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eCommerce App Development Services

The Internet has penetrated into the most diverse spheres of human life. Shopping is one of them. Brick-and-mortar stores are not able anymore to satisfy modern consumers to the full extent. Consequently, e-commerce solutions have become really mainstream. Whatever goods or services you sell, ecommerce application development is a way to go. In such a way, not only can you reach a wider audience, but you also can demonstrate your offers 24/7, make your brand more recognizable, generate higher income, and many more.

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As a top-rated ecommerce application development company, Devico creates state-of-the-art e-commerce applications that provide an excellent shopping experience for consumers and great revenue-generating opportunities for businesses. Devico offers a full suite of ecommerce app development services. We have rich facilities in place and best-of-breed eCommerce developers on the staff. Over the years our team has created multiple web eCommerce solutions and mobile eCommerce apps both native (iOS and Android) and cross-platform. With regard to our clients goals, we develop custom eCommerce applications from the ground up or make use of the most advanced eCommerce platforms that give a golden opportunity to deliver a decent online store within the shortest possible time. Scalability, flexibility, high performance, security, responsiveness, SEO support, user-friendliness, integrations with the most essential third-party services, and multiple payment options - we take care of everything. Nothing can escape the attention of our experts.With our professional e commerce app development services, there are no doubts that you will easily conquer your target market.

eCommerce App Development Services We Offer

eCommerce mobile app development

As a trusted ecommerce mobile app development company, we build feature-rich and customized e-commerce mobile apps that make online shopping more accessible and engaging than ever. Catchy and stylish design, intuitiveness, a number of payment options, a bunch of helpful features, and smooth running are what you can expect from eCommerce mobile apps that we develop.

Custom eCommerce web app development

At Devico, we create custom ecommerce web solutions that meet all the specific requirements of our clients. Security, scalability, high performance, and user-friendliness, along with great SEO friendliness are what we can guarantee.

Shopify development

Leveraging the rich capabilities of the Shopify platform, our team creates visually stunning and user-friendly eCommerce solutions offering an exceptional user experience.

WooCommerce development

Our developers also leverage the power of WooCommerce to build outstanding and future-proof online shops within the shortest possible time.

Magento development

Developing awesome and interactive Magento websites with a plethora of customized features is also within our scope of services. Just let us know what you would like to have in your online store, and we will implement your idea in the best way.

BigCommerce development

Our ecommerce app development company also has brilliant BigCommerce experts on the team. They know all peculiarities of the platform and create with its help secure, robust, and scalable eCommerce solutions.

Types of eMarketplaces We Develop

We have a breadth of experience in ecommerce app development and build e-marketplaces of different types for businesses of all kinds and sizes.

Business to Business Marketplaces

A B2B marketplace is an efficient sales platform for businesses that offer their goods or services to other businesses and strive to establish trusting relationships with them. Our online B2B marketplaces automate the processes of selling and buying, provide an unmatched customer experience, and make financial deals completely transparent.

Business To Consumer Marketplaces

B2C marketplaces are the most common ones. Compared to B2B marketplaces, B2C marketplaces serve businesses that target consumers directly, not other businesses. As a rule, most of them are developed as one-stop online shops where consumers can purchase a great variety of goods from the most diverse vendors.

Consumer To Consumer Marketplaces

C2C marketplaces are designed to connect individuals who want to sell or purchase something. C2C marketplace users can sell goods or services or exchange them for other goods and services. One day a user can be a consumer but the other day they can also become a seller.

Key Features Implemented In eCommerce Apps

Customer App Panel

Enable consumers to browse and shop on the go while enjoying multiple helpful features and a seamless and engaging experience.

Admin Panel

Your app should provide a great experience not only for consumers but also for a vendor. An admin panel is a tool used to manage an e-shop efficiently. It contains a variety of features that let a vendor have every single aspect of the eCommerce solution and overall business under control.

Easy Product Management

An eCommerce app should give a vendor an opportunity to organize, structure, and showcase products in the most appropriate and convenient way.

Advanced Reporting

To have everything under control, and respond to the new market demands in a timely manner, an eCommerce app should generate data-driven reports helping to gain actionable insights into key performance indicators.


Advanced reporting is impossible without incorporated analytics. This is what helps you to use an app to the full extent. By integrating analytics, it is possible to detect which products are in high or low demand and track user behavior in order to continuously improve the app and tweak business strategy accordingly.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to communicate with app users and keep them engaged. In such a way you can inform them about order status, discounts, new products, wishlist item availability, etc.

Order Management

Effortless order management is an essential part of a smooth customer journey. Therefore, it is important to allow customers to easily track order delivery and returns. Not only does this help customers to feel more in control but also immensely increases engagement in the purchasing process.

Diverse Payment Modes

These days consumers opt for various payment methods. This should be taken into account as you develop an eCommerce app. A decent online store should satisfy all preferences by offering a range of national and international payment methods including debit or credit card options, digital payments such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, etc., and even cryptocurrency payment.

Our eCommerce App Development Process

1. Analysis

The first step is to reveal the objectives. We closely communicate with business owners and busyness analysts as well as get acquainted with the available project documentation. It helps us to have an utter understanding of business needs and come up with a perfect eCommerce solution.

2. Planning

Insights gained during the analysis let the team select the most suitable tech stack, choose the proper software architecture, estimate required time and resources, and make up a project roadmap.

3. Design

Our UI/UX designers use all their knowledge, expertise, and creativity to create an impactful and stylish design. There are a great number of online shops on the Internet, and awesome design along with top-notch quality is a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Our designers consider not only aesthetics and usability but also technical aspects like SEO support, performance, mobile responsiveness, etc.

