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Years pass by, new programming languages appear, but the Java language continues to hold leading positions. The first Java version came into existence in 1995. Since that time millions of developers all over the world have made active use of it and implemented the most diverse and complex projects. Java can be defined as a faceted, high-level, and object-oriented language enabling maximum reduction of implementation dependencies. Java code can be run without recompilation on all platforms supporting Java.

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The common skill set of a professional Java developer:

Rich experience in Java EE and Java SE;

Profound knowledge of Spring and other Java frameworks;

Knowledge of APIs and libraries;

Familiarity with Java Android development and Kotlin;

SQL and NoSQL databases;

Awareness of the best security practices;

Expertise in Angular or React JS;

Expertise in unit testing;

A clear understanding of RESTful web services and microservices;

Experience with version control tools;

Good written and spoken English.

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Benefits of Java Development

Object-oriented programming

Java implies object-oriented programming. That is why apart from the data structure and data type it also defines applied functions. Such data structures serve as objects that can be easily modified to establish required relationships. Object-orientation of Java gives an opportunity to easily reuse the objects in other software, hide sensitive information, make the software more structured, easily maintain legacy code, etc.


As a high-level language, Java is analogous to human language and must be compiled. Therefore Java code is far easier to write, read and maintain which in its turn considerably streamlines the process of software development. Anyone who is aware of objects, frameworks, and classes, can quickly master Java. Moreover, there are numerous open-sourced online courses that can come in handy for novices.

Security risk mitigation

Java itself cannot protect your software from security threats, but its certain features can help you avoid the most common security vulnerabilities. First of all, Java doesn’t utilize external pointers that can provide cybercriminals with access to sensitive data. Secondly, certain security risks can be mitigated due to Security Manager that is the Java security policy defining access rules.


Java is platform-independent, i.e. an app can be built on Windows, and after compilation to bytecode, it can be run on Linux or Mac OS as these operating systems also support a Java Virtual Machine. As a result, unless your Java app relies generally on certain platform-specific features and user interface, a substantial portion of the bytecode can be shared.

Easy distribution

Java has a particular mechanism to share data between numerous computers for better efficiency. In contrast to other programming languages, where external APIs must be utilized for distribution, Java has for this purpose embedded methodology known as Remote Method Invocation. Moreover, it supports Socket Programming, as well as CORBA, enabling object sharing across solutions developed in different programming languages.

Automatic memory management

With Java, it is not necessary to manually write code for proper memory management. The memory issues are handled by automatic memory management and automatic garbage collection.


A thread is the tiniest processing unit. Java gives an opportunity to run several threads synchronously. It is called multithreading. Switching between threads is fairly fast as they all share one memory area. Besides, all threads are independent. Therefore, if there is any problem with a thread, it doesn’t have an impact on others. It is especially important for games and apps rich in animation.


Java has managed to withstand in spite of its venerable age due to frequent updates enabling it to keep up with ever-changing market demands and technology development. New versions of Java with helpful and valuable features regularly appear. In general, it has an immensely extensive ecosystem consisting of diverse libs and frameworks.

Massive community

The Java community is indeed incredible. There are numerous references, tutorials, and forums with which beginners can obtain professional advice and span the gaps in their knowledge.

Web servers and Application servers

Embedded systems


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Java can be a perfect match for such types of applications as:

Desktop Apps

Mobile Apps

Web Apps

Distributed Apps

Enterprise Apps

Big Data Technologies

Cloud-based Apps

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The algorithm of Java developer hiring
Submission of information on your project
First of all, let us know your tech stack, team structure, project peculiarities, specific requirements. This information will let us estimate the budget and initiate the recruitment process.
Interview with prospective candidates
Review the CVs of our handpicked Java developers and then interview the best to make your final decision.
We will provide the necessary hardware and software for the members of your Java development team. You can also arrange online meetings to adjust processes and smoothly integrate our developers into your workflow.
Getting to work
Our Java developers will get to work on your project with enthusiasm and do their best to let you achieve your goals. At the same time, we will take care of workplaces, retention, social package, payrolls, perks, equipment, and others.

Why hire Java developers from Devico

The company is known as a reliable partner, while our Java developers have proved themselves to be real professionals who are able to cope with tasks of any complexity. So having made a decision to hire Java developers from Devico, you can reap the following benefits:

The access to brilliant Java developers

We can provide you with Java developers who have the necessary skill set, experience, and domain expertise within the shortest possible time frame.


The company is based in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, that is why we offer rather affordable rates without any hidden costs. Moreover, we offer a few engagement models to let you choose the most suitable one for your particular request. Our Java developers, in their turn, provide performance increase while letting our customers cut down the development costs.

Efficient communication

Hired from Devico Java developers are always at hand whenever you need them. We understand that smart and transparent communication lets all team members stay in the loop, that is why it is one of our core principles. With this in mind, our Java developers provide our customers with regular and comprehensive reports on the work progress.

High security standards

At Devico, we take intellectual property protection seriously. That is why we make all the necessary efforts to securely protect our customers’ sensitive data as well as strictly adhere to the terms and conditions of NDA.

Easy team ramp-up

Very often, starting with one Java developer, our customers have a need to gradually ramp up a development team to keep pace with the evolvement of their projects. Ramp-up is not a problem for Devico. We can provide you with additional manpower at short notice.

In which location will my Java developers work?
Devico has a fully equipped and maintained office in Kharkiv, Ukraine, where our specialists work.
What intellectual property protection do you offer?
Devico has strong views on the protection of customers’ intellectual property. Technical security measures include restricted access to the office and corresponding systems. Besides, each developer signs NDA, but the customers should also take the corresponding measures to ensure their data protection.
How does Devico assist my dedicated team?
We, in our turn, control whether your dedicated team is on target and works efficiently. Our retention managers organize corporate events to keep your team motivated and enthusiastic. One more important thing is ongoing training. We provide your developers with corresponding training courses and encourage attendance at the local IT conferences and events.
Can I hire only one Java developer?
Of course. You can always hire one Java developer and then enlarge the number of dedicated developers on demand.
Can I hire a large development team?
Yes, Devico has enough resources, manpower, and space to meet the large-scale project needs. Our customers can ramp up their dedicated development teams as much as their projects require.
How much time will it take to create my dedicated development team?
In general, the recruitment process takes no more than 4-6 weeks, but in the case of super special skill sets and cutting-edge technologies, the search for perfect candidates for a project may exceed the mentioned period.

Our engagement models

Dedicated team

A dedicated development team is the best option for companies that want to entrust their software development to a single solid team consisting of the most experienced tech and management specialists (developers, architects, designers, PMs, BAs, etc.).

Fixed price

This engagement model is mostly relevant for one-time tasks with clear and stable requirements.

Hourly rate

This engagement model is suitable for small-scale projects. Thus, you can hire our Java developers according to the needed number of working hours. The minimum hiring period is 25 hours. However, it can be extended at any time if required.