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Multichain Wallet

A browser extension application that serves as a non-custodial multichain wallet

Project Description

A browser extension application that serves as a non-custodial multichain wallet allowing users to securely store, swap, and send Crypto and NFTs across different blockchains.


The Devico developers joined an in-house team to reinforce it. They worked on both frontend and backend.

Web3 was at the core of the application. While Python was the main language of the backend side, Nest.js and Node.js were used to address server-side issues. In general, our developers worked on a back-end admin panel and a number of server services related to balance and rates.

A great amount of work was done on the front-end side. We created almost all the components of a UI kit. For this purpose React.js along with Material UI, and styled components were leveraged. As for state managers, developers used both Redux and Zustand, but the latter was an excellent alternative to the first due to its lightweight, speed, and scalability.

Additionally, our developers assisted the team to create UI kit components for the related web extension enabling token swapping.


Our backend developers built an admin panel as well as server services according to the project requirements. The front-end developers, in turn, have contributed to the project by creating almost a whole scope of components for the UI kit.
Client and Business Goals:
  • To build a premier Web3 crypto gateway that would provide a seamless user experience and rocket solid security.
Collaboration Overview:
  • Engagement Model: Team Augmentation
  • Team Size: 1 frontend developer, 1 backend developer, 1 full-stack developer
  • Project Management Methodology: SCRUM
Technologies Used:
    Material UI
Project Highlights:
Browser ExtensionSQL AlchemyZustandWeb3JavaScriptNode.jsTypeScript