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Software Product Development Services

Software product development services assist businesses of all kinds to create remarkable solutions immensely contributing to their evolvement and success. Devico is an outsourcing software product development company that designs and develops advanced software solutions powered by modern technologies like blockchain, IoT, VR/AR, artificial intelligence, and others. If you have something on your mind, rest assured that our professional and tight-knit team can realize your idea in the best possible way.

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Our Expertise

Web Applications

We build well-thought-out and future-proof web applications that supply all business needs as well as meet all expectations of end users.

Mobile Applications

Our team specializes in developing native and cross-platform mobile applications. A proper tech stack, architecture, and design provide unprecedented user experience and smooth work of applications.

Custom Software Development

Devico develops tailor-made software products where every detail resonates with the needs and requirements of our clients.

Enterprise Software Applications

We have rich expertise in developing enterprise software solutions that help to efficiently handle the most diverse business tasks and problems as well as optimize internal business processes within a particular enterprise.

Cloud Applications

The Devico team is well-versed in developing reliable, secure, scalable, and user-friendly solutions powered by cloud technology.

MVP Development

To help our clients to validate their ideas at the outset of software development as well as to attract investors, we quickly develop an MVP reflecting the main concept of a project.

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Our Software Product Development Workflow

1. Research and Analysis

Before getting to the active phase of software development, we identify the main project goals, define possible compliance regulations, collect available requirements, and thoroughly study them in order to make informed decisions and provide a rough project estimation.

2. Planning

At this stage, our experts define the most appropriate tech stack and architecture, prioritize features, identify possible risks, and create a project roadmap.

3. Design

Our designers create wireframes and mockups demonstrating the way a software product should look and work. Every effort is made to create a stylish, memorable, user-friendly, engaging, and responsive design. Particular attention is also paid to your brand identity and messages.

4. Development

Developers get down to implementing diverse features through a number of iterations. Your solution gradually gets more sophisticated and improved. Depending on your needs and plans, software product development can be started with an MVP.

5. Testing

To provide a target audience with a software product of top-notch quality, our QA team executes the most diverse tests both manual and automated.

6. Deployment

Your software product becomes available for end-users.

7. Maintenance

After the product launch, the team analyses users’ feedback and makes corresponding improvements and updates.

Technologies We Work With

Reasons to Choose Devico for Software Product Development

Ample Experience

Devico can boast of a great track record of delivering numerous successful software solutions of all kinds.

Stunning design

The team always focuses on a target audience and creates designs on the ground of user behavior patterns. All business needs are also taken into account. Created designs reflect your brand identity and messages.

Advanced Technologies and Tools

The Devico team stays at the forefront of new technologies and uses them to build advanced and progressive software products.

Efficient Risk Management

Our specialists define all possible risks in terms of time, budget, security, performance, etc., and draw up a corresponding risk mitigation plan.

DevOps Mindset

We have adopted a DevOps culture and used it for many years striving to move in the “Everything as a Code” direction.

A Full Set of Services Under One Umbrella

Our software product development company has brilliant developers, software architects, designers, and QA engineers on the staff and offers full-cycle software development.

How do you address the legal aspects of software development?
Before taking on a project, Devico signs a non-disclosure agreement and gets obligated to securely protect your sensitive data. As for intellectual property rights, they all belong to a client as only one possible owner.
How can I track work progress?
Efficient and transparent communication lies at the core of our work. Our specialists have a good command of English and are always available. You can use any preferred tool in order to reach out to any team member. Besides, we use Jira as a project management tool, and you can also use it as well to track the work progress easily. Additionally, you can ask any questions during our meetings that are frequently held.
Do you provide after-launch product support?
Devico can provide you with continuous support if you want. As a rule, most of our clients cooperate with us for years. For them, we build new functionality and optimize the product on an ongoing basis.
What is agile development methodology?
As one of the top software product development companies, we leverage the best software development practices. Over the years, we have been fans of agile software development methodology suggesting iterative development. A number of your product versions are rolled out gradually through a development process. This approach contributes to the better efficiency of a development team and significantly reduces the time to market without compromising on product quality.