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React Native is a popular framework that has proved itself as an indeed helpful software development technology. At Devico, we at once paid attention to React Native. Thus, our team has heavily used it since its inception in 2015. Consequently, today we can boast of our ample experience which we are glad to share with you If you would like to hire dedicated React Native developers.

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Reasons to choose to go with React Native

So, why actually should you opt for React Native when it comes to mobile app development? Because of the numerous benefits that it offers.
First of all, an awesome user experience, a smooth app running, and high performance are guaranteed when React Native is leveraged.
Besides, JavaScript lies at the core of the framework. So software engineers can use JS along with React.js to craft iOS and Android apps behaving in a way that usually native-made apps do. Moreover, due to the fact that one codebase can be applicable for all platforms, you significantly decrease delivery time and engage much fewer specialists. Consequently, React Native is a golden opportunity for you to cut down development expenses.
It is also worth noting that React Native can be leveraged for the creation of brand new mobile apps and modification of already existing ones.
Applications of such well-known brands as Instagram, Netflix, Airbnb, and many others have been crafted with the use of RN. So, do not lag behind, and hire React Native developer to hit the market with an outstanding solution.

Our RN Expertise

At Devico, our highly-professional RN experts can assist you with:

Android-powered application development;

iOS-powered application development;

Web application development;

Smart TV application development;

VR/AR application development;

React Native consulting;

Migration to React Native;

React Native application integration and troubleshooting.

A Skill Set That a Professional React Native Developer Should Have

Looking for brilliant RN developers, it is vital to complete a list of requirements for them. Apart from awesome domain expertise and perfect soft skills, there is a long range of hard skills vital for a professional React Native developer. You can be confident that, at Devico, we have high-end React Native developers with the necessary skill set and expertise. Below the most paramount technical skills are specified:

Rich expertise in JavaScript, Typescript, HTML5, and CSS3;

Knowledge of functional programming;

Awareness of the primary React concepts;

Familiarity with Swift, Java, and Kotlin;

Mobile app development lifecycle understanding;

Mastery of unit testing;

Working with third-party libs and REST APIs;

Working with version control tools, especially Git;

Experience in the main technologies related to React Native and React (Enzyme, Jest, Flux, Redux, ESLint, etc.);

Performance optimization skills.

Algorithm for Hiring Our React Native Developers
If you have arrived at the decision to hire React Native developers from Devico, then the following algorithm will help you understand what steps you should take:
Please send us a request with a brief project description and data on the number of RN developers you currently need and their preferred professional level.
Resume review
We thoroughly study your request and send you back the resumes of our most relevant specialists for your consideration.
After scanning the resumes, choose developers that are deemed to be the most suitable at first sight. Provide us with available time slots, and we will set up interviews to let you conclude that they are indeed the specialists you would like to engage.
SLA and NDA sign
After you make up your mind on particular React Native developers, an SLA and an NDA are signed.
As soon as all the formalities are fulfilled, the React Native developers get down to work.

Why Hire Devico React Native Developers

Over the years Devico has earned a solid reputation. Our software engineers are known as responsible and highly professional specialists. Therefore, we can become your reliable partner. Here are more reasons to hire our React Native developers:

Handpicked specialists;

In-depth technical knowledge;

Vast experience with diverse technologies;

Rich facilities;

Solid security measures;

Strict adherence to an NDA;

Super fast onboarding;

Quick ramp-up if needed;

Work without procrastination;

Following the best DevOps practices;

Transparent communication and efficient collaboration.

Our Hiring Process

Devico is on a mission to deliver top-notch software development services. Our employees are our most valuable asset which is why we always take the time to hire only those who are the cream of the crop. Therefore, in order to have indeed brilliant specialists on the team, we are always super-scrupulous about our hiring process suggesting six steps:

The formation of the requirements for a jobseeker;

A thorough review of resumes;

A screening interview with our HR specialist;

English level assessment;

Soft skill assessment;

A technical interview with a team lead.

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How can I track the work progress of outstaffed React Native developers?
Whereas outstaffed React Native experts remain officially on the Devico payroll, in essence, they are put at your disposal and become members of your product team. Therefore, this is up to in which way to track the work progress of developers.
How can I be sure that offered React Native specialist is appropriate for me?
While we always strive to find a specialist with the most relevant skill set for you, you can additionally interview them, and ask them to complete any technical task or perform live coding.
Do you sign a non-disclosure agreement?
Yes, for our company, it is a usual practice to sign non-disclosure agreements and strictly adhere to their terms.
Can I change an RN developer after onboarding?
Sure. If for some reason you would like to replace a React Native developer, we will find another specialist for you as soon as possible.