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IT Staff Augmentation Services

To deliver a remarkable software product, it is vital to have a right-sized team made up of specialists with appropriate skill sets. As a project evolves you may need to engage more IT specialists urgently in order to deliver the new product version on time or fill a skill gap due to implementing some new technologies.
IT staff augmentation is the best way for you to quickly find experts with the desired skill set for working on currently important tasks.
IT staff augmentation companies can assist you regardless of your project type, size, complexity, and development stage.

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Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

No fuss over hire and recruitment

IT staff augmentation services let you engage vetted IT specialists without the hassles related to searching and hiring talent.


You can avoid a long and tiresome recruiting process and quickly onboard required IT specialists.

Reduced operational costs

You can cut down your expenses as there is no need to pay for additional office space, equipment, accounting, and legal support. All this stuff is the responsibility of a vendor.

Overall control

While IT specialists are employees of an IT staff augmentation company, they work on your software development in the same way as your in-house team does by performing assigned tasks, participating in different team meetings, and reporting on work success.

Ability to meet deadlines

This is a great way to quickly scale up your team in order to meet even the most stringent deadline.

Access to an extensive talent pool

IT staff augmentation service helps you to hire an IT specialist with the most specific skills quickly and affordably.

IT Specialists You Can Hire From Devico

Full-stack developers

Front-end developers

Back-end developers

Mobile and web app developers

Software architects

DevOps engineers

UI/UX designers

Manual and automated QA engineers

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Our IT Staff Augmentation Process
Provide us with project details and requirements
Tell us about your augmentation needs. We need to know the required skill set, number of specialists, and hiring period. The more details you provide, the more relevant candidates we can find for you.
Select and approve offered specialists
We can provide you with a ready-to-go team. Still, you are free to interview each specialist on your own in order to be confident that their experience and proficiency level meet your requirements.
Onboard approved IT specialists
Staff augmentation suggests the full integration of specialists with an in-house team. Therefore, you should introduce our IT specialists to the rest of your team, instruct them, give access to the corresponding systems, and assign tasks.
Manage and monitor the work
Our specialists are placed under your orders. You assign tasks and monitor their completion in the way that you prefer.
Technology Expertise

Web development

DevOps tools

Mobile app development

Quality assurance tools

Cloud technologies


UI/UX design tools

Key Advantages of Working with Devico

Rich talent pool

Enthusiastic and committed IT specialists

Quick and easy start

Direct communication

Signing an NDA and SLA

Adaptation to any time zone

English proficiency

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Why may staff augmentation be a way to go?
This hiring model allows companies to quickly fill talent gaps, stay flexible, and decrease operational costs. And these are just some of the numerous pros of staff augmentation.
When is staff augmentation appropriate?
It is the best fit for companies that need temporary IT specialists to fill short-term job positions.
Will your specialist work in accordance with my time zone?
Sure, to ensure efficient collaboration specialists hired from Devico will adapt to your time zone.
What services do augmented staff from Devico cover?
We have specialists with the most diverse background. Therefore, we can offer you experts in web and mobile app development, custom software development, software architecture, software testing, DevOps practices, UI/UX design, etc.