4. Development

We are admirers of Agile methodology, which is why e-commerce application development is realized through a few iterations. Due to this, our clients can quickly see the results of our work.

5. Comprehensive testing

Our QA experts work in close collaboration with the development team in order to make sure that an eCommerce application meets the highest quality standards and works in accordance with the project requirements.

6. Deployment

Your eCommerce solution is delivered to end-users. When it comes to a mobile eCommerce application, we ensure its compliance with App Store or Google Play guidelines and launch them there.

7. Maintenance

To keep your eCommerce solution up-to-date we can continuously improve and update it.

Things We Focus On While Developing eCommerce Apps

Developing an ecommerce solution we take into consideration every single aspect. Nevertheless, we would like to highlight the top three factors that deserve particular attention:

Data Security

Interacting with an eCommerce application, its users share their personal data like addresses, contacts, bank details, etc. Consequently, one of the key things to consider while developing an eCommerce solution is solid data security. To securely protect sensitive data and prevent any data breach we abide by the world security standards and implement a wide scope of security measures including high-level authorization, solid encryption, integration of only reliable APIs and payment getaways, etc.


Scalability is what should be taken into account at the very beginning of app development when the app architecture is designed. The thing is that as an app gains popularity, the number of its users increases. Poor scalability can result in app outrange and downtime at a certain point in time when the app is not able to withstand an increased load. To avoid this catastrophe, it is essential to ensure app scalability that in essence suggests the ability of the app to run smoothly and speedily even if there is a great user influx.


Constant crashes and lags significantly affect app performance and user experience. Today, picky users are not ready to waste their valuable time on stuff like these while there are so many alternatives on the market. To let you acquire new users and keep them engaged we execute thorough testing and continuously update and improve an ecommerce solution to ensure its stability and high performance.
Technologies We Use
Benefits of eCommerce Application Development
eCommerce application development gives an opportunity to save a good deal of money. While there are certain expenses related to online store development and maintenance, you still may avoid numerous costs associated with physical store maintenance. Thus, you may forget about spending on rent, repairs, equipment procurement, store design, etc. Moreover, you need to hire fewer employees.
While you can invest in PPC advertising, SEO, and some other digital marketing tools, your eCommerce solution itself is a great marketing and advertising tool on the condition that it is used properly. With its help, you can inform your target audience about upcoming events, news, and achievements, keep users engaged through educational and entertaining content, launch marketing campaigns, etc.
Compared to brick-and-mortar shops, eCommerce apps provide a golden opportunity to track customers’ actions, directly and indirectly, detect their preferences and behavior patterns, collect first-hand data, and gain insights allowing you to reinvent the customer experience on an ongoing basis.
eCommerce application development gives an opportunity to save a good deal of money. While there are certain expenses related to online store development and maintenance, you still may avoid numerous costs associated with physical store maintenance. Thus, you may forget about spending on rent, repairs, equipment procurement, store design, etc. Moreover, you need to hire fewer employees.
Online stores work without lunch breaks and days off. Consumers can visit an e-commerce app at any time of the day and night, get detailed information about the product they are interested in, and purchase whatever they want in a few clicks or taps. Due to such availability, you can generate higher profits and earn much more leads.
Personalization is the best way to increase sales, and with an eCommerce app, it is very easy. Depending on users’ interests, browsing history, and purchasing history, an app may make personalized recommendations or send personalized push notifications.
Better brand awareness is one of the paramount advantages of developing an eCommerce app. An eCommerce app lets you reach out to a wide audience and keep in touch with potential customers almost 24/7. Consequently, your brand awareness and recognition increase immensely.
Why Devico for eCommerce App Development

Ample experience

Devico has an impeccable track record of building outstanding eCommerce applications of all kinds. Over the years we have delivered a great number of successful online stores with regard to business needs, users’ expectations, and technology development. Our specialists are well-versed not only in development technologies but also in the latest eCommerce trends and challenges. Their knowledge and expertise can significantly contribute to the realization of your business ideas.

Full cycle of eCommerce app development services

Devico offers a full cycle of development services. The company has not only brilliant software engineers on the team but also professional designers, seasoned QA engineers, project managers, business analysts, etc. All together they combine their efforts to build a jaw-dropping solution for you.

Client-oriented approach

Our specialists always focus on the client's success. Therefore, they always customize e-Commerce mobile app development in accordance with the particular needs of our clients and the expectations of end-users. We do not build nondescript online stores but outstanding eCommerce applications that dominate the market at once.

Cutting-edge technologies

Devico always keeps abreast of the times. For this reason, we use leading frameworks and advanced technologies that let us yield excellent results.

Premium quality

We develop eCommerce solutions with every single detail in mind. There is nothing that can be omitted or underestimated. Our well-thought-out development strategy is always backed up with comprehensive testing in order to ensure sky-high quality and excellent user experience.
How much time does it usually take to create a decent e-commerce application?
Generally speaking, it can take several weeks or months. Everything depends upon the scope of work, complexity, and customization of your eCommerce app.
Is it worth developing an eCommerce solution?
eCommerce has gained momentum. With a decent web or mobile eCommerce app to showcase your products, you can level up your business and acquire a great number of new clients and leads.
How do you address security issues?
As a professional e commerce mobile app development company, we take data security seriously. Therefore, while developing eCommerce solutions we use encryption, secured keys, firewalls, and other advanced security mechanisms.
Will I be able to edit and update a product catalog in my eCommerce app on my own?
Yes, of course. This is not a problem at all. We craft online stores with completely hassle-free and quick product catalog updating.