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Custom Mobile App Development

The world is getting mobile, and this is a well-known fact. That is why today every progressive and farseeing company should have a well-thought-out mobile strategy as a strong background for further successful development.

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Consequently, custom mobile app development services are in high demand. A bespoke mobile application can assist you to optimize diverse internal work operations, significantly improve your online presence, draw in and retain a lot of clients, and enhance brand awareness. Whatever goals you have set, our custom mobile app development company has rich expertise and all the needed resources to help you reach them. Over the years Devico has gained profound knowledge and a breadth of experience in custom mobile app development, and it lets us create advanced mobile solutions that assist businesses to level up and fly high. So do not let your competitors take an edge. Stop hesitating and apply for our custom mobile application development services. Whether you have a startup, an SME, or a large corporation, our custom mobile application development company can provide you with a decent mobile solution covering all your needs.

Business Objectives You Can Achieve Having A Custom Mobile Application

Solid Security

Custom mobile apps development lets you ensure rock-solid security. All security measures that are especially important for your business can be implemented to eliminate all corresponding threats and risks.

High Scalability

Custom mobile apps are always developed with consideration of great scalability parameters. As a result, in a while, as your cherished business prospers, your application will still be able to smoothly serve an increasing number of app users.

Complete Control

By building a custom mobile app, you have total control over every single aspect of your mobile application. Your committed development team implements all your ideas and updates your mobile solution to let you meet ever-changing market demands.

Competitive Advantage

Compared to off-the-shelf apps, tailor-made mobile solutions give businesses a golden opportunity to stand out from the rest and highlight their competitive advantages. That is indeed crucial in order to conquer the market by storm.

Increased Brand Exposure

People all over the globe spend a great amount of time online using the most diverse apps. So with a custom mobile app, a business goes where its customers and prospects are. Offer a user-friendly, full-fledged, and stylish mobile application, and you will acquire many new leads and loyal clients.

Optimized Business Tactics

With a custom mobile app, your business can collect and analyze a huge amount of data in order to reveal the behavior patterns and favors of your clients. Gained insights let you tweak your business strategy accordingly to offer clients what they really need and increase effort effectiveness.

Better Efficiency

Custom mobile applications development can significantly simplify the work of your staff and help you fine-tune a workflow in general or optimize certain utterly important business processes.

Client Loyalty

A custom mobile app is deemed to be a great way to keep your clients engaged. With its help you can offer an extraordinary experience, continuously remind your clients about your business, and inform them about important news, sales, promo companies, etc.

Our Key Services

Mobile App Development

Our team of seasoned and highly skilled mobile developers crafts custom mobile apps of all kinds across the most diverse verticals. Rest assured that we can deliver an application of your dream irrespective of its scale, complexity, and required functionality.

Mobile App Design

At Devico, we know that design is not just the way an application looks and feels. It is all about ensuring the best user experience. We create intuitive, sleek, and gorgeous mobile app designs that impress users and keep them engaged.

Mobile App Testing

We have high-end developers on the team but it is not a reason for us to ignore testing. In essence, it is a paramount phase of our mobile app development process. Our professional QA engineers make up an efficient test strategy and execute the whole set of tests to check whether your app indeed works as expected.

Mobile App Maintenance

When an application has been launched, we do not leave your business on its own. Our specialists provide ongoing maintenance and support. They frequently update the app to ensure its smooth work, high performance, and relevance.

Mobile Development Consulting

Our strategic mobile app development consultants are at your disposal whether you would love to create a brand-new mobile application or revamp your existing one. Just let them know your objectives and they will help you achieve them with time-tested and innovative practices.

Types of Apps We Develop

Devico specializes in developing apps of diverse types to supply all possible needs of our Clients and make them completely satisfied with delivered solutions. Here are the main types of apps that we create:

iOS-based Applications

If your business targets an iOS audience, we can provide you with outstanding iOS development services. At Devico, seasoned experts build unsurpassed, feature-rich, and secure applications that run smoothly across the full range of Apple mobile devices.

Android-based Applications

At Devico, we also build innovative, robust, and impressive native mobile apps for Android that supply all the needs of our Clients. If an Android-based app is just what you need, do not hesitate to hit us up.

Cross-platform Applications

If you are searching for a quick and budget-friendly way to target both platforms, then cross-platform mobile application development can really hit the spot. We use React Native, Flutter, Ionic, and Xamarin frameworks to develop high-performance, multi-functional, and reliable cross-platform mobile apps that provide a really native-like experience.

Progressive Web Applications

Our team also specializes in PWA development as one more cost-effective alternative to costly native mobile app development. We build PWAs that provide a native-like experience, have swift data exchange, and run smoothly regardless of connection quality.

Enterprise Mobile App Development

An enterprise mobile app is a sure-fire way to optimize internal processes, enhance the efficiency of employees, and get a competitive advantage. We leverage the most progressive technology to create completely secure and robust enterprise mobile applications with unmatched user experience.

Industries We Focus On



Retail and eCommerce


Real Estate

Travel and hospitality

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Our Stages Of Custom Mobile App Development

1. Analysis and planning

First of all, our specialists identify and collect requirements, define the work scope and team structure, decide on the technical stack to be used, and prepare a project roadmap.

2. Design:

At this stage, a UI/UX design for your application is created. Simplicity, elegance, brand identity, responsiveness, and user-friendliness are our main goals here. Still, the last word is always yours.

3. Development:

An agile development process starts. A mobile application is gradually built through several iterations.

4. Testing:

Our mission is to build a mobile app of top quality. Therefore, testing is what we pay particular attention to. To make sure that everything works as specified in the project documentation the most diverse manual and automated tests are executed.

5. Deployment:

A mobile application becomes available for end users on App Store and Google Play.

6. Maintenance:

The team continues to work on a project by fixing bugs, optimizing a mobile app, and frequently updating it.

Tech Stack We Work With

Custom Mobile Solutions We Develop

Bespoke Mobile Apps

Our highly capable team is well-versed in building bespoke mobile applications for up-and-coming startups, SMEs, and large corporations. We use the most groundbreaking technologies to create top-notch mobile solutions that help our Clients to reach their ambitious business objectives and hold the edge on the market.

Wearables Apps

Our experts create wearables apps for smartwatches, medical devices, fitness trackers, etc. that give an opportunity to collect and manage valuable data.

IoT Mobile Apps

IoT mobile app development is also within our expertise. Solutions that we build effectively manage a smart thing network and provide convenient dashboards and reports visualizing data in an easy-to-read and easy-to-perceive way.

AR and VR Mobile Apps

Our well-rounded mobile development experts create mobile applications using advanced technologies. Thus, our mobile solutions based on AR and VR provide an awesome immersive experience.

Cloud-Based Apps

Among others, we also develop cloud-based mobile apps with specific cloud infrastructure, extensive scalability, local data cache capabilities, etc.

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Benefits of Custom Mobile Application Development With Devico

Seasoned mobile app developers

At Devico, we have the best-of-breed mobile app developers on the staff. Our scrupulous hiring process takes time but lets us find real professionals with ample experience in developing mobile apps for the most diverse industry verticals.

Transparent communication

Our team will keep you in the loop through email and phone/video calls throughout the app development process. You can hit us up at each point in time and the team will address all of your concerns and give answers to all your questions in a timely manner.

Efficient collaboration

We work in close collaboration with our Clients, and it helps us define the most efficient course of action and the best approach to developing your custom mobile application. We thoroughly study your business needs along with the app requirements.

Intellectual property protection

As soon as a custom mobile application is built up, all of the proprietary code and intellectual property rights are handed over directly to you as the only possible owner.

Time-efficiency and budget-friendliness

We do our best to make our custom application development services as budget-friendly and time-efficient as possible. For this purpose, we apply the most appropriate and efficient approaches and technologies. By the way, the vast majority of our projects have been delivered within the stated timeframe and budget.

Scalable and future-proof applications

Every mobile application is crafted with the account that it will be getting more popular and downloaded. This lets you be confident that your app will easily withstand any influx of users and increased traffic.

Rocket solid security

We implement robust security protocols as well as comply with industry-specific regulations and norms in order to securely protect the confidential data of your users.


Our team treats every project in a way loving parents nurture their child. In each particular case, we are eager to come up with the best possible solution and leave not a single detail unattended.
Are there any prerequisites for custom mobile app development?
If you have arrived at the decision to build a mobile app fully tailored to your needs, you should take into account a few things:
- Clearly define all your goals;
- Properly design a concept;
- Allocate an appropriate budget with some buffer;
- Reach out to a reliable provider of custom application development service like Devico.
Which technologies do you use to craft a custom mobile application?
The choice of technologies mostly depends upon the kind of mobile application that you would like to create. Completely different tech stacks are leveraged for the development of Android-based apps, iOS-based apps, and hybrid apps.
Which platform to choose for my mobile application?
Which option to choose mostly depends on the preferred choices of your audience. Provided your audience uses both iOS and Android devices, you can consider the creation of a cross-platform app. Still, pay attention that if your app suggests heavy use of the inbuilt functionalities of mobile devices then it is better to create two separate native apps.
Is it reasonable to invest in custom mobile app development?
While custom mobile app development suggests higher investments, an application of this kind brings numerous benefits. You see, it is developed in total alignment with all needs, challenges, and peculiarities of your business.