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Laravel Development Services

Laravel is a widely-used PHP framework for the development of varied web solutions. It has won the hearts of developers from different corners of the globe thanks to its multiple advantages. As for the end users, they are also delighted with solutions based on Laravel. So, if you think about Laravel application development, Devico, which is a reliable provider of Laravel development services, can help to realize your idea and reach desired results.

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Benefits of Laravel Development

If you have a need to create a PHP-based web solution, then any expert can tell you that Laravel development is really a great option. The framework makes PHP coding a pleasure due to its pretty simple syntax and a plethora of embedded features helping to handle the most problematic tasks painlessly.
To give a general idea about Lavarel, we offer you to review its core advantages:


An abundance of diverse inbuilt features gives a great opportunity for fast and effortless customization. Additionally, a modular instinctive packaging system gives an opportunity to save a good deal of time and cut down expenses.

High Performance

One of the main merits of Laravel is its support of caching, which helps considerably improve website speed. Still, to gain even better results in terms of performance, Laravel also provides memory use reduction and DB indexing.


In Laravel, templates along with dependency containers provide code reusability that, in turn, also helps to cut down development time and mitigate the risk of making mistakes.

Solid Security

Security is of utter importance today for most businesses. Therefore, Lavarel provides an easy configuration of efficient security features to prevent cyberattacks of all kinds. Thus, the framework uses a special hashing algorithm that does not suggest the usual saving of users passwords in a database. Awesome authentication and user access control features of Lavarel also help to keep your sensitive data safe.

MVC Architecture

A number of software engineers can work concurrently on the same project as Laravel supports MVC architecture. This makes web app development lightning fast whereas the logic and presentation separation lets software engineers write better code without any detrimental effect on performance.

Object-Relational Mapping

Laravel significantly simplifies work with a DB thanks to its own ORM. Thus, with its help, queries are utterly understandable, data management is completely painless, and identification of connections between entities is completely effortless.


Business growth entails a significant app user influx. A Laravel-based web app processes user requests faster because the framework has a message queue system. With its help, it is possible to postpone particular time-incentive website tasks whenever it may be needed.

Easy Website Maintenance

It is not painful at all to maintain websites built in Laravel. Due to a clean code, OOP principles, and MVC architecture, any developer can quickly catch on and complete required tasks.

Our Laravel Development Services

As a top Laravel development company, Devico offers a bouquet of professional Laravel development services:

Custom Laravel Web Development

At Devico, Laravel specialists take advantage of the vast customization capacities of the framework in order to build excellent web solutions covering all your specific needs.

Laravel Enterprise Solution Development

Our enterprise web development process is indeed fast and smooth with Laravel. It gives us an opportunity to ensure great scalability which is so critical for all enterprise solutions. Numerous third-party integrations that are a norm for enterprise apps are also not painful at all with this framework. Whether you need to craft a CRM, ERP, or any other solution to optimize business processes within your organization, our Laravel developers are ready to help.

API Development and Integration

Using the rich capabilities of Laravel our brilliant team builds highly scalable, lightweight, and secure application programmer interfaces.

Laravel Migration Services

Our Laravel specialists help businesses to migrate their legacy solutions to Laravel or upgrade their websites to the latest Laravel version in order to improve productivity and optimize performance.

Features of Laravel Developmentt

Dynamic templates

Laravel offers lightweight templates that allow developers to easily build straightforward and complicated layouts and develop dynamic websites. The widgets are provided to integrate CSS and JavaScript code with robust structures.

MVC Architecture

MVC architecture is one of the core peculiarities of Lavarel. It suggests the split of presentation and business logic layers. This, in turn, contributes to high scalability, excellent performance, and solid security of developed web apps.

Object Relational Mapping

Laravel has inbuilt Object Relational Mapping with a pretty unsophisticated PHP Active Record implementation. Due to this, software engineers can without any hassle create database inquiries using the usual PHP syntax rather than SQL.

Modular Library

It is also worth noting that Laravel offers exclusive in-built modular libraries. There, developers can find a plethora of diverse functionalities and features that can be effortlessly implemented. An authentication library is deemed to be the most frequently used. It contains such important features as password reset, active user monitoring, hashing, etc. These functions can be distributed across diverse units enabling the development of modular and responsive web apps.

Painless Data Migration

Laravel has a convenient migration system. With its help, developers can change a DB structure using the PHP language instead of intricate SQL. The data migration process is completely automatic and excludes the possibility of data loss.


Solid security is what makes Laravel different from the rest of the PHP frameworks. Thus, it leverages the "Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm" generating salted and hashed passwords. In a DB these passwords are stored not as plain but as encrypted text.

Laravel Solutions We Create

Our Laravel application development company aims to supply the needs of all our clients and helps them to develop the most diverse software products including the following ones:

Custom Laravel Web Solutions

Do you hanker for having a highly-efficient custom web solution in place? Take advantage of our rich expertise in Laravel web development. Devico can craft for you a robust web app that will meet all your requirements and please your clients and/or employees.

High-speed eCommerce Websites and Apps

A great ecosystem, cashing, and flexibility, along with solid data security provided by Laravel give us an opportunity to deliver reliable, responsive, and SEO-friendly online stores.

ERP Systems

With the Laravel framework, our team easily creates robust ERP systems that help to handle the most diverse functions within organizations and increase staff productivity.

CRM Solutions

Our Laravel development service also comes in handy when one needs to create a highly efficient and customized customer relationship management solution contributing to business success.

Social Networks

Laravel is a powerful tool that can help to build even the most complex and engaging social networks. If you would like to create one, we are always at your service.

Web Portals

We craft Laravel-based web portals that serve as a secure and helpful digital space for your clients, partners, and staff.


If you plan to add some features or extend the existing functionality of your PHP app by means of a plugin, our unmatched Laravel web development services are just what you may need.

Our Laravel Development Process
Research and analysis
First of all, our team identifies your objectives and reveals all business needs. Then it collects and studies available requirements and roughly estimates development cost and required time.
In order not to turn a development process into a total mess, it is essential to make up a project roadmap and define the most appropriate tech stack and software architecture.
At this stage, a designer works on wireframes and mockups representing user flows and the way a solution should look. Here it is essential to consider not only esthetic but also user behavior patterns and messages that a business would like to translate via a software design.
Our software engineers work on both the backend and frontend tasks in order to implement business logic and build rich and interactive UIs.
To deliver a product of exceptional quality it is essential to execute a great variety of tests. Functional tests, performance tests, compatibility tests, security tests, etc. are performed manually and through automation.
Deployment and Maintenance
As soon as your Laravel-based solution hits the market, we analyze users’ feedback and update the product according to the expectations of end users. Moreover, we constantly update it to let you meet new market needs and achieve new business goals.
Software of what kinds can be developed by means of Laravel?s
The framework is rather versatile and suitable to develop CRMs, ERPs, APIs, CMSs, eCommerce solutions, etc.
Why does it make sense to use Laravel?
Laravel is a good choice. This is a helpful framework that has various capabilities enabling teams to create stable, scalable, secure, and robust web solutions.
Is Laravel used in frontend or backend development?
In essence, Laravel can be defined as a backend framework. Still, it provides certain built-in tools giving an opportunity to implement common frontend features.
How much time does it take to develop a Laravel-based application?
As with any other framework, everything depends on the work scope, app complexity, and level of customization.