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Node.js is a widely-used, free, cross-platform, full-stack, asynchronous JavaScript runtime. It provides JavaScript code execution outside of a web browser.Node.js is mostly leveraged for web app development. Still, developers with its help can also create such solutions as:

Complex single-page apps (SPAs)

Real-time apps (RTAs)

Browser games

Data streaming apps

Command-line tools


Server-side web apps

Hardware programming

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Reasons to hire a Node.js developer

If you want to create a customized, high-performance, reliable, and scalable solution, a Node.js developer is the right choice. Besides, a Node.js developer can be hired to update your existing JavaScript project or get an expert opinion and consultation on your Node.js app development

Top companies that use Node.js in their projects

Node.js has proved itself as a reliable and convenient tool used by the most well-established companies in the whole world:











NASA and many others

Advantages of using Node.js


Node.js apps can be pretty easily scaled. Instead of building a single main core, developers create multiple modules that are easily integrated, and as a result, the entire software development process is significantly simplified.

Substantial customization

Built-in APIs and integration with various useful tools like Babel, Jest, Log.io, Migrate, PM2, Restify, Express, Nest, Fastify, Hapi, Meteor, Koa, etc. provide indeed amazing opportunities for Node.js customization and extension.


Node.js is a completely free environment. All tools and libs are freely available.


Node.js offers a lot of standard modules. Node.js package manager, in its turn, provides different libs and useful tools.


Using Node.js, developers can create the most various types of software, among which are cloud and IoT solutions, web apps, mobile apps, and desktop apps for different operational systems - Mac, Windows, and Linux.


Node.js is indeed simple and can be quickly mastered by people who are well-versed in JavaScript.

High productivity and performance

Node.js is highly appreciated for its extremely high performance, fast loading, and responsiveness provided by the V8 JavaScript engine and module caching.

Community Support

A great number of brilliant developers compose a global Node.js community, make a significant contribution to its development, and support each other by sharing valuable insights and experience.

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How much time does it take to develop a Node.js Project?

There are no specific time limits for Node.js project development. In fact, everything depends on the scope, requirements, and type of the developed solution. However, according to our experience, the average turnaround time is:

4-6 months for customized software development

2-5 months for web application development

3-6 months for mobile application development

1-3 months for API development

Expertise of our Node.js developers:

Native Node.js application development

Large-scale enterprise Node.js web application development

Node.js migration and integration

Node.js consultation

Node.js support and maintenance


Devico is an excellent Software development team. As a startup in Silicon Valley with minimal budget, I needed a Software team that meets our high expectations with a reasonable cost. I was first a little hesitant to utilize a remote team because of how quickly we need to make changes. But I was quickly impressed by the talent and project management Devico provided. Devico development team were fast, organized, and provided quality code. They were doing such a great job that I decided to use them as my primary software development team.




We have searched 18 months to find a quality team that actually delivers and is highly responsive to the project. We were very impressed with the quality of their employees. Devico demonstrated a deep understanding of our business processes and their innovative approach helped us a lot. Devico works hard to achieve the task in hand and in a timely manner. They are more than just a software development provider, they are our friends from now on.

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Brian Huddleston


VP of Development in Dachis

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Reasons to hire Node.js developers from Devico

Our long-term experience lets us claim that by hiring Node.js developers from Devico, you entrust your project to the right hands. There are several reasons for this:

Brilliant talents

Devico can provide you with professional and skilled Node.js developers who can put your ideas into practice in the best possible way.

Flexible engagement models

Hiring a Node.js developer from Devico, you can choose the most suitable engaging model according to your business needs and project requirements.


At Devico, we are happy to help you, whether you need one Node.js developer or a dedicated development team. The size of your team can be scaled up or scaled down according to your requirements – just let us know in advance.

Transparency and comprehensive reporting

To keep you well informed about the work progress, we regularly report the project status details. Frequency and form of reporting are discussed in advance to choose the most appropriate option.


At Devico, we never neglect client confidence. That is why to avoid data breaches, our team always takes all the required data protection measures and carefully follows NDA terms and conditions.

Duties and responsibilities of a Node.js developer

A Node.js developer is in charge of code writing, bug fixing, central database maintenance, frontend element integration, API integration, and security implementation. In other words, a Node.js developer works on the development of backend components and also cooperates with frontend developers integrating their pieces of work with an app.

A skill set of a professional Node.js developer:

Well-grounded knowledge of JavaScript;

Profound knowledge of Node.js and its frameworks;

Expertise in asynchronous programming;

Knowledge of SQL and NoSQL;

TDD understanding and ability to conduct unit tests;

Knowledge of the architecture patterns;

Background in the use of the version-control tools, especially Git;

Good command of English.

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Is Node.js faster and better than Java?
Either Node.js or Java has cons and pros. Java is a venerable universal language, but it is more complex than Node.js. When it comes to performance, Java wins. However, Node.js makes up for not very high performance with lightweight and speed. Among other advantages of Node.js is are:
  • Ability to use the same language (JavaScript) for the client and server-side;
  • Node package manager;
  • Continuous development and improvement;
  • Scalability;
  • Easier and faster code writing, etc.
Will Node.js replace Java in 2022?
Node.js is continuously gaining popularity. Nevertheless, it cannot entirely replace Java, as it has its own advantages and is more suitable for CPU-heavy apps, Android apps, e-Commerce apps, Trading apps, Big Data, J2ME apps, etc.
Is Node.js good for the backend?
Definitely, there are several reasons to choose Node.js for backend development. With Node.js, a development team uses the same language for either the front end or back end. It boosts performance, makes your team more efficient and cross-functional, which results in lower development costs. The code can be reused and shared between the frontend and the backend parts of the app, which accelerates the whole development process. Besides, the whole Node.js technology stack is open-source and provides a great number of tools and solutions.
Is Node.js still relevant in 2022?
There is no doubt that Node.js continues to be relevant, especially taking into account the growing popularity of the JavaScript language and various valuable features provided by Node.js for web and mobile app development.
Is Node.js secure?
Node.js itself is pretty secure and robust. However, there are things that you should watch out for. A broad range of good practices and useful components are available to enrich the security of Node apps.
What are the advantages of using Node.js for web development?
Among the advantages of using Node.js for web development are:
  • Scalability;
  • Extensibility;
  • Single programming language;
  • Faster development process;
  • Cost-effectiveness;
  • Better app response time;
  • Caching;
  • Simultaneous request handling, etc.
What if I want to expand my team of Node.js developers? Is this possible?
Yes, of course. Scalability is one of our advantages. Notify us in advance, and we will ramp up your Node.js development team as soon as possible.
Is Node.js used for game development?
Yes, Node.js can be used for multiplayer web game development.
How is Node.js used in web development?
Node.js is used as a server-side JavaScript runtime environment to develop SPAs, chat apps, streaming apps, IoT apps, command-line apps, embedded systems, browser games, etc.

Our engagement models

Full-time hiring

Hired Node.js developer works exclusively on your project 8 hours a day and five days a week.

Part-time hiring

Hired Node.js developer works for 4 hours a day, employed for five days a week.

Dedicated team

We offer this engagement model to meet the requirements of small projects. Therefore, you can hire our Node.js developer in correspondence with the required number of working hours. The minimum hiring period is 25 hours. Still, it can be extended at any time if there is a need.