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Sports Events Management Platform

A web application enabling easy management of sports events and competitions

Project Description

Front-end development of an admin panel and a user panel for a web application enabling easy management of sports events and competitions.


Our developers worked on the front-end side of admin and user panels. React, Redux, and Redux-Saga were the main technologies used for the admin panel development. The panel offered vast opportunities for customization of displayed fields, ads, and steps to be taken in the process of registration for an event. Besides, it contained a lot of charts and tables.

The former ones were created with the help of Chart.js, while the later ones were built by means of Material UI. Some tables were indeed huge, and our developers had to implement virtualization with the help of XY Grid because project requirements did not suggest pagination. Additionally, we dealt with cashing of GET requests and continuously worked on the minimization of server requests and performance improvement through component memorization, cashing, use of Context instead of Redux where it was relevant, etc.

The user panel was a common web application enabling users to sign up, subscribe to sports events, register for participation in events, make payments, etc. In this case, the developers used Next.js as this framework provides great indexation that is important for apps of this kind.


Our team has contributed to the creation of a smooth and transparent UI that complies with the project design in every minor detail.
Client and Business Goals:
  • To become a trusted IT service provider for popular and mass sports in Switzerland and abroad and provide a user-friendly platform that would simplify the management of sports events and registration of participants for these events.
Collaboration Overview:
  • Engagement Model: Team Augmentation
  • Team Size: 4 developers, 2 QA engineers, designer
  • Project Management Methodology: SCRUM
Technologies Used:
    Redux + ReduxSaga
    Material UI
    Socket IO
Project Highlights:
React Final FormGitHub Actions