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Front End Development

Whatever kind of software you are going to develop, rich and seamless UIs, as well as smooth navigation, are of primary importance. That is what our frontend development company can assist you with. At Devico, we have state-of-the-art infrastructure and a highly motivated, knowledgeable, skilled, and passionate team of frontend experts to supply all your needs.

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Front End Development Services

A front end is a visual part of a software product that users interact with. So all you usually see while using a web or mobile application like buttons, menus, forms, search fields, and other user interface elements are within the scope of frontend development. Frontend developers strive to create interactive UIs in complete compliance with approved wireframes and mock-ups and ensure exceptional user experience. Responsiveness, SEO-friendliness, and high performance are important aspects of front end app development as well.
It is essential to understand that a front end is not just the icing on the cake but the face of a business. UI is what users evaluate at first glance and what makes the first impression on them. Therefore, if you would like your product to be successful and win users’ hearts, you should hire a trusted provider of front-end development services.

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Our Cutting-Edge Front End Development Capabilities

Devico is a renowned front-end development company that has been in the game for over ten years. Our brilliant team relies on proven technologies to create indeed user-friendly and full-featured interfaces for applications of all kinds across diverse domains. Whether there is a need for custom front-end development from scratch or legacy software modernization, our experts can deliver awesome results. All in all, these days our range of frontend development services includes:

Front-end Architecture

Our experts come up with the most appropriate suite of front end development tools and processes that gives an opportunity to set up an efficient and sustainable workflow and maintain excellent code quality. It is worth noting that we also specialize in micro frontend architecture that lets us build highly dynamic and scalable apps.

UI/UX Design

App design immensely affects user experience. Consequently, it is highly recommended to pay particular attention to it. At Devico, we create stylish designs that meet the highest usability standards, enable super-fast navigation within an app, look good across diverse devices and screens, and reflect brand identity.

Legacy Front End Modernization

A legacy front end can be a real pain in the neck in terms of maintenance and customer retention. If your front end is far from being impressive, intuitive, and modern, our legacy front end modernization services are at your disposal. The revamped front-end is what can help you to keep your loyal customers engaged and acquire a lot of new ones.

Frontend Web App Development

Our frontend development team leverages the most advanced and powerful technologies to build rich, scalable, robust, high-performance, user-friendly, and future-proof web solutions.

Frontend Mobile App Development

At Devico, we also provide frontend mobile app development services. Whether you are going to develop a native or cross-platform mobile app, our team can build for it pleasing and snapping UIs.

Front-end Team Augmentation

In case your in-house frontend development team has an urgent need for extra resources, we can boost it with our seasoned frontend developers who will quickly join your project irrespective of its current stage.

Outstaffing Services

We have an extensive talent pool. In case you want to quickly engage highly professional front-end developers without a hassle related to recruitment, hiring, retention, etc., you can easily outstaff our specialists who will work and contribute to your project development as usual in-house specialists.

Our Front End Development Expertise

Over the years, our company has worked on the most diverse projects and developed software of different kinds. There is hardly anything that we would not be able to handle. Among the most popular solutions that we develop are:

Web Apps and Portals

Our front-end developers craft first-class web applications and portals with user-friendly and rich web UIs that offer excellent user experience and foster user engagement.

Mobile Applications

We have a great track record of developing mobile apps. Irrespective of the mobile app type, our frontend developers create intuitive, beautiful, and highly-performant UIs that look and work well across the whole range of mobile devices.

Desktop Systems

Our frontend development team uses its ample expertise and in-depth knowledge to develop also user-friendly UIs for desktop solutions that comply with the latest trends.


It is a good idea to start new application development by building an MVP. Our front end app development specialists can assist you with this task and create an easily-scalable infrastructure that will help to evolve the app later with regard to the gained user feedback.


With modern frontend technologies and great attention to every single detail, we deliver scalable, speedy, and easy-to-maintain single-page apps.


Progressive web apps give a great opportunity to provide a mobile-like experience in a web browser. Leveraging the power and rich capabilities of React.js, our frontend developers build immensely fast and maintainable PWAs offering awesome user experience on a great variety of devices.
Front End Development Process
Here is the way we deliver front-end development services at Devico.
Research and analysis
At this stage, we reveal your objectives, get familiarized with available project documentation, and identify the requirements and priorities of a project.
Our specialists decide on the most appropriate tech stack, create a project schedule, and define clear deliverables and responsibilities.
UI/UX designers create initial wireframes and mockups in accordance with your concept and project vision. The team creates a prototype to let you understand how the software will look and feel.
As soon as the design is approved, front-end developers turn visuals into appalling, responsive, and ready-to-use interfaces. Working on this task, they closely cooperate with designers and a back-end development team to ensure the delivery of desired results.
Software testing is a stage that cannot be neglected even if the best-of-breed software engineers have been engaged. Among others, a QA team also makes sure that every UI component is available, located where it should be, and works as expected across diverse devices.
This stage can be considered a culmination of the whole development process. The product is deployed and becomes available to end users.
Support and maintenance
We can also provide further support and maintenance of the product to keep it up and running and up-to-date.

Why Hire Devico as a Front End Development Company?

Rich experience

Our hand-picked front-end developers have indeed a rich experience that lets them maintain high coding standards, simplify integration with the back-end, and deliver good-looking, scalable, and high-performance software of all kinds.

Ongoing professional growth

Our developers are curious and always eager to gain new knowledge and polish new skills. They keep an eye on the ball and stay aware of all the latest trends, updates, and practices.

A creative team with excellent technical skills

At Devico, we have a brilliant front-end development team that is made up of enthusiastic and passionate professionals who are well-versed in diverse programming languages and frameworks. They always come up with the most suitable approach and tech stack to provide considerable cost and time savings along with amazing results.

Timely delivery

We know the value of time. Therefore, procrastination is not about Devico. We implement a fine-tuned and efficient work process letting us deliver results in a timely manner.

Solid security

In the course of work, our clients share with our team sensitive data and account access. We, in turn, guarantee that your confidential data is safe and secure not only by word of mouth but also by signing a non-disclosure agreement. The whole team strictly adheres to its terms and takes all the necessary security measures.

Complete transparency

The company has implemented a 100% transparency policy to keep our clients and the development team on the same page. Rest assured that you will be informed on the work progress in a way that you prefer and as frequently as you wish.

Perfection in every detail

Perfectionism is in our DNA. Therefore, our front-end developers provide code perfection on the pixel level. You can be confident that they will take care of every single detail and deliver a jaw-dropping solution.

Technology Stack of Our Team

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What framework do you recommend using for front-end development?
We have expertise in working with a variety of frameworks. To obtain the best results, we propose to choose a framework through the prism of the development and design goals of a particular project. Once the team reviews your requirements, it can consult you about the most suitable technology and provide an explanation of this choice.
Where will my front-end team be located?
Right now we work remotely, which is why your team members will be located in different cities in Ukraine and other countries. Still, you can easily reach out to any developer by using a preferable tool like Skype, Slack, Telegram, etc.
How can I kick off the work on my project?
Just get in touch with Devico, and we will set up an intro call to discuss your current needs. Also, let us know your requirements and in a while, we will provide you with our professional and enthusiastic front-end developers.
How quickly can you start working on my project?
In essence, it mostly depends on project requirements and the availability of our specialists. As a rule, our team gets to work on a new project in about two weeks after the first contact.