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Technologies have become an essential part of almost any aspect of human life. Either small and middle enterprises or large corporations have to keep up with technology development in order to optimize business processes, take competitive advantage, and provide their customers with premium services. Still, to get the most out of your IT infrastructure, it is important to maintain it properly, monitor, and update on an ongoing basis. In this case, competent technical support is a must. In these terms, outsourcing of technical support services is a great option not only for startups that usually have a lack of resources but also for large enterprises whose IT teams may have knowledge or skill gap.

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Benefits of IT support service outsourcing for businesses

Access to the talent pool

Tech support service providers have an army of knowledgeable and professional IT specialists that have years of experience under their belt. As a result, they can provide you with a specialist or a whole team of specialists who are extremely good at issues you want to solve.


Outsourcing has already proved itself as a cost-effective way to receive quality services at advantageous terms. By outsourcing tech support services you can relieve yourself from efforts and costs related to staff recruitment, training, salary, perks, taxes, equipment procurement, and many others. Besides, a competent outsourced tech support team can help you cut down expenses due to the optimization of your infrastructure and business processes.

Excellent customer support and user experience

Tech support outsourcing is also a great way to provide your employees and clients with effective helpdesk services. After thorough app study and analysis, outsourced specialists are ready to solve users’ problems, reveal their root causes, and provide professional advice.

Tailored IT infrastructure and customized solutions

After a careful inspection of the current IT infrastructure and a thorough analysis of your business needs, an outsourced tech support team can provide you with efficient, customized solutions that can help you overcome challenges and boost your workflow.

Comprehensive system monitoring, update, and downtime prevention

Outsourced tech support specialists monitor your system on an ongoing basis in order to detect possible difficulties on time and fix them before they turn into critical problems. Besides, continuous monitoring helps to identify weaknesses and gaps and consider them in the next system update. This approach creates conditions for effective troubleshooting, risk identification, and mitigation.

Opportunity to scale up a team fast

Tech support service providers have at their disposal a legion of the most various IT professionals. That is why for them it is not a problem to scale up your current team with additional staff within the shortest possible time.

Unbiased expert advice

After the audit of your system, an outsourced tech support team can objectively assess it, identify problems and bottlenecks, and offer the best solutions.

Speed problem resolution

Tech support outsourcing is a viable option for effective and quick problem solutions, as experienced specialists can easily identify causes of problems and offer the most suitable solutions.

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Reasons to outsource

Devico is a reputable IT company that provides businesses from different domains with top-notch technical support. You can rely on us due to the following reasons:

We thoroughly pick up our staff and do our best to train and retain them;

Hundreds of companies from different corners of the world have already highly appreciated our services and become or our long-lasting customers;

Devico has specialists involved in the most various IT sectors;

We offer the most suitable solutions and utilize advanced technologies;

A tech support team can be easily and quickly ramp up if there is a need;

Our team promptly responds to all requests and resolves issues of any complexity in the blink of an eye;

Devico offers affordable prices without loss of service quality;

100% data security and confidentiality;

We use a customized approach;

We have rich domain expertise.

We can assist you with:

Hosting and cloud services;

Backup and disaster recovery;

Server administration;

IT architecture or customized solution;

Data storage and management;

Database management;

Big data management;

Help desk services;

IT support for desktop, mobile, and web apps;


On-demand IT support;


Workflow creation and optimization;

Managed DevOps;

System migration.

The way we work

The mission of our company is to bring our customers maximum value and establish long-term relationships. For this reason, we do our best to understand our customers’ business needs, trends, challenges, and peculiarities. Therefore, we usually organize our work in the following way:

1. Thorough analysis:

We start our work with an analysis stage to provide our customers with tech support perfectly tailored to their business needs. So, we carefully study and inspect your current system and processes to identify restrictions, weaknesses, and gaps.

2. Planning:

As long as business needs have been revealed, we proceed to a planning stage at which we decide what and in which way must be done to reach set goals.

3. Implementation:

When an offered solution is agreed upon, a team gets to the plan implementation, building or updating available infrastructure, integrating useful systems, making necessary arrangements, etc.

4. Monitoring:

As long as a workflow, infrastructure, systems, and tools are ready and tested, the support itself starts. The tech support team checks whether a service is delivered robustly and smoothly, monitors KPI, prepares reports and analytics, and continuously works on service optimization.

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