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There is hardly any industry into which digitalization has not got yet. Sports is also not an exception. Today businesses involved in the sports sector as well as sports fans and followers of a healthful lifestyle take advantage of numerous sports applications that the market offers. Personal training apps, team management apps, fitness club management software, sports event app software, sports management software, sports online communities, ticket booking solutions, and many more options are available in a great variety. Devico is a software development company that assists sports clubs, fitness clubs, and sports startups to create powerful, secure, robust, and super engaging web and mobile sports applications with incomparable user experience. Live streaming, augmented reality, analytics, push notifications, interactive maps, activity tracking, social media integration, voice recognition - we can realize any feature you would like to have in your application. Your imagination is the only limit.

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Sports Solutions We Develop
Fitness Trackers
Sophisticated mobile apps enabling users to keep track of their sports activity by means of GPS tracking systems, integrated HealthKit, and Google Fit.
Betting Applications
Advanced betting solutions empowered with analytics, automatically updated stats, browser extensions, and other features providing an engaging and pleasant betting experience.
Scoring Solutions
Tailor-made scoring apps for a great variety of sports categories.
Sports Streaming Apps
Live sports event streaming apps with excellent experience equal to being right there in the grandstands.
Sports Web Portals
Web portals providing fans with live scores, match overviews, sports news, and much more data on their favorite sports teams and players.
Sports Team and League Management Solutions
Awesome solutions providing details on team members, scorecard, team ranking, and league news in a way that significantly simplifies monitoring and managing the sports teams and leagues.
Sports Event Ticket Booking Apps
Helpful solutions informing users about upcoming sports events and enabling booking and ticketing through a number of payment options.
Fitness Club Management Software
Tailor-made management software that optimizes processes of registration and check-in, simplifies payments, automates membership renewals, and many more.
Personal Training Apps
Bespoke training apps with prebuilt workouts, in-app challenges, interactive training videos, meal plans, progress assessments, etc.
Nutrition Management Apps
Personalized nutrition management solutions with food intake tracking, calory calculation, water intake reminding, capabilities to reach out to nutritionists and dieticians, and many more.

Why Devico Sports App Developers?

First-rate professionals

Devico has introduced a scrupulous recruitment process due to which its team consists of hand-picked sport app developers having rich experience and a high professional level. Besides, being interested in the continuous professional growth of every software engineer, the company provides everyone with multiple opportunities for self-education, gaining new experience, and honing their skills.

Full-cycle project implementation

We are ready to provide you with a dedicated team of software developers, QA engineers, BA, and PMs that will create the software from the ground up with further support and maintenance. Our specialists will guide you through all phases of software development keeping you well-informed.

Client-centric approach

We use a personalized approach to every project to help our clients achieve their goals. For this purpose, our team thoroughly studies the needs of a company and end-users. The team cooperates and communicates closely with a client to produce exactly what is needed.

Rocket solid security

To exclude any risks related to data leaks we strictly adhere to the terms of NDAs and internal security policy.

Active use of emerging technologies

To hold a leading position in any niche it is essential to catch up with modern technologies and tendencies. That is why in sport app development we use advanced technologies like big data, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, IoT, etc. to deliver engaging and efficient apps that please users and generate income for app owners.

Competitive rates

Devico has a transparent price policy without any hidden costs. Besides, the average hourly rate of our software engineers is significantly lower compared to the one in the countries of Northern America or Western Europe.

Scaling capabilities

Devico can quickly ramp up or ramp down your development team to meet your current project requirements.

On-time delivery

Procrastination is not about Devico. Every engineer and manager knows their role in a team. A well-tuned workflow works like a charm and lets us always meet deadlines.

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Our Sports App Development Process

At Devico, sports application development is realized through the following steps:


First of all, our team reveals business goals, thoroughly analyzes available project requirements, conducts a feasibility study, and defines possible risks.


At this stage, the team defines the work scope, estimates the required time and resources, decides on a technology stack, chooses APIs to be integrated, etc.


Devico’s UX designers create user flows using the principles of intuitiveness and simplicity. UI design experts, in turn, work on the creation of interface elements to provide an impressive yet plain and stylish visual design reflecting your brand messages and values.


Our team of professional front-end and back-end developers gets down to coding to realize program logic and turn all wireframes, and mockups into an interactive user interface.


Sports mobile applications undergo rigorous testing that implies the whole scope of tests including security tests, performance tests, functional tests, compatibility tests, usability tests, etc. Due to this, you can be sure of an exceptional user experience and the high quality of your software.


A thoroughly tested, approved, production-ready software version is delivered to end-users.


The team monitors and optimizes the performance of software, catches post-release bugs, eliminates them, and provides ongoing software evolution to ensure keeping up with new technologies and new market demands.

Technologies We Work With


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Benefits of Sports App Development Services

Access to the best-of-breed specialists

Devico has managed to bring together highly-professional specialists with diverse technical skill sets and rich expertise in this niche. Thus, you can have a team of real pros who can fulfill your idea in the best possible way using innovative technologies. Armed with excellent technical skills and in-depth domain knowledge, the team can give you multiple pieces of advice and draw your attention to things that you may miss out on or just may not be aware of. Having such gems in place you can be confident that your new software will be a breakthrough.

Quick onboarding

Time is an invaluable asset. When you apply for sports app development services, you can be sure that a dedicated development team will be assembled and get ready to work on your project just within a few days. No need for a time-incentive recruiting process, workstation arrangement, workflow setup, etc. A fully-staffed development team along with all the needed software and hardware, and smooth, battle-tested workflow will be available as soon as possible. The earlier work on your software will be started, the earlier it will be delivered to the market which is of primary importance for many businesses and especially startups.


No need to say that establishment and maintenance of your own development department cost much more than development services provided by a professional vendor. App development can be indeed cheaper than you think if you hire a proper sports app development company.

Less hassle

Partnership with a reliable provider of sports app development services can help you spare yourself numerous hassles. Rest assured, these real professionals know what to do and how. They will take care of your sports app development while keeping you in the loop.

What sports apps do you develop?
Devico develops betting solutions, fitness trackers, nutrition management apps, and a whole bunch of other sports apps. Whether you want to build a custom sports app from scratch or uplift an existing one, we are ready to realize your goals.
How much time does it take to develop a sports app?
There is no answer to this question. The required time varies from app to app. Every project is unique, and its length is defined by its scale and complexity as well as by the number of engaged developers.
Why should I hire Devico?
Our company can provide you with everything you need - top-notch software app developers, advanced technologies, and rocket solid security.