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Vue.js is an open-sourced front-end JavaScript framework for UI and single-page application (SPA) building. In combination with the Electron framework, Vue.js can also be leveraged for mobile and desktop app development. Vue.js extends HTML abilities and adds functionality to HTML apps by means of the built-in or user-defined HTML attributes, also known as directives. Vue.js is especially helpful for the development of high-performance custom apps, scalable educational platforms, real-time dashboards, interactive social apps, video and music streaming websites, analytics tools, etc.

SPA development

Real-time app development

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Analytics tool development

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Reasons to hire Vue.js developers from Devico

It is worthwhile to hire a Vue.js developer if you need to create powerful and interactive user interfaces and single-page apps or update existing apps built on JavaScript.

Only professional and competent Vue.js developers;

Maintained coding standards;

High-quality development services at a reasonable price;

Smooth and easy onboarding;

On-time delivery;

Effective communication and good command of English;

Comprehensive reporting;


Scalability and flexibility;

100% project privacy and strict adherence to the terms of a non-disclosure agreement;

End-to-end project support;

Flexible engagement models, etc.

Top companies that use Vue.js in their projects

Vue.js offers incredible opportunities and helps create fantastic UI. As a result, the most successful and well-known companies and corporations have used it to develop their projects. Among them are:









Advantages of using Vue.js

Front-end developers from all over the world include Vue.js into their tech stack due to its numerous advantageous:

Small size

Vue.js has a small size, especially compared to other bulky frameworks. It is very convenient and takes no time for developers to download, install, and use it.


Vue.js is rather intuitive and simple. Therefore, even beginners can easily use it on the condition that they have deep knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Besides, Vue.js can be used with the most common editors, and a browser plugin is available to get started easier and quicker.

Simple integration

Front-end developers can easily integrate Vue.js into other frameworks to customize their projects in compliance with corresponding requirements. Besides, the update of existing apps built on JavaScript is less than simple due to this feature.


Vue.js offers excellent opportunities for customization. Developers can adjust the framework according to their particular requirements. Every segment can have certain functions, and each function can be renamed according to the developer’s wish. The Vue command-line interface or CLI provides access to the most useful and widely-used front-end tools that enable easy customization as well.

Component-based architecture

Vue.js has a component-based architecture, thanks to which independent components can be easily modified or eliminated without affecting other components. This architecture also provides opportunities for code reuse and unit testing.

Flexibility and scalability

Vue.js can be used to create either complex SPAs or just small interactive components for further integration with different technology. Therefore, Vue.js can be used as a library for your project or as a framework to develop the whole product.

Fast rendering

As well as React.js, Vue.js utilizes a virtual DOM, which is a copy of the original DOM, helping to update elements without having to render the whole DOM. It results in fast page rendering and better app performance.

Comprehensive guideline

Vue.js provides its users with an extensive guideline that highlights all the available features and the best practices as well as contains an API overview. Besides, the documentation at Vue.js is continuously being improved and updated to provide users with the most accurate and helpful information.

Community support

Vue.js appeared a relatively short time ago. Vue.js community is still growing and developing. However, there is always someone ready to help and answer your questions.

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Process of Vue.js developer hiring

The process of a Vue.js developer hiring takes time. To accelerate this process, we recommend you first of all to submit your project requirements. After a thorough study and analysis of your requirements, we define team size and draw up a list of deliverables and a project roadmap. On the ground of this information, our HR and technical specialists sort out the most appropriate candidates for your project, send their CVs and portfolios, and organize video interviews. As soon as all candidates are approved, we get to a smooth integration of our dedicated team with your in-house workflows, tool sets, and team, ensuring effective working relationships and compliance with your corporate culture.

How much time does it take to develop a Vue.js Project?

There are no specific time limits for Vue.js project development. In fact, a lead time is defined by the scope, requirements, and type of the developed solution.


Devico is an excellent Software development team. As a startup in Silicon Valley with minimal budget, I needed a Software team that meets our high expectations with a reasonable cost. I was first a little hesitant to utilize a remote team because of how quickly we need to make changes. But I was quickly impressed by the talent and project management Devico provided. Devico development team were fast, organized, and provided quality code. They were doing such a great job that I decided to use them as my primary software development team.




We have searched 18 months to find a quality team that actually delivers and is highly responsive to the project. We were very impressed with the quality of their employees. Devico demonstrated a deep understanding of our business processes and their innovative approach helped us a lot. Devico works hard to achieve the task in hand and in a timely manner. They are more than just a software development provider, they are our friends from now on.

Ken Woodstone


Zoooper President

Devico had implemented a new testing environment within 45 days that accounted for nearly 75 percent of their product line with minimal regressions. 7 excellent engineers were hired from their side. Devico brings exceptional project management skills to the table and a high degree of resource flexibility. They are extremely intelligent guys and can easily consume both technical and business requirements. Highly recommend Devico.

Brian Huddleston


VP of Development in Dachis

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Our Clients

A skill set of a professional Vue.js developer:

High proficiency in HTML and CSS;

Profound knowledge of JavaScript;

In-depth knowledge of Vue.js framework, its main concepts, and best practices;

Familiarity with frameworks for automated testing;

Familiarity with other JavaScript frameworks;

Experience with MySQL and No-SQL databases;

Experience with version control tools, preferably Git;

Expertise in RESTful APIs designing and building;

Duties and responsibilities of a Vue.js developer

Vue.js developers are front-end specialists that use Vue.js for SPA and interactive UI development. Their primary duties are:

Development of user-facing apps;

Creation of reusable components;

App performance improvement;

Implementation of automated testing;

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What can Vue.js do?
With the help of Vue.js, it is possible to create UI and single-page applications. Vue.js extends HTML abilities and adds functionality to HTML apps by means of the built-in or user-defined HTML attributes. Besides, using Vue.js, developers can customize a project on creation, create prototypes with ease, add plugins on the fly, and inspect Webpack Config without ejecting.
Is Vue.js fast?
Yes, Vue.js is pretty fast, although it is not the fastest framework among existing.
Is Vue.js better than React.js?
React.js and Vue.js have many common features. Both use a virtual DOM, provide reusable UI components, and are rather simple. Either React.js or Vue.js is used by large and well-established companies. Yet, there are also some differences. React.js is a library and provides more manual re-rendering control. It applies the functional programming principles, which define the way React.js arrange state and communication between components. In its turn, Vue is a framework and therefore offers more in-built features and libraries, making the development process smoother.
What if I want to change the Vue.js developers in the middle of the project? Is it possible?
We carefully pick up all applicants in order to have the most talented and experienced specialists. However, we understand that not everyone can be a perfect match for every company. That is why if for some reason you want to change a Vue.js developer, please let our HR manager know. We will try to provide you with another expert meeting all your requirements.
Is Vue.js suitable for large-scale projects?
Yes, the Vue.js component system gives an opportunity to create large-scale apps consisting of small, self-contained, and reusable components.
Is Vue.js faster than React.js?
Both React and Vue are similarly fast, so this feature is unlikely to be considered as a deciding factor in choosing between them.
What is Vue.js suitable for?
Vue.js is suitable for the development of single-page applications (SPAs).

Our engagement models

Devico offers flexible hiring models to provide you with an opportunity to choose the most appropriate one that complies with your business needs and project requirements.

Time & material

This engagement model provides maximum flexibility and is appropriate for long-term dynamic projects with an evolving set of requirements.

Dedicated teams

A dedicated development team is the best choice for companies that want to entrust software development to a single solid team consisting of the most experienced tech and management specialists (developers, architects, designers, PMs, BAs, etc.).

In-house team extension

This engagement model can be considered as a perfect match if there is a need to fill the gaps in your in-house development team with high-skilled specialists or domain-specific expertise.