-scale projects with non-defined requirements and a lack of in-house talent. A client manages the team on their own, while a service provider takes on all administrative issues.
What IT specialists usually join a dedicated software development team?
A team structure always depends on the specific needs of each particular client. If needed, all the related specialists including software engineers, DevOps engineers, automation and manual QA experts, designers, BAs, and PMs join the team.
What is a usual size of a dedicated development team?
The size of a team is defined by the current needs of a particular client. It can range from one expert to several dozen of IT professionals.