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Founded in 2019, HealthHero is Europe’s largest digital telehealth company. It’s key mission is to empower people to take control of their health and well-being as well as to reduce the burden on traditional healthcare systems by providing a more efficient and effective way to access healthcare services.

The company has a presence in a number of European countries, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, and Germany. It also partners with leading healthcare providers, insurance companies, and employers.

Due to its innovative approach, HealthHero has earned recognition and support from investors and industry experts alike.



Services Provided

Front-end Development, Software Testing

Tech Stack

React, React Router DOM, Tailwind, Cypress, Docker, Azure pipelines, GitLab pipelines


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Since 2020


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About the Project

The HealthHero app is a modern healthcare application that lets users access a wide range of healthcare services from the comfort of their homes. Health metric tracking, chronic condition management, access to personalized wellness coaching, virtual consultations with healthcare professionals, and online prescriptions are just a few of its key features.

Our Engagement

Our team joined the project when it had already been moved to production, and our key responsibilities were to implement new features, help to create a design system, maintain and refactor code, write tests, and develop custom UI wrappers for each particular client.

While working on the project, the team faced several challenges and our developers helped solve them:

Challenge 1

To reach a wide target audience

As with any other business, HealthHero strives to reach a broad target audience. Therefore, it was decided to develop a PWA and ensure its smooth interoperability across a wide range of devices under any of the use scenarios. Also, particular attention was paid to the semantic layout and special tags enabling interaction with voice readers for visually impaired users.

Challenge 2

To optimize the maintenance of client sites

One of the peculiarities of HealthHero is that it provides its appointment scheduling platform to multiple healthcare facilities. Some of them prefer to use its standard design, others would like to apply their branded UI. In the latter case, developers have to customize website design whilst keeping the core business logic as it is.

As a result, all core logic, services, and components reused in every client site were moved to a separate monorepo package. Thanks to this, whenever there is a need to implement changes relevant to all clients, developers make corresponding changes to the core package only.

Challenge 3

To easily customize logic across web apps

While all web apps use the core logic, some of them don’t need to have certain functionality. To easily handle this, implementation of a feature-flag approach simplifies and optimizes development and deployment. Implementing hooks and wrappers that regulate the representation or behavior of certain functionality means that a developer simply changes a flag in a configuration file for the desired functionality.

Challenge 4

To create a design system

When our developers joined the team, they didn’t have a ready-to-use design system in place. Its creation was in progress, and some components had already been created but used chaotically. With the help of our developers, the team completed the work on the design system and successfully implemented it. After that, it was also decided to replace SCSS with Tailwind as it was considered to be a more convenient and appropriate framework to deal with styles on the projects.

Challenge 5

To implement E2E testing

There was a key requirement to implement E2E testing on the project using Cypress. Particular attention was paid to coverage of real-world test scenarios as many variants of user behavior existed. Our developer was responsible for maintaining user cases and adding new ones.

Client Success

Since its inception in 2019, HealthHero has experienced significant growth and received significant funding from investors, including investment firms like Marcol, Kamet Ventures, and Guinness Asset Management.
Acquisitive in nature, the company has acquired several other digital healthcare providers, including Qare, a French telemedicine provider, and Doctorlink, a UK-based digital health platform.

Speaking about other notable achievements, HealthHero was named as one of the top 50 healthcare disruptors in Europe by EIT Health. It was also recognized as a ‘Highly Commended’ company at the COVER Awards and shortlisted for the UK Health & Protection Awards in the Best HealthTech Innovation - 3rd Party Provider category.

At Devico, we are proud of being one of the contributors to HealthHero’s success. We are delighted to continue our support for their team and helping them to achieve their most ambitious goals.

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