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If you have arrived at the decision to craft a .NET solution, Devico, a custom .NET development company, is at your service. .NET is not only a framework but an ecosystem with a plethora of in-built helpful tools facilitating an efficient development process. Our experts are well-aware of all the capabilities of .NET and leverage them in the best possible way to deliver top-notch applications of any scale for our clients.

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Reasons to consider .NET development
.NET is a famous open-source framework created by the Microsoft team. Since framework inception, .NET developers have been in high demand due to the immense versatility of the framework which is probably its main merit. .NET is indeed suitable for building software of the most diverse kinds.To let you understand why you should consider custom .NET development, we suggest you get familiar with its main features and advantages:
Rich ecosystem
.NET comes with a great number of in-built tools, libs, and language compilers that contribute to much faster app development by helping developers to find the best solutions to the given tasks very quickly. In these terms, it is worth mentioning that .NET supports Visual Studio, which is the favorite IDE for most developers that enables them to detect syntax and grammar mistakes quickly and easily.
Support of various programming languages
C#, F#, and Visual Basic are considered to be key languages of .NET, however, numerous other CLI-compliant languages are also supported.
Whether you would like to craft a web, mobile, desktop, cloud, or IoT application, the framework can meet your needs.
Effortless deployment
With .NET, a deployment process is completely painless. Its modular design has all the essential dependencies making a deployment process incredibly easy.
Cross-platform support
Any written code can smoothly run on compatible operating systems that are macOS, Windows, and Linux. In such a way it is possible to reach several platforms using the same ecosystem.
Consistent programming model
The OOP model lies at the core of .NET. This helps to get rid of excessive and unnecessary coding that in turn results in development process optimization and time and money saving.
Open-source solution
.NET is open-source due to which it has become better year by year. An extensive community supports and improves it.

.NET Development Services We Offer

Over the years, Devico provides clients with custom, robust, high-performance .NET solutions of sky-high quality. Our track record includes .NET apps of all kinds for a wide variety of business domains. Whether you need a small-scale or enterprise-scale app with a multitier, microservice, and cloud-based architecture type, we can have you covered. All in all our set of .NET development services includes:

Web app development;

Mobile app development;

Desktop app development;

Custom app development;

eCommerce development;

Enterprise app development;

Cloud app development;

.NET consulting;

.NET app maintenance.

Industries We Serve

Media and entertainment;






Our .NET Development Process

The mission of our company is to bring our customers maximum value and establish long-term relationships. For this reason, we do our best to understand our customers’ business needs, trends, challenges, and peculiarities. Therefore, we usually organize our work in the following way:

1. Discovery

We communicate a lot with the whole product team to utterly understand the main goals of the project and define the best ways to realize them. Another important activity at this stage is the study and analysis of the project documentation.

2. Planning

Now, clearly understanding what product should be developed, our .NET development team draws up a plan of action and identifies the best architecture type, tech stack, required resources and time, etc.

3. Design

Design is an important part of app success. It deserves particular attention. UI/UX designers prepare mock-ups and wireframes demonstrating different variants of your app design. As soon as a certain design is approved, front-end developers get down to its realization.

4. Development

Devico admires Agile methodology. That is why our .NET experts build an application continuously through several iterations. Each iteration is dedicated to working on a previously defined scope of tasks.

5. Testing

While our .NET developers do their best to write neat bug-free code, the help of experienced QA engineers is still compulsory. A QA team executes a comprehensive suite of tests to check functionality, security, compatibility, performance, and other aspects of the app operation.

6. Deployment

A .NET application gets available to end-users. The team handles all the deployment, launch, and configuration issues.

7. Maintenance

To stay successful, keep users engaged, and meet ever-changing market demands, your application should get continuously improved and updated. Our .NET specialists are ready to assist you with this too.

Technologies We Use

Why Hire Devico .NET Developers

Highly professional .NET specialists

Great track record

Openness to challenges.

Commitment and responsibility

Priority of app quality and security

Keeping up with the modern development tendencies

Transparent communication

Time- and cost-efficient approach

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Can my legacy software be migrated to .NET?
Sure. Our seasoned .NET developers can assist you with this. Rest assured that any data will be lost while you will take advantage of better performance, scalability, and solid security.
Which security mechanisms do your NET developers use?
Data security plays an important role. To protect your sensitive data, our .NET developers implement multi-factor authentication, role-based access, encryption, hashing, and other security mechanisms.
Is .NET used in backend or frontend development?
The rich capabilities of .NET let software engineers leverage it for overall app development.