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Architecture Design

Software architecture has a great strategic value that is why it is an essential phase of the software development life cycle. Proper architecture provides conditions to make sure that a software system can be of great value over the course of many years. In essence, software architecture defines the core software components, relations between them, and peculiarities of both components and relations. It serves as a blueprint that points out tasks that must be performed in the course of project development.There is a great deal of software architecture patterns, and it is important to use the one that complies with your business goals, functional requirements, and non-functional requirements. With our architecture design services, your team will have an effective plan of software development complying with your requirements. Besides, we can also help you bring the plan to a prosperous issue with our development services.

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Our Architectural Design Services Include

The list of our architecture design services includes but not limited to:

Software architecture design from scratch

Current State Architecture Assessment

Modernization Strategy

Data Architecture Blueprint

Recommendations on Tooling, Processes & Standards and Digital Enablement

MVP Platform Architecture

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Why Is It Important?

Our architecture designers have years of experience under their belt and can offer the most efficient concept meeting all your needs. We have an advanced tech stack, use the best software architecture design practices, and closely cooperate with your domain experts to create a tailor-made software architecture that provides your software with such important properties as:

Scalability - an application will be able to handle huge loads as the project will be gaining momentum;

Maintainability - development team will be able to make any changes with ease as new business needs arise.

Extensibility - the application will be able to accommodate adding new features later.

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Architectural Design Workflow

Software architecture design is a rather tricky process. It is essential to have a helicopter view in order to address all long-term goals. The process of software architecture design includes comprehensive research, a thorough study of project requirements, gap analysis, and diverse estimations. Our architecture design services help you review thoroughly functional and non-functional requirements of your project and design a corresponding software architecture. In general, the whole architectural design workflow consists of the following stages:

1. Analysis

First and foremost, our architecture designers collect your functional and non-functional project requirements. After a comprehensive analysis, experts propose an architectural solution on the ground of the most appropriate software architecture pattern and technologies as well as provide you with an accurate cost and time estimation.

2. Design

As soon as the analysis stage is completed and the architecture pattern and technologies are agreed on, actual development begins.

3. Testing

We meticulously check whether the software works well through a few evaluation rounds that are executed during and after the software design phase.

4. Maintenance

Due to a well-thought-out software design, it can be easily redesigned or upgraded afterward. Our experts can maintain your software architecture by adding new modules and optimizing existing ones.

Factors Affecting Project Costs

The cost of software architecture projects can vary widely. To determine the estimated cost we need to evaluate a set of your requirements, including:

Project scope and its degree of complexity;

A set of chosen technologies;

The urgency of project completion;

Chosen engagement model, e.g. we offer Fixed Price, Time and Material, and Dedicated Team;

The necessity to customize generic architectural components.

Aspects Impacting Lead Time

Project timeframe heavily depends on the following factors:

Project requirements;

Targeted deadlines;

Team personnel;

Technology and platform availability;

An architectural pattern.

What Information Do We Need To Get From You?

The involvement and contribution of customers are required to achieve the best results. In these terms, it would be great if you provide us with:

Project objectives, vision, and roadmap if available;

High-level project requirements;

Project-related technical documentation if available;

Targeted project deadlines, etc.

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Reasons To Outsource Architectural Design Services to Devico

If you are searching for a professional architecture design services provider, Devico can become your reliable partner. There are plenty of reasons to outsource architectural design to us:

Our experienced architecture designers create software architecture keeping in mind such aspects of the successful software as security, high performance, reliability, scalability, flexibility, etc.

We try to make complicated things simpler and create an elegant and efficient software architecture that simplifies the work of developers and provides end-users with a great experience.

Our architecture design services can help you save money by revealing architecture design problems and letting you avoid runtime.

We utilize the most cutting-edge technologies and the best time-proven practices to enable you to create a high-quality product within the shortest possible time.

We use a customized approach to every project to create a software architecture matching all your requirements and needs.

Our broad domain expertise enables us to understand the needs of the most various businesses and offer them the most appropriate software architecture.