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Custom Web App Development Services

The realities of modern life suggest that any business should keep up with global digitization and build a solid online presence. Custom web app development can assist you to level up your business whether you would love to fine-tune and optimize internal work processes or go online. Such an app completely tailored to all your business needs indeed makes a difference.

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All in all, a good web application is a great way to increase brand exposure, showcase your services or products 24/7, and establish efficient communication with clients resulting in their deep loyalty. If for some reason up to now you have stayed aside from the web development mainstream, it is high time to hire trusted web app development services. As a custom web application development company with rich experience, Devico can provide you with unmatched custom web application development services. Our seasoned developers have already delivered myriads of successful custom web apps, so rest assured that they can build you an exceptional web solution too.

Our Suite of Web App Development Services

Custom Web App Development Consulting

If you have thoughts about your custom web app development, but do not know what to start with, our consulting services are just what you need. Seasoned specialists will help you to assess project feasibility, define technical requirements, choose a perfect technical stack, and prepare a project roadmap.

Responsive Web App Design

Design is an important aspect of web app development. Our designers strive to bring aesthetics and creativity while ensuring simplicity and intuitiveness. The designs that we create reflect the brand identity and are unique, memorable, and engaging. Besides, keeping in mind the fact that the majority of Internet users access websites using their mobile devices, we always apply a mobile-first approach.

E2E Custom Web App Development

As an experienced web app development company, Devico offers a full-cycle web app development service. It means that we can handle every single phase of a web app development process and create outstanding web solutions from scratch.

Web App Integration

To help you run your business efficiently, our specialists can integrate a web app into your infrastructure in order to ensure smooth and real-time data exchange between several applications that are utterly important to you.

Custom Web App Maintenance and Support

In order to stay up-to-day a web app supplication needs to be frequently updated. As your business makes progress and new technology appears, you may need to implement new features, improve design, optimize performance, fix new or old bugs, etc. We take care of all this stuff to ensure the relevance and success of your app.

Our Customer Web App Development Features
We develop feature-rich web app solutions. Still, as long as we are talking about custom web apps development services, it is worth noting that a final feature list varies immensely and is defined by the needs of a particular business. Anyway, we would like to draw your attention to some features that are commonly used and extremely important.
To meet the demands of modern users, we use a mobile-first approach suggesting starting web app design with mobile devices first. Thus, at first, we create prototypes for the smallest screen and then gradually proceed to larger screen sizes. As a result, the vast majority of your clients using diverse mobile devices have a great user experience.
As long as people today spend a lot of their time on social media, we enable them to stay connected while they leverage your web app. They can easily share your content with their friends. Not only it contributes to user satisfaction but also drives brand recognition. Besides, we also usually implement social login in our web apps which significantly simplifies signups and logins for end users.
Analytics and reporting play an important role for the majority of businesses. Therefore, we often embed analytics in our web apps. It suggests the integration of analytical and data visualization capabilities. Consequently, end users can easily analyze their data within the app. Customized reports and dashboards contribute to user-friendly and convenient data representation. Insights gained from the analysis can help to reveal and mitigate certain business risks as well as find great opportunities for business growth.
To meet the demands of modern users, we use a mobile-first approach suggesting starting web app design with mobile devices first. Thus, at first, we create prototypes for the smallest screen and then gradually proceed to larger screen sizes. As a result, the vast majority of your clients using diverse mobile devices have a great user experience.
Web push notifications are a great way to connect with users and keep them informed and engaged. Visiting your website via varied browsers, users can opt in to receive web push notifications from it whether it is loaded or not. This feature is also supported on mobile browsers.
Security is what your app users expect by default, and we always pay particular attention to this aspect of web app development. To ensure security we abide by world security standards. We implement multi-factor authentication, solid encryption, access control, and many other security practices to keep your sensitive data safe from cybercriminals.
Online payments significantly ease users’ life and boost revenue generation for businesses. Therefore, if needed, we integrate a number of secure payment getaways which does increase user satisfaction.
Web App Solutions We Create

Enterprise Web Apps

We help our Clients on their way to digital transformation. Our team develops enterprise web apps that give companies and organizations an opportunity to efficiently manage and automate diverse internal and external work operations and processes.

Web Portals

Let us know your requirements, and we will design, develop, and integrate a secure and user-friendly web portal that will serve as a helpful digital space connecting you with clients, partners, or employees and driving data exchange and management of diverse business processes.

Cloud-Based Web Apps

At Devico, we leverage cloud technology to develop immensely scalable and reliable web applications. Running on a cloud and leveraging its different useful features they provide amazing capabilities for businesses.

eCommerce Platforms

eCommerce is in full swing. If you also plan to go online, our experts can develop for you a reliable and secure B2B or B2C platform from the ground up or based on well-known web platforms such as Salesforce, Magento, Shopify, etc.

Analytics Web Apps

Sophisticated use of data can become your biggest market strength. To give you control over data, we create sustainable, scalable, and maintainable analytics web apps powered by big data.

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

Among others, Devico also specializes in the development of PWAs that are considered to be a good alternative to rather expensive native apps. Your clients will be able to run your PWA across diverse mobile devices while having a native-like experience. Besides, poor internet connection is also not a problem for such apps.


A website serves as an electronic business card and a valuable business tool. We build websites that make a good first impression, keep users engaged, and help business owners achieve their goals. Stylish design, great usability, SEO friendliness, interactive features, high performance, compatibility, security, and many more things are always within our focus in order to deliver a website that a business and its clients will be pleased with.

Domains We Serve


Our experts create feature-rich and advanced web apps for logistics and transportation businesses. They help to order delivery, track shipments, manage pickups, etc. Using them it is easy to manage resources, reduce expenses, and provide clients with excellent services.


Our team contributes to the e-Learning process optimization by developing different web platforms for educational organizations, teachers, and students. With their help it is easy to plan an educational process, create, and manage learning materials, track academic progress, efficiently learn, polish new skills, and pass different examinations.


Devico works with healthcare facilities and builds for them outstanding PMS, EMR, and EHR web solutions, telemedicine apps, billing systems, insurance claim management tools, etc.

Real estate

We assist real estate companies with full-fledged and well-thought-out websites and apps that simplify the work of real estate agents, boost sales, and provide an awesome experience for landlords, tenants sellers, and property buyers.

Retail and eCommerce

Our experts provide retail and eCommerce organizations with our high-quality custom web app development services and create for them robust, secure, scalable, and user-friendly online stores, marketplaces, CRM systems, ERP platforms, etc.

Marketing and advertising

Devico creates efficient and complex marketing and advertising solutions that provide a rich set of valuable tools and help to manage all marketing and advertising platforms from one place.


Devico efficiently collaborates with hotels, tour operators, travel agencies, and other businesses related to hospitality and travel. Online ticket booking systems, hotel booking solutions, and tour booking solutions that we create indeed make a difference. With their help businesses optimize their internal working processes and acquire and retain as many clients as possible.

Reasons to Choose Devico for Custom Web App Development

Ample Experience

The Devico team has an impressive track record of building successful web applications with immensely complex UI, modern architecture, and a rich bouquet of diverse features.

High-end Professionals

Devico has a tight-knit team of seasoned web developers with in-depth knowledge, out-of-the-box thinking, and an extensive range of skills.

Fine-tuned Workflow

We can boast of having a fine-tuned workflow that is a result of comprehensive planning, discipline, and efficient communication.

Focus on Business Needs

Working on your bespoke web app development, first of all, our experts concentrate on your business objectives to make sure the software is not only up and running but also helps you reach your goals.

Scalability and Flexibility

Your development team can be quickly ramped up or ramped down to align with the current project needs. Besides, the team can quickly and efficiently handle any change in the project requirements.

Mature DevOps and Agile Culture

Over the years, we have heavily used Agile software development methodology and the best DevOps practices, not by chance. In this case, we have been driven by the wish to keep up with modern industry trends and the opportunity to deliver high-quality web applications within the shortest possible time.

Regulatory compliance

If your web application is subject to certain industry standards or compliance rules, rest assured that we will take care of it. Your product will meet all the requirements.
Сustom Web Application Development Process
At this stage, our specialists get acquainted with your idea, needs, and available project documentation. This knowledge helps them to craft a comprehensive vision of a product, make a rough estimation in terms of the required time and resources, and make up a web app development roadmap.
The team identifies the most appropriate tech stack, defines software architecture, and uncovers possible risks along with the ways of their mitigation.
To create designs that your audience will adore we take into account multiple factors like simplicity, intuitiveness, aesthetics, mobile responsiveness, and many more. Your business needs are also within our focus, therefore created designs are SEO-friendly, represent your brand identity, and translate your messages to a target audience.
As a rule, we apply the Scrum development methodology suggesting iterative product development. This approach helps to establish a resource-effective and time-efficient workflow.
Quality Assurance
A comprehensive set of manual and automated tests is performed to check your tailor-made web app inside out and make sure that every single component works as intended.
Your web application is launched and all the required infrastructure is set up.
Our web development consultants are available to you for any further modernization, maintenance, updates, or consultation.
Technologies We Use
What programming language is the most suitable for web application development?
Unfortunately, it is impossible to give a clear answer to this question. The thing is that there is no perfect language. The choice of language, as well as the choice of the whole tech stack, mostly depends upon the requirements of a particular project. However, JavaScript, Java, and PHP are considered to be the most commonly used programming languages when it comes to web app development.
Why should I opt for developing a bespoke web application?
Bespoke web app development is the golden opportunity to obtain a solution that will cover all your needs and meet all the requirements of end users.
How much may it cost to create a custom web application?
The cost is mostly defined by the scope of work and complexity. In these terms, one should consider the number of features and integrations, design uniqueness, supported platforms, and infrastructure requirements.