"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."

- Coco Chanel

Web Development

It is a tech-savvy world and internet revolution has taken the world by storm. The internet has seen some unprecedented penetration all across the world and people have already started to reap its impending benefits. Similarly, websites have started to mushroom across all A to Z categories and are giving people a never before opportunity to sit at home in pajamas and browse for their liked products and services and order it even in the dead of night. Offline business owners have already started to feel the significance of online shopping blast and have begun to opt for an online presence in the form of an e-commerce website showcasing their products and fulfilling orders 24 by 7 even when they are asleep.


Mobile App Development

There is a critical need to deliver apps that are optimized for web and mobile devices.As a result, many developers are living by the motto of “web is not enough” when developing enterprise applications.

When developing applications that span web and mobile, you should think about designing apps specifically for each device, how you’ll connect and integrate backend data, and how you’ll deploy and manage the apps.


Quality assurance

In today's fast-evolving digital transformation universe, QA and testing are rapidly gaining significant importance for both business and IT operation.

QA and testing are the critical factors to assure achievement of goals important for any organization. Now a day, your business demands the following features from an application:


Dedicated Development Team

Just imagine a world - where you have a team of experienced developers, each with a specific set of skills that you define; each fitting into your processes and workflow; each of them devoted solely to you and your company's needs; and on top of all that someone has already taken care of equipment, specialized software, office space, salaries along with special perks and bonuses for each team member. How would you feel then?


Custom Software Development

The simple difference between a custom software and off-the-shelf is that the custom or bespoke is made specifically for you; whereas off-the-shelf is designed around general practices. To be more detailed, you might buy an off-the-shelf software that kind of matches your business’ requirements but it is designed around generic best practices. On the other hand, if you want something that entirely meets your needs or if you have got specific processes within your company and want those to be reflected in your software then you will need a custom software to match your precise requirement.



In literal terms, the word “integration” means to combine together, to collaborate, to coordinate, to mix or to amalgamate. Hence, integration is actually the centre of the whole project management and brings together all the processes and groups in order to fulfil the project's objectives. In IT industry, integration means connecting together several parts of a system, be it software, hardware or networking components, to enable individual portions to work together as a larger system unit.


Code Review

Feedback is a fundamental feature of a well-functioning team. Teams that have an open culture of feedback have a built-in self-correcting mechanism for the situations when things go awry. Such teams are always improving; identifying their weaknesses and addressing their systems. Teams that do not have this kind of open culture and feedback mechanisms, don't do so well.


Cloud Services

Technology has considerably altered the way we live. Easier access to data and information anytime, anywhere is no longer a luxury now—instead, it has become a requirement, in both our personal and professional lives. For IT industry, pressure has been increased to deliver higher-quality applications more often, enabling companies to stay relevant and seize digital business opportunities.


Team Extension

Most of the companies in USA, UK and western Europe have a hard time in hiring and retaining a complete development team for their projects.

The search for dedicated teams and full-time developers takes months and sometimes end up with failure because of the ever-growing competition for human resources. The best developers can be easily snatched away by the bigger competition.



Many businesses and companies are spending a lot of money to implement continuous delivery and DevOps solutions in order to drive their digital transformations. Yet most still can’t demonstrate a more precise Return on Investment ROI for their endeavors. What’s going on? The ever-growing adoption of DevOps in large enterprises is exposing the painful reality that these organizations are unable to track appropriate performance and business metrics across their delivery pipelines.


Project Management

Worldwide organizations strive to recruit the best talents. However, research shows that even with the best talents, most organizations’ project delivery capabilities are debatable. Why? Because project management needs special skills to complete projects within a framework. Even the best talents miss out on the nuances of project management or lack effective collaboration and communication skills as a team.


Tech Support

Technology enhances one’s ability get things done quickly and at a lesser cost; however, it also introduces a lot of hurdles that can not easily be surmounted by non-technical persons. What takes an expert a few minutes to fix might take hours foe the general user to even figure out. This has lead to the rise of tech support staff being hired in every organization. These technical professionals know the ins and outs of how things work and are often more knowledgeable about what and when things go wrong.


Strategy And Consulting

The result of automation and technological advancements has been that the world now moves at increasingly higher speeds. Competition tips over the bleeding edge with new innovations being seen every day. Unless one seizes the new opportunities appearing like the Matrix, one cannot hope to achieve any of the growth and sustainability objectives set. It is at these stages when the need for an expert team is felt the most.