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Custom Web App Development Services

The realities of modern life suggest that any business should keep up with global digitization and establish a solid online presence. Developing a custom web application can assist you to level up your business whether you would love to fine-tune and optimize internal work processes or go online.
Devico can provide you with unmatched custom web application development services. Our seasoned developers have already delivered myriads of successful custom web apps, so rest assured that they can build you an exceptional web solution too.

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Our Custom Web App Development Expertise

Over the years, the Devico team has gained profound knowledge and rich expertise while developing custom web applications of diverse types. Our web developers have dealt with building large-scale and complex CRMs, ERPs, learning management systems, data management solutions, web portals, inventory management systems, delivery management solutions, eCommerce solutions, order management apps, and many others. So today Devico offers top-notch custom web app development services including:

Custom web app development consulting;

Responsive web app design;

E2E custom web app development;

Web app integration;

Custom web app maintenance and support.

Industries We Serve





Real estate

Retail and eCommerce

Marketing and advertising

Custom Web App Development Workflow
At this stage, our specialists get acquainted with your idea, needs, and available project documentation. This knowledge helps them to craft a comprehensive vision of a product, make a rough estimation in terms of the required time and resources, and make up a web app development roadmap.
The team identifies the most appropriate tech stack, defines software architecture, and uncovers possible risks along with the ways of their mitigation.
To create a design that your audience will adore we take into account multiple factors like simplicity, intuitiveness, aesthetics, mobile responsiveness, and many more. Your business needs are also within our focus, therefore created designs are SEO-friendly, represent your brand identity, and translate your messages to a target audience.
As a rule, we apply the Scrum development methodology suggesting iterative product development. This approach helps to establish a resource-effective and time-efficient workflow.
Quality Assurance
A comprehensive set of manual and automated tests is performed to check your tailor-made web app inside out and make sure that every single component works as intended.
Your web application is launched and all the required infrastructure is set up.
Our custom web application dev consultants are available to you for any further modernization, maintenance, updates, or consultation.
Technologies We Use

Reasons to choose Devico for Custom Web App Development

Ample Experience

The Devico team has an impressive track record of delivering successful web applications with immensely complex UI, modern architecture, and a rich bouquet of diverse features.

High-end Professionals

Devico has a tight-knit team of seasoned web developers with in-depth knowledge, out-of-the-box thinking, and an extensive range of skills.

Fine-tuned Workflow

We can boast of having a fine-tuned workflow that is a result of comprehensive planning, discipline, and efficient communication.

Focus on Business Needs

Working on your bespoke web app development, first of all, our experts concentrate on your business objectives to make sure the software is not only up and running but also helps you reach your goals.

Scalability and Flexibility

Your development team can be quickly ramped up or ramped down to align with the current project needs. Besides, the team can quickly and efficiently handle any change in the project requirements.

Mature DevOps and Agile Culture

Over the years, we have heavily used Agile software development methodology and the best DevOps practices, not by chance. In this case, we have been driven by the wish to keep up with modern industry trends and the opportunity to deliver high-quality web applications within the shortest possible time.

Regulatory compliance

If your web application is subject to certain industry standards or compliance rules, rest assured that we will take care of it. Your product will meet all the requirements.

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What programming language is the most suitable for web application development?
Unfortunately, it is impossible to give a clear answer to this question. The thing is that there is no perfect language. The choice of language, as well as the choice of the whole tech stack, mostly depends upon the requirements of a particular project. However, JavaScript, Java, and PHP are considered to be the most commonly used programming languages in web app development.
Why should I opt for developing a bespoke web application?
Bespoke web app development is the golden opportunity to obtain a solution that will cover all your business needs and meet all the requirements of end users.
How much does it cost to develop custom web software?
The cost differs from project to project and is defined by the scope of work and complexity. In these terms, one should consider the number of features and integrations, design uniqueness, supported platforms, and infrastructure requirements